Strom, Head of Interrogation

Strom is a high ranking member of Podarite, one of its Orichalcum and Head of the Interrogation Division.


Strom is an enigma. He barely ever speaks and even when he does its usually only a few short words.

Strom executes his missions coldly and effieciently, and as Head of the Interrogation Division always brings his targets back alive, albeit in excruiating pain.

Magic and Abilities

Rizen: As a member of Podarite and the Orichalcum Strom is highly skilled in the use of their specialized magic Rizen and as such Strom is able to use several of the high level techniques:

  • Doken: the first level technique of Rizen. Strom focuses energy into his fist and then fires it out as a concussive blast.
    • Cyflym Doken: Using his Swiftness Strom fires off many Doken blasts in rapid succession.
  • Byrstio: the second level technique of Rizen. Strom focuses energy into his body and then expels it outwards destroying everthing within a small area.
  • Gweler: the third level technique of Rizen. Strom causes energy to radiate from his body, firstly taking the form of a strange mist, and then Gweler disrupts the opponent's sight and causes them to see illusions.
  • Tsurugi: The fourth level technique of Rizen. Strom creates a blade around his arm out of energy that behaves similar to a chainsaw.

Swiftness: Strom's other magic ability is form of speed magic allowing him to move at incredibly high speeds.