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Strength magic
Strength Enhancement



Caster Magic



Strength Enhancement (力強化, Chikara Kyōka) is a Caster Magic primarily utilized by Hannibal.


Strength Enhancement is an unique magic that combines the aspects of both external and internal magic. This unique magic allows the user to draw extra-dimensional mass and forcibly absorb it into his body thus increasing his muscle mass; allowing the user to drastically increase in size and strength almost instantly. However, this drawn muscle mass is further enhanced as it's coated by a layer of ethernano in order to increase it's resilience and power. The ethernano coating is purely internal magic, while the muscle summoning is external. This combination of enhancing one's muscle mass and then further fortifying it, makes the user inhumanly strong and durable and this extremely advanced muscle structure produces less than average fatigue based toxins that impair the body and causes one to experience exhaustion.

While such power is great but it is also temporary, and self-destructive; the use of this powers put massive strain on the user's body, and most instances of using these powers result in the user passing out. Regardless, it is a simple, straight forward magic that infuses one with muscle mass by drawing from an extra-dimensional source and then strengthening it. This magic also fortifies the skeletal structure of the user and increases the density of their bones to match the augmented muscle mass; thus giving them enhanced durability.


  • Even though this magic is named "Strength Enhancement", it also enhances durability and stamina to a certain degree.
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