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The Narrative Opening

On a mid afternoon in Fiore's Oak Town, two wizards arrive in the former home of the once number one guild of Fiore, Phantom Lord, each with very different reasons and whose unexpected meeting will be the start of an adventure. The town hasn't changed much since the time of Phantom Lord's residency there, the people have come and gone and buildings have been torn down, rebuilt or replaced as time went on. After Phantom Lord disbanded, the town remained without a guild for a long time as few wanted to be associated with the town that once housed Phantom Lord and the town itself didn't want to risk another Phantom Lord taking root there. However, a few weeks ago, the town finally allowed another guild to take up residence there, a dark guild unknown as such at the time that called itself Phantom, a guild inspired by Phantom Lord that was founded to take on it's legacy but only after a few weeks, the guild was found out for what it was by the magic council and forced to disband only two weeks after taking up residence in the town however, stragglers remain, causing trouble for the town.

Entering the city on the job of help in cleaning up this dark guild is Ailbhe Mason of Dragon Wing. He walks with his hood up, his mask on, and his head down. He scratches at his left shoulder. Why did it have to be a dark guild? No mater this was the job he was given. So he walks these streets, hoping to see the guild in action so he can get to work. Meanwhile, another wizard bearing a light blue guild tatoo of the guild Koma Inu had already entered town a few minutes before and headed straight to the library as he had memorized the town's layout from a map found in his guild's library. The guild wizard paid little attention to the world around him as he focused on where he was going and cared for little else. In a town like Oak Town however, no one paid attention to this wizard at the time and would only be vaguely remembered later on as the wizard wielding unusual water magic. As he walked, the wizard had many things running through his mind, foremost among them being how family is doing and different theories on the workings of magic and it's relation to nature.

The Dragon Wing wizard looks around the town, not really sure where to start. Maybe he can ask around town to see if anyone can help. However the townsfolk are little help. None know where the guild hall is, but it could just as easily be where the old Phantom Lord guildhall was. Can't go in blind, his one guild mate would always say that. He rather liked books, maybe books could help now. History seems to be repeating in this case, knowing what happened before may help. The mage asks where there may be a library, and after getting what he needs walks to it with his head down. No one is even looking his way, the less people that notice him the better. Meanwhile, the water wizard had already entered the library by the time the Dragon Wing wizard was a third of the way there and had already grabbed a few books from the shelves. The water wizard continued to browse the shelves and take books from the shelves for the next five minutes then proceeded to a nearby table away from everyone with a large stack of books and set them down then himself down, picked the top book from the pile and began to read.

The mage from Dragon wing walked to the door, he was about to enter, when something is heard. Seems the dark guild may have come to him after all. "Why do they have to be so loud? Do they think they can strike fear in the hearts of others so easy?" Ailbhe knows what true fear is, he's seen it first hand. This dark guild, it's nothing compared to it. He turns to see it, the new Phantom guild at work. What is it they are doing to make such noise? It is even them? This young fledgling dark guild, how strong can they really be in such a short time? However, it wasn't the dark guild but a group of loud teenagers with no manners who were quickly told to be quiet by the librarian and other patrons and quickly went into whispers. The only one who didn't pay them any attention was the lone water wizard with his stack of books as it didn't go on long enough to disturb him. But the peace didn't last long as members of the dark guild Phantom were harassing the mayor who demanded they leave which quickly escalated to a noisy event as they landed blow after blow on the mayor, causing him to scream in pain. Everyone like sheep flocked to the area to see what was going on, all except one wizard who continued his research.

The Dragon Wing member looks to this, preying on the weak mayor, how low of them. He slowly walks closer, though the crowd with his head down to get a good look. He may not be a strategist but he knows better then to act now. To many people, they would get hurt. He wades though the group to get a good look at the commotion, no one paying much attention to the wizard in black, but moving to get out of his way all the same. He sees the beating, only able to watch for now. No room to fight, and even if he does he would still not know where they have the base for the dark guild. All he can do is watch as they beat the poor mayor. But before they stopped, a wizard appeared with a book in his hand and as he got closer and closer to the mayor, the humidity in the air continued to grow rapidty until you could almost see the water in the air, as if it was increasing with the wizard's every step. The wizard was the bookworm of a water wizard from the library who, unable to focus came to put a stop to it himself. He brushed through the crown and entered the circle clearing created by the crowd and stopped and stared at the dark wizards, not saying anything at all. The dark wizards stopped what they were doing and looked at the wizard and asked "What are you staring at? Do you have a problem with what we are doing?"

The Dragon Wing wizard looks to this water mage as he walks in. He's holding a book as he walks into battle, did not even stop reading it to fight. He can't help but think of a guild member who likes to read, though even he would set the book down if he planed to fight. He can't just let this other wizard get in the way can he? Maybe the dark guild members will run, but they may not have the chance. He may have to find another way to get what he needs, hopefully they'll still be alive and he can question one. In order to wipe out this dark guild he needs to take out the guildhall and the master. He thinks of taking a step foreword, joining the fight. One wizard versus a handful of dark guild members, but this wizard was clearly no push over. He has a good view, so the Dragon Wing wizard stays where he is and waits. But the Phantom guild members didn't wait very long for an answer and didn't receive one either, instead all they got was an emotionless stare back. This angers them however and they activated their magic but the few who used fire magic quickly lost their magic as it was put out within seconds of igniting, as if the air itself had done it. This left them speechless for a few moments as they and everyone else watched with amazement as no one had ever seen this happen or heard of this happening before but it was no mystery, the water density in the air became so great that the moisture immediately hit the fire when it was lit. It was then that people started to realize that it also had gotten colder but not realizing why. Still, the water wizard stared on, not moving, not even blinking and maintaining his blank, emotionless face.

The Dragon Wing wizard is use to the cold, he watches at the dark guild's fire users are made, well, useless. Ailbhe gives a faint smile as he remembers a fight with one of his guild mates. This fight looks like it's going to be one sided though. All the wizard can do is hope the dark guild members live so he can question them. The mayor.... he has not even moved. The dark guild is distracted and not looking, he is to there back. Ailbhe slowly moves to the other side to the mayor. At the vary least he can get him out of danger. He manages to get the attention of the mayor, a small tap on his shoulder and an out reached hand. He pulls the mayor out without anyone seeing it, they are all focused on the fight. The Dragon Wing wizard had no idea he was this good at going unnoticed. The mayor is safe, Ailbhe has done all he can for now. However, this did not escape the attention the water wizard who knew that he had to keep the attention of the dark wizards for a little longer so the mayor can get away so he spoke. "As you can see, your fire magic is worthless right now so surrender and I won't hurt you however, I know that not all of you are fire magic users and it doesn't affect you as much but at the same time, you only have numbers behind you and not a large enough number to be worth taking into consideration." The dark wizards snapped out of their shock and glared at the wizard, knowing that they are being insulted. "

Don't count us out just because we are few in numbers, we are some of the best in our guild." "I highly doubt that." replied the bookworm and paused for a moment before stating "Besides, my water magic surrounds you, what can you do when at an instant, I can deliver an attack or a counter?" A few moments later, he smiled a genuine smile and a spark triggers the gears in the Phantom guild members' minds to move, causing them to remember what they heard about a prodigy water wizard from a famous wizard family who used a subtle style of water magic. As soon as that came to mind, they thought and some even spoke out loud "He couldn't be...." The Dragon Wing wizard keeps watching. This water mage is known in these parts it seems. Being from another land Ailbhe has not heard of him, but the fact he is well known means he must be good. No need for the Dragon Wing member to fight, these dark guild member have clearly lost. He looks back, the mayor is long gone. Good, no need to worry about him. These others... are they still in danger? They are rather close to the fight. Not much can be done about it, but this water mage has the area filled with his magic, if something goes south and some magic goes at the crowd he should be able to move fast enough, but Ailbhe thinks he should stack the deck just in case.

He takes his stance, ready to cast a spell. Ailbhe will be a human shield if he has to, he should be able to take the hit. "Bone-make armor." he calls out as quite as he can, and the bone dust come forth and becomes solid on his body to make bone armor. A few people close to him look his way, he's been noticed. No matter, stealth is not needed now. "Now, can I get back to my research or will I have to show you just how good I am with magic?" the prodigy said but the dark wizards didn't take kindly to this. "I don't care if you are some sort of prodigy, you can't endure an attack by all of us!" They launched a barrage of different types of spells at the wizard however, these attacks never reached the target as a wall of water appeared out of nowhere and stopped the attacks short, causing an explosion where water went in every direction, spraying everyone and a few unfortunate members of the crowd got the water in their eyes. The dark wizards, who were unaffected by the spray were shocked and frustrated, all they could do was run away for now and return with a larger force. "You've made an enemy of Phantom today and the full might of our guild will crush you, prodigy or not!" They then turned and pushed through the crowd who quickly started to move out of their way as they retreated to their guild hall.

The Dragon Wing wizard drops his armor and walks the way of the dark guild. He should be able to find the guildhall and come back to it later as long as the dark guild members do not see him. He follows from afar, the water wizard is not Ailbhe's target. No matter how good he may be Ailbhe must focus on the dark guild. Ducking behind corners, blending in crowds, keeping his head down. The crowd keeps there eyes on the water mage. Only a few people look his way as he leaves. Hopefully he can fade back to the background. The dark guild seems more focused on running for now. Find the guildhall, and come back to it later when the time is right. A simple plan, but better then nothing. The Dragon Wing wizard kind of wishes he had a team, some back up. His fellow guild mates would be helpful. Planing is not his thing, and going solo could end bad. The water mage might come this way on his own if this is his goal. But it might be better to make sure. After seeing the guild hall Ailbhe will go back and see if the water mage stayed there. If taking out the dark guild is not his goal, maybe Ailbhe can talk him into helping. Not much of a talker, hopefully it will not take much. However, the water wizard doesn't care about the dark guild at all and as Ailbhe fades out of sight, the wizard of little words returns to the library, his mind back on his research and the book he was reading before being disturbed. As he walked back, the humidity started to lessen as he walked back until it was still somewhat higher than normal but not noticeable to most people, an insurance that if he had to fight again, he would be ready without wasting any more magic energy. By the time he made it to the library door, the spell itself was no longer active and the wizard's body already started to recover it's lost magic energy. As soon as he went inside, the bookworm made a beeline for his table and stack of books and sat down like nothing had happened.

After finding the guildhall Ailbhe sees it's size. Will he even need help? If done right maybe he can do it himself. The water mage seemed more into his books then the fight, asking for his help could just be a misuse of everyone's time. Ailbhe grumbles and decides to wait for it to darken. He'll have to go solo after all it seems. The job should not be too hard, the dark guild is still small. Ailbhe finds a place to wait, a small coffee shop. He takes a seat and orders a drink and waits. Nothing else to do for him for now. Meanwhile, the water wizard from earlier was on his eighth stack of books though what he has read so far was of little help to him as they explained little more than the basics of different magicks and other things he already knew. Time continues to tick on and the prodigy grows tired of the useless books so, after putting the last one away, he heads out to get some food and then check into an inn when the entire Phantom guild approaches with smug looks of superiority on their faces. The guild however wasn't very large, there was only a few dozen of them and from what he could tell, their magic ability was nothing all that special though they were certainly above average wizards, they still were a long way from deserving that smug look on their faces. The prodigy turned to face them, his face as expressionless as always but he did nothing, he simple stared at them without caring that they had him so badly outnumbered. The handful from earlier were laughing and one even said "Now you are going to get it!" but the bookworm just sighed and said "You don't seem to learn, do you?"

The Dragon Wing wizard goes to the guildhall. Did they leave any members inside? No matter he gets to work to leave nothing left of the base. He'll go back to fight what is left after the water wizard is done, unless he can get there before the fight ends. In that case he'll help clean up the mess. He finds only a few members left in the hall after all. He takes his stance. "Bone-make giant's fist!" that was all it took to get them to look at him. He makes a punch at one quick with the large skeletal arm. So few left to guard the base it should be easy. They cast magics at the Dragon Wing guild member. "Bone-make armor!" not quite fast enough, he gets a few direct hits on him. He'll have to deal with it later. Range attacks, okay. "Bone-make blunderbuss!" he shoots the makeshift old fashioned shotgun as soon as it's made, sharp bone parts go everywhere. This thing makes a lot of noise. If there was anyone else here they would come running, but there is not. The Dragon Wing mage grips his side as he moves the knocked out guild members outside, putting them all in a bone-make rib-cage. He then works on leveling the guildhall. After that is done he walks back to where the water mage was. Maybe the fight will still be on. It took longer then Ailbhe had hoped. He walks slowly while griping his side, his magic can only move so fast. He should have armored up first.

Meanwhile, back outside the library, the guild master steps forward and speaks to the water wizard. "So this is the prodigy, Eyrin Aegaeus who created his own specialization of water magic no one else has been able to teach themselves to use. even experienced mages that also specialize in water magic. You think you are some sort of hot shot don't you? Well, I'm probably the worst enemy for you then as I use lightning magic. I can tell too that you have filled the air with your magic which will work against you but don't think you can run." Eyrin couldn't contain himself, he bursted out laughing as if it was all just some big joke. After a minute of laughter Eyrin stopped and regained his composure, apologizing for his outburst and said "It doesn't make a difference if you use lightning magic or nullification magic, just having it doesn't mean you will win, especially if you're opponent controls the battle field. If you have noticed my magic in the air then you should know it's all over this area which means the second you unleash you're magic, it will shock you and you're guild mates but I can just make a wall around me so I don't get shocked." As soon as he stopped talking, a wave appeared behind the members of Phantom, rushing at them so fast that they were unable to act and were washed into each other until they piled up at Eyrin's feet, injured and coughing up water. However, the guild master was not among the pile but appeared behind Eyrin and sent a bolt of lightning at him. Ailbhe of Dragon Wing got there just in time to see the fight and stops.

This fight is not his, best contain the downed members of Phantom now. He takes his stance and runs up to them. "Bone-make rib-cage!" he yells out and a cage forms over the downed Phantom members. "That should hold you till pick up comes." he looks to the fight of the water and lightning wizard and moves the cage away from the fight. No need for them to die in a cross fire. This fight should be good, time to sit back ad watch the epic show down for now. AiIbhe will only step in if he needs to. Ailbhe gets an idea, he partly casts bone-make giant's fists to make one hand in the ground as a chair and sits with a good view. The lightning bolt would normally hit it's target before they could react and while Eyrin cannot move even half as fast as the lightning bolt, his magic energy certainly can and forms into a wall just in time, creating an explosion but the water stops in mid air and reformed into the wall as if time was rewinding itself partially which was met with additional water particles until it became a wave which surged forward at the guild master. However, the guild master was fast and avoided it, throwing a lightning bolt to Eyrin's right but water particles condensed as the bolt was moving through it, causing it to explode in mid air and create a blast wave in both Eyrin's and the lightning wizard's direction but Eyrin let himself get hit as he didn't want to waste the magic energy on blocking it.

The guild master who was unharmed, having moved at the last second was laughing but what he didn't realize was that doing so required him to intake air which had Eyrin's water which condensed in his throat, causing him to choke and pass out as Eyrin was tired of the fight but let the water loosen up after the man fell unconscious as not to kill him. Ailbhe at this time stands and walks up close to the guild master. "Bone-make rib-cage!" and a cage forms around the guild master. Ailbhe cracks a small smile. "Thanks for your help water boy. Mind calling the magic counsel for clean up?" the job Ailbhe had to do was done, mostly for him but at least Ailbhe got to fight a bit. He could care less about the water mage, and he knows he will not make the call. Ailbhe will have to do it himself. But for some reason he felt the need to say more them what was needed. Odd for him to do so. Did he want to be remembered? That can't be it. This water mage will likely forget all about him. The Dragon Wing mage wonders if he'll even take note of his guild mark. Not that it matters. A wave as he turns to walk away, Ailbhe goes to make the call for pic up slowly. If the water mage wished to talk to him he has the time.  But Eyrin has no intention in helping him further and didn't even bother to take note of the guy's guild mark rather he turned towards the nearby diner and walked away, not saying a word but once again engrossed in his own thoughts of his research.

The End
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