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Raido Nakano
Hell's Core II | Former Look
name Raido Nakano
Kanji ライド・中野
Rōmaji Raido Nakano
Titles Inferno Cryomancer
Dark Cryomancer
Apex Cryomancer
Race Demon/Human Hybrid
Gender Male
Age ??
Height 6'5
Weight 255lbs
Hair Color black
Professional Status
Affiliation Tartarus symbol Tartarus
Previous Affiliation Shadow LionsNemean Lion
Guild Mark Location Forearm
Occupation Fallen Exorcist Mage
Personal Status
Base of Operations Cube II
Teams Kaname Soga
Winter's Calamity
New Nine Demon Gates
Status Alive
Family Raikardo (father)
Shayera Nakano (mother)
NaVarro Nakano (brother)
Samara Nakano (twin sister)
Nurarihyon (younger brother)
Kira Nakano (younger sister)
Vasilisa D. Draco (younger sister)
Magic Cryokinesis
Ice Devil Slayer Magic
Super Archive
Sealing Magic
Equipment Magic Headphones (formerly)
Image Gallery
"Your enemies are rage and brutal, but you are worse. Rip and Tear until nothing remains"
— his Favorite Words.


Sub-Zero (零下, Reika), real name Raido Nakano (ライド・中野, Raido Nakano) is a Mage renown for his ability to subjugate the temperatures to below negative which is a reference to his alias. Being known as an Ice Devil Slayer, he is affiliated with the Dark Guild Tartaros as one of the current members within the New Nine Demon Gates.

During a mission, he happened to come across a secret research facility approved by the Magic Council for illegal experimentation for the purpose of Human Magical Advancement. In an attempt to expose the World Magic Bureau Federation, Sub-Zero attacked with the intention of stealing the horrid secrets that could bring an end to the research within the facility which resulted in the loss of numerous researchers and other important magical developments. As a result of this, he was used as a scapegoat and branded as a Dark Mage associated with an Etherious, a Demon from the Books of Zeref.

Following this event, Sub-Zero went missing from the eye of Earth Land after being betrayed by Nemean Lion. He later resurfaced during the infamous assault on Black Vox with Naazariya as a member of the newly revised Tartaros after two years, having become the very thing which he was once hunted for. Now on the run from the things he once fought to protect, he watches as former comrades who stood beside him quickly become enemies and Naazariya being the only person he can trust within his situation as the wall he is pressed against fades away quickly.

His overall appearance and affiliation with Tartaros has earned him a relatively high bounty which is currently set at 400,000,000 Jewel and is wanted alive due to the sensitive information he possesses. Haven finally gotten past the anger of the past Sub-Zero truly became fortified as a man, creating a union of mind and body studying deeper into his magic and depths in more than just rage, but true understanding. Creating an all new evolution from Winter Tyrant to a Cryomancer.

Fairy Tail: Winter Solstice


Promise of Redemption

Dark Side of Ambition

Prize of Dissolution



It is what it is

Standing at an imposing 6 ft 5 inches 250lbs. Raido has been labeled a physical specimen on plenty of occasions. His unnatural chiseled physique a product of intense conditioning and years training in the many styles Capoeira has to offer. Clothing wise Raido keeps the look very simple yet classy, preferring all black outfits complete with a black overcoat that is buttoned up to his chest and has a cape like appearance. Sporting black slacks and black shoes that coincide with his usual color of choice. Beneath his black coat is a high collar black shirt that is also fastened up to the top as well. Raido is always seen to dress in a presentable but mysterious fashion, often opting for all black clothing and rarely switches up the color. He is almost never seen without a pair of black shades on his face that seem to be the final and most vital part of his outfit. When they are removed his eyes have shown to consist of icy blue tint which glows exceedingly bright. His facial profile is that of a young man in his mid twenties sporting a mustache and goatee, the facial hair kept low and well trimmed. His facial expression is always one of cool collected confidence, hidden even more behind his shades. He possesses a natural poker face that has often made some weary of trusting him. Long spiky black locks that falls down in the center of his back. During his days training with Devil Slayer Magic Raido's hair was kept short just above his shoulders, his body possessing several tattoos that spanned across his back and left side mostly. Being done in a tribal like fashion. His tattoos on his body stem from the black marks that grew as he used the Slayer magic, using the book he learned how to control it and manifested them to it's current tattoo form.

After a trip to Hell's Core II he adpoted a different look which greatly set itself apart from his former image, his skin being tanned and darkned, brown eyes to boot. His outfit changing completely to one of nearly an all white robe with few color combination from the light armor he wears underneath. Complete with white gloves and dark brown sandal like shoes


His personality is a mere reflection of his magic exhibiting a personality that matches a cool, collected, confident but deadly demeanor. Many of the world condemn him for his actions within Tartaros, yet many view him as a good man who is a honorable man keeping his world to make a difference and changing lives. Compassionate yet cold, involved and upfront yet distant and icy. The Flux in his personality is done purposely and masterfully to best gauge the situation of how he should react, often letting the situation unfold then act in the best way possible. His laid back demeanor allows him to approach situations with a cool head & think logically toward the best options. Raido has a very expansive sense of humor and he himself is not afraid of being the butt of jokes, engaging back and forth with insults. Raido's joking approach often wards allies his focus & dedication to jobs, this bravado is a defense mechanism that allows him to stay in control and think smarter not harder.

Those close to him know this well and have come to understand this is how he best deals with situations. Raido is deceptively clever & very strategic in battles & conversations. Knowing exactly how to breakdown words and extract information by using wordplay. Paying close attention to the words used by others and their meanings. Because of the way he approaches and presents himself Raido can be confused as a random, spur of the moment individual, partaking in activities for what appears to be the whim of the moment. Usually, quietly deeper intentions lie unspoken and hidden from his face. Beyond his calm approach he is known for adhering to a flippant, yet bold and clever attitude. Possessing a very notable gift of gab to always seem to align someone else's goals with his own and make them appear to work in everyone's best interest. Though he may often appear to slack off or not pay attention to finer details, these actions are created as a facade to fool those around him at times. Showing a calculative, shrewd and extremely cunning attitude. With a mind as sharp as his tongue reminiscent of a blade. He always reads between the lines to see the outcome through if one should be possible.

Raido harbors a true passion of art and in spare time away from the wild style of living he is affored takes time to craft and practice his art. Part of the reasoning for seeking Ice Molding magic originated with his love for creation on a canvas and with his magic. Sub-Zero is referred to on many occasions as one crazy bastard, whether it was allying himself with a guild full of demons knowing his status as a Devil Slayer, or for opposing the government and Magical Council constantly, to his brazen assaults on their property. What ever the reason he always seems to be at the center of crazy and is often in trouble or finding a way to get into it.

His moral compass has been brought into question many times due to tasks he has personally carried out. Raido prefers to walk the twilight of good and evil presenting himself as no savior, but not exactly a villain. Despite his affliations with a dark guild and status as a dark mage he lives and acts by one main rule alone risk vs rewards or cost vs benefits. Weighing his options in a situation and then acting based on what presents the best outcome. Should a decision breed more problems than prosperity, Raido will avoid the decision all together. This judgement keeps Raido neutral in situations and keeps emotions from clouding his judgement, limiting irrational decision making. Such neutrality has often caused caution about his motives, motivation and loyalty in many circumstances. Yet it has become the tale of his life in recent times. He enjoys the powers of a demon and embraces them, yet seeks to remain human and understanding of others doing what be done and not acting out of cruelity unless needed. He participates in questionable actions in furthering a dark guilds operations, yet would easily help a person or someone else should the situation be right and are innocent in his eyes.

While his actions are balanced, he is not known for his benevolence or his mercy to his enemies. SubZero is adamant about not allowing his enemies a second opportunity to kill him, much less the first try. Wasting no time and ruthlessly killing his enemies without the slightest hint of mercy, executing them in a very cold, technical and calculatingly deserved fashion. Over the years as his time in the dark guild pressed forward and his enemies grew his propensity to up the violence skyrocketed dramatically, troubling even the demons and allies among the alliance. Earning a moniker for being as cold as the magic he wielded. Quickly establishing a reputation as a Slayer in so many words, as all hostile confrontations with him ended in horrific murders. His Cryomancer Silat being the main reason for his brutalities a style he created for the sole purpose of maiming or destroying enemies. The style even to this day remained infamous known among many who witnessed the bodies he left behind or saw him using it in combat. The propensity for violence he incites and is capable of behind a calm demeanor is often tallied up to the extreme overuse of his devil slayer magic and the effect it has had on him.

Magic & Abilities

Decree's of Combat

  • Frostbite Decree(氷魔王の統帥(フロストバイト・デクリー), Furosutobaito Dekurī lit. Supreme Commands of the Ice Devil King)

Being a wielder of a unusually powerful ice magic Raido has broken down the processes of which he powers his cold like abilities. Training not only his mind and body but also his magic. Having teamed up with Tartaros he has learned darker ways to utilize his magic to increase his threat level and combat expertise. Going by the 4 degrees and stages of frostbite Raido has learned to rather than focus his power in the form of affecting temperature, environment ans atmosphere rather than simply magical pressure. He has gone on to instead focus on the level of cold, frostbite, freezer burn and hypothermia he can unleash on a person.. Each degree deadlier than the last and representing a different stage of frostbite and the damage that can be done. From simply damaging the skin to necrosis and cellular damage causing grievous wounds that can not be restored such gangrene and amputation. Among other things death if left untreated. Simply put these are the rules of frostbite combat that Raido has created in dealing with different classes of enemies both human, demon and whatever else.

  • Age Of Frost(霜の統帥(ファースト・デクリー), Fāsuto Dekurī lit. Supreme Command of Frost)The first degree of cryogenic damage and among the 4 levels is among the weakest. Often referred to as the Frostnip level and among the type of damage it doles out, it deals with attacking the surface of the skin the surface of the skin. This level of damage causes great skin irritation in the form of itching and pain there is itching and pain, and then the skin develops white, red, and yellow patches and becomes numb. The area affected by frost nip usually does not become permanently damaged as only the skin's top layers are affected. Making the first decree quite easy to heal and recover from. Raido mostly uses this decree for training and sparring purposes, making the frostbite much easier to deal with. This can also be used to irritate his enemies and cause them to lose focus due to the great irritation this causes to the skin, losing focus in battle and methodically taking body parts and limbs from the battle.
  • Age of Winter's Mark(霧氷の統帥(セカンド・デクリー), Sekando Dekurī lit. Supreme Command of Rime) The second stage of the decree is known as Winter's Mark and the damage which still like frostnip attacks the surface of the skin. However, the skin may freeze and harden, but the deep tissues underneath are not affected normal and unaffected. Raido in this decree focuses on causing nasty blisters that as he continues to fight in this decree become hard and blackened, but usually appear worse than they are. While more painful than the first decree these injuries can be easily recovered and healed from in a months time. Giving way to the third decree of Frostbite style.
  • Age of Abysmal Winter(飛雪の統帥(サード・デクリー) Sādo Dekurī lit. Supreme Command of Snowdrift): The 3rd stage of the frostbite decree known as the Abysmal Winter The temperature Raido decreases his magic to his lowered greatly and well below enough to freeze blood underneath the skin. By freezing further, deep frostbite occurs. The muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves all freeze causing an opponents skin to become hard, waxy and use of the area is lost temporarily and in severe cases, permanently. The deep frostbite results in areas of purplish blisters which turn black and which are generally blood-filled. Nerve damage in the area can result in a loss of feeling. While over time the feeling of one's arms and body can be gained it is not promised if not treated correctly. This stage can also result in amputation and cause of infection underneath the skin surface. In this state He can begin to freeze the blood well under the skin and constrict blood vessels and reach ungodly temperature of -82 degree's freezing matter and molecules well beyond the point of absolute Zero. This can be done in human form but for the spells is usually carried out in Devil Sync
  • Age of The Winter's Grave:猛吹雪の統帥(フォアス・デクリー) Foasu Dekurī lit. Supreme Command of the Furious Snowstorm) The final Stage of the frostbite decree known simply as Winter's Grave is the final and coldest level of temperature Sub-Zero can muster in his human form. His freezing abilities on this level nosedive well beyond the point of retaining any part of the body for functional use afterward. This extreme frostbite results in fingers and toes being amputated becoming infected with gangrene and various infections. Some body parts become so brittle and that if can be easily broken off or even fall off. The extent of the damage done to the area by the freezing process of this level of frostbite is on a cellular level, completely causing necrosis to the very cells to render healing processes of any nature useless. Having been damaged to such an extent the cells can not properly multiply and "suspends" the healing process freezing it in its tracks literally. The only survival of this decree is amputation to preserve the remaining part, ensuring it does not spread to other cells and damages them. Among all the decree's this has a near perfect mortality rate due to Cryomancer Silat style of combat. The temperature in this spell is literally enough to as he quotes "Freeze Hell twice over", creating temperatures that surpass the recorded coldest temperature on earth a devastating −98.6.2 °C (−173.6 °F; 186.0 K). A point so cold the fatality rate is near perfect for even the most hardened of Demons even possibly Archdemons. According the Sub-Zero the coldest temperature he has reached while in his human state (pre Cryomancer Evolution) rivals that of the atmospheric cold in space 2.7 Kelvin (-270.45 C, -454.81 °F) creating a dead zone for heat since there is a lack of molecules to energetically bounce around.
  • Cryo Subjugation-Being a mage who specializes in Ice from the deepest reaches of the nether. Raido has made a habit of fueling himself and abilities while be exposed to the harshest forms of cold and winter there is to bear. His ability to indulge in such punishment comes not from immunity or form of resistance of the cold, rather his ability to grow stronger in it's grasp that being exposed to anything cryo related belays no negative effects on his being whatsoever. His former immunity to the element was that of a defiant nature to cold that was used against him to bring harm to him. With his new Cryomancer powers, he has become one with the very identity of cold and winter, forming a bond of the two that transcends immunity, but subjugation and dominace. The ice and cold abilities of others or outer sources becoming extensions of himself but ths cold he can draw strength from, embracing its very nature. Being an Ice Devil slayer Raido is able to affect temperatures by reducing the kinetic speed of atoms and particles, allowing him to freeze on the atomic level. He can devour ice whether natural or magical from any external sources. While he is unable to eat his own slayer magic he can empower himself off the the magic of other ice mages, able to conjoin with fellow slayers such as Dragon, God and Phoenix who wield the element of ice and fuel himself with their nature of cold as well. Replenishing his strength and stamina. In conjuncture with his cryokinesis abilities


  • Cryokinesis(氷能力 (クリオキネシス) Kuriokinesisu lit. Ice Power)- The mainstay of Raido's fighting style is his cryokinesis one that he wields on an incredible level, being able to influence particles in the environment and affect them on a sub-atomic level. The ability to control and manipulate existing ice, snow, hail, icicles, ice spikes, glaciers, frost, ice caps and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms, thus making things colder for various effects and combinations. Using this ability to reduce the speed of atoms and particles works well for not only decreasing the temperature and strengthening their own magic but is also effective against other forms of magic, especially ones which rely on accelerated kinetic energy of atoms. This reduction causes a loss of energy which greatly weakens the effects of other magics gradually as it gets colder, as well has having detrimental effects on the body with prolonged exposure. It works to the advantage of the Devil Slayer which can freeze entire areas and environments instantly. Turning the very environment into a weapon which can be called forth at their beckon. Allowing Raido to wield what he refers to as Cryogenic Energy, or cold energy which when forming weapons takes on a ethereal appearance. Raido has shown the innate ability to also do this to his own body, turning it into cryogenic energy, ice or snow which he can repair and use for various offenses and defenses creating attacks from his own or even surviving impossible attacks with so much as a scratch and null voiding physical strikes. It is said he is nearly impossible to beat one on one.
Ice beast

Ice Devil Make: Winter Susanoo

Which forces the opponent to not only have to fight his enemy but also be vigilant of the surrounding area. His ability to control and mold ice into forms based on his discretion works well with the instant freeze and offer chain attacks and coordinated strikes from nearly any areas that has been frozen. His ability to completely freeze atoms and molecules on a subatomic level and then control by his mind and directed and used with hands and finger motions to guide the attacks. His propensity to show creativity with multiple forms of ice allows him to craft makeshift offenses, defense and beckon any ice in his proximity. Among his fighting styles, cryokinesis is perhaps the greatest ability in is arsenal. Offering him infinite means & methods alongside complete dominion of the element itself. Originally dry ice was the only form of ice Raido can not control or manipulate, however as his cryomancy evolved he learned to manipulate dry ice just as well as in ice within his vicinity shaping it and forming to his hearts delight. His cryokinesis abilities have served him greatly over the years allowing him to go toe to toe with powerful entities such as dragons like Kronus The World Eater. A cryomancer prides himself on being a master and tamer of all things cold and cryo related. Commanding dominion over that of what he wields and shaping it to his liking and discretion. Alongside his incredible dominion over the element of ice he can negate cold and ice based magic that is in his surroundings and remove it from completely if he chooses not to sustain himself off the magic of his opponent. This is unable to affect dry ice unless he is clad in Devil Sync or Inferno Frost Mode.

  • Thermokinetic Croykinesis(焼氷能力 (サームッキネティク・クリオキネシス), Sāmukkinetiku Kuriokinesisu lit. Burning Ice Power)- A skill and ability Subzero did not make use of until after his acquistion of Inferno Frost Devil Mode. Naturally of his own volition he possessed the ability to generate dangerously low temperatures not only into his areas but from his very body as well, freezing people and area well over and through. However, early on during hs battles he lacked the ability to convert source of heat into energy which he could then use for himself or his abilities, instead he fought countless fire opponents to learn upon the many weaknesses he could exploit. Upon learning the Dual inferno Frost mode he learned about heat/flames from a first hand view than from the view of weakening it and learned how to use a form of thermokinetic Croykinesis to absorb heat and convert it into energy for his croykinesis. Powering not only his Inferno Frost Mode, but also his own abilities, by using a skill of freezing molecules. The greater the source of heat, the stronger the conversion of energy can be made, the greater his power and Inferno Frost Mode can become. Turning what was once a weakness into a major strength and immunity to him even the greatest sources of heat users into nothing but living batteries for him. This skill also gives him an advantage against Lightning based opponents, being able to siphon off the heat energy that is shared among the nature between heat and lightning. He however can not consume lightning in the manner he can flames
  • Cryotherapy(氷治癒能力 (クライオサラピー), Kuraiosarapī lit. Ice Healing Power)- Raido has shown to be able to heal his wounds by repairing his body using cryokinesis as a way to heal and fix himself restoring his body. Naturally Sub-Zero produces cryogenic energy from his body which he can restore, and reshape with his thoughts and mental control alone. Allowing him to restore lost limbs put himself back together and then break himself apart to become vapor and mist and travel. Among impossible attacks Sub-Zero survived by simply allowing this process to happen as though his body was destroyed the energy he produces is not and can be used to reshape himself to heal virtually any energy he sustained. Cryotherapy is just another form of how his prowess with Cryokinesis really stretches.
  • Dry Ice Generation: Sub-Zero since he was younger was always a powerful ice mage, having made use of Cryokinesis long before his days as a Ice Devil Slayer, however the one form of ice that eluded him even as a Devil Slayer was dry ice. As he grew stronger and progressed on the darker side of Winter's Rage he slowly harness the elusive skill of mastering and working with Dry ice, even learning how to create it using his Magical barrier particles by directly enhancing the ice with them from his body. Needing to be used in a temperature of only -109 Sub-Zero can create and use dry ice as he could his natural ice magic and Devil Slayer magic. Using Magical Barrier particles to create a crabon dioxide like effect which is extremely fatal to magic users. And due to the influence from his Devil Slayer magic it is just as fatal to demonic creatures. Contact with the Ice is lethal This extreme cold makes the solid contact dangerous causing burns by freezing and frostbite.
  • Cryokinetic Invisibility: Another skill he deveopled during the time of perfecting his Cryomancer Evoltion. COMING SOON

  • Cryonegation A skill he developed during the time of perfecting his Cryomancer Evolution, having spent so much time tracing and learning the depths of not only ice magic but Cryokinesis and Ice Devil Slayer magic. Sub-Zero upped his effciency as more than just an Ice mage or exorcist, but a true Cryomancer. Gaining the ability to negate forms of cryo based powers and abilities within a undisclosed distance. Using his great extent of knowledge in croykinesis and cryo subjugation, he pushes not just his powers over cold for the idea of simply becoming stronger, but becoming a master in the craft, wielding his powers in manners that are far beyond the application of power, but rather influence and control. Becoming in tune with the very principles and concepts that winter is founded upon. Cementing himself and his study to becoming the Apex Cryomancer. Using his powers and depths of study to truly meld with the ideals of cold and embrace them till they are in his to command.

Ice Devil Slayer Magic

Ice Devil Slayer Magic- (氷の滅悪魔法 Kōri no Metsuaku Mahō)This branch of Devil Slayer Magic allows the user to utilize the very principles of the cold, and apply them in whatever application they see fit. Ranging from Ice itself to cold energy or any of the various other states of snow, sleet, hail, and super cooled air. Giving Sub-Zero a limitless offense, defense and even combine methods of one into the other. In embracing this Magic, Raido underwent having his magic "modified" by one of the Books of Zeref, which contained notes on how to obtain Magic Barrier Particles (魔障粒子 Mashōryūshi). He is able to generate ice in various form on his body for various results and uses, coating his arms and legs in them to increase damage and effects. When used separately this magic relies far more on sheer power, generating rough shapeless masses of ice causing grievous cuts and inflicting tremendous amounts of blunt damage. The magic is quite capable of offering various means to protect himself from harm. The most fearsome trait of Ice Devil Slayer Magic is the incredible freezing capabilities it grants. A simple swipe of his arm or flick of the wrist and Sub-Zero has been shown instantly freezing people solid and freeze an area with an extensive range to cover entire landscapes. He can easily deep freeze opponents to the point of them becoming brittle enough to shatter, killing them instantly. With a single touch he is able to flash-freeze opponents, a skill greatly used against demons or enemies he intends to kill. At the greatest levels of freezing he can even freeze the atmospheric air itself on a molecular level air and gases which inhabit the atmospheric trace gases, allowing them to either convert that atmosphere directly to ice or simply super chill it. Freezing the air can cause Deoxygenation which freezes the air needed for other to breath. This however must be done at the lowest frostbite decree of 4

With his range and mastery entire areas can become winter wastelands wthin moments with bonechilling temperatures causing opponents to suffer from mild to severe cases of hypothermia. Over the years Raido built and developed his mastery over the Magic that is powerful enough to single handily able to disrupt and reduce the motion and speed at which particles in th environment on a molecular level. Which works best for the user as freezing over an area, atmosphere, or even objects. Unlike most slayer magic which freeze's on a surface level, he Freeze's on a molecular level at astounding temperatures which give his freezing powers the range to freeze everything from alcohol at −114 °C; −173 °F; 159 K, to freezing iron and steel at −135 °C; −92.7 °F; 188.8 K forcing it become brittle and easily broken.

Sub-Zero can greatly reduce the temperature of an ecosystem just by releasing his aura, becoming more powerful as he uses the magic to reshape the battlefield one spell or move at a time. The ice itself appears to be exceedingly powerful, seeing as a multiple forms of fire based slayers have failed to melt the ice. Among them are Phoenix, Dragon and God Flame slayers were incapable of melting it, even the strongest of flames have came upon its equal and melted the ice albeit a great deal of intensity. This Magic is said to surround Sub-zero with a cold aura, with many of his teammates nothing the change in temperature due to his arrival. As shown often times when Raido speak's vapor is said to leave his mouth and is emitted off his hands. The magic is said to extraordinarily painful often giving off a stingy cold feelings and even works well for slowing down opponents by numbing the body, subjecting it to harsh temperatures and conditions. Though done in a methodical fashion his magic has shown to be able to wear down dragons, though he focuses his attacks on varied body parts such as nose, eyes and throat.

Having mixed his Slayer magic with various forms of marital art Raido has been known to constantly freeze people via physical touch or by countering their moves by coating his body with a sheet of ice that flash freezes opponents who come in contact with him. Making barehanded strikes and forms of close combat without a weapon extremely unreliable. When combined with Cryokinesis he can reshape the ice to his own discretion and wield it in combat how he see's fit. Making alterations on the fly and in the heart of combat using his psychic control over the element of cold itself. These constructs much like the ice created by his magic has proven to be insanely durable, withstanding tremendous punishment both defensively and offensively. His further study and fighting contiuning led to the finding of Ice Demon Tyrant (氷魔暴君, Hyōma Bōkun). Learning of the new of a second container residing in all mages that went unused SubZero conducted research of his own to learn of the truths of this talk. After it's confirmation he and Naaza sought an Arc of time user to assist in opening his Second Origin. Not only was his second origin unleashed and set free, the pure simtulated Magical Barrier Particles in his magic that were mostly untouched due to his lack of reliance of the Devil Synchronization, were stimulated completely adding to the power and density of his second reserves and container. His magic more potent and colder than ever he was happy to create yet another buffer between himself and the vaunted Devil Sync curse. The tyrant series releases tremendous amounts of damage and devastation to demon/devils, far greater than it's abilities or even secret arts would. The magic is even deadlier to mages and magic wielding creatures, with the magical baririer particles in their magic fully sitmulated the potency of their magic is doubled, each strike can eat away at the ethernano that is absorbed into the body and quickly and steadily poison the mage. Leading to the final Stage of Cryomancer Evolution.

Over the years as he evolved as a man and Devil Slayer his magic has seen many changes creation of spells that operate as a form of Slowing magic, greatly slowing the opponent down and robbing them of their heat and subjecting them to unbearable temperature the targets is subject to extreme causes of Hypotherma if not frozen completely. Having their range of motion taken from them as well as stinging cold which is uninhabitable by demons and humans for long periods of time. The effects of this spell can be greatly enhanced by any form of cold energy or ice related moves. Falling prey to many of the associated symptoms of the body shutting down and freezing to death. Inducing Hibernation to completely appear as if he froze time when in actually the person themselves is frozen unaffected by time perserved in that very moment and subjected to ungodly temperatures. In his various conquest against demon kind he developed spells that he separated to deal with their varying classes. His tyrant enhanced spells being responsible for the deaths of several Archdemons and designed for the sole purpose of their demise.

Freezing power

Instantaneous Freeze

  • Instantaneous Freeze:One of the most effective aspects of this magic is its ability to completely freeze everything within a large radius just by a flick of the wrist. individuals, large groups, entire landscapes and environments can be turned into arctic wastelands causing temperatures to plunge quickly. This aspect of the magic seems to use arm and hand motions to signify instant freezing. The freezing powers are immensely powerful freezing virutally everything in it's reach and among more powerful decree's can kill humans and lesser demons instantly. Flash freezing his opponents to the degree they become brittle and easily shattered.

* Age of the Ice Devil*

Devil Tyrant Enhanced | Normal Spell

Devil's Outrage
  • Ice Devil's Tyrant's Outrage (氷魔僭主の大悪, Hyouma Senshu no Daiaku):The Devil Slayer's equivalent to the Dragon Slayer's Roar and God Slayer's Bellow spells. After inhaling the user releases a large blizzard of cold air, ice and snow from their mouth, directing it towards an area of their choosing. The blizzard inflicts great damage upon those it contacts, causing those who were hit to be sent flying away with immense force, as well as leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake, heavily damaging the area it passes through. When using the Tyrant enhanced version Subzero produces a gargantuan blizzard of subzero cooled air and zero cryogenic energy from his mouth. This unleashed blizzard is capable of covering a vast area, releasing subzero chilled air and ungodly cold energy, cutting deep into the surface of the earth and freezing it brittle. The effects of this blast does tremendous damage and leaves deeps scars among its wake making the area affected uninhabitable to floral life and other sentient beings for a short period.

Devil Tyrant Enhanced | Normal Spell

Vehement Shotgun
  • Ice Devil Tyrant's Vehement Shotgun (氷魔の冬散弾銃, Hyōma no Fuyu Sandanjū): Fires a large mass less burst of supercooled air and cryogenic energy from his fist/hand at the opponents in a spread type blast that releases it fury in a violent explosive concussive force delivering a nasty case of frostbite to the opponent. This scatter shotgun fist blast is extremely dense and powerful and with enough force can completely skewer through enemies with the intended force of a shotgun to the gut, blasting completely through their insides. Among it's freezing capabilities is stings the opponent greatly causing the opponent to go through varying degrees of frostbite, intense cold and some numbing. When Tyrant Enhanced Subzero charges his fist for a moment directing cryogenic energy, subzero cooled air, snow and ice which can be used as a fist blast or a close range strike like many of it's shotgun predecessors releasing a massive raging blizzard of ice snow, cold energy and super cooled air. The pressure and blast radius behind the released blizzard is immensely destrutive and cold creating mass quantities of of icebergs and glaciers that rise form the point of impact and covering a wide range dealing unprescendanted amount of damage to the target that was hit freezing and shattering them into oblivion.
Endless White Nine Heavens

Blizzard Extinction

  • Ice Devil Tyrant's Blizzard Extinction :-(氷魔僭主の吹雪断絶, Hyouma Senshu no Fubuki Danzetsu): A powerful spell that is listed as an extinction level event threatening due to its use of dry ice and deoxygenation of the atmosphere. This spell is designed to completely blanket an entire country in a deafening blizzard that spells death for all caught within it's grasp. Covering the coastline with temperatures matching that out the outer space temperatures, freezing air to the point of deoxygenation, freezing and killing organic and synthetic life beyond the brittle point night instantly. According to Naazariya, Such this extinction was designed to destroy Tartaros, as well as deal with demons within The Void.

Inferno Frost Devil Magic Spells

(モード獄氷魔, Mōdo Gokuhyōma):Having devoured the flames of a Flame Devil Slayer Sub-Zero gained the ability to produce his own variant of flames. Creating "flames" that freeze and burn opponents on a molecular level. The freezing aspect reduces the speed of kinectic energy of molecules while the burning effect attmepts to speed it up. This produces and immensely painful result to the enemy suffering from both causing a rotting effect, rotting away flesh and objects by tearing them apart on a molecular level. These flames also possesses the ability to rob other forms of fire of their heat energy and grow stronger as they feed on the heat energy of the flames. These flames can not be put out in conventional means such as water as the water would freeze and evaporate.

Inferno Frost Devil's Rage

Inferno Frost Devil's Rage

  • Inferno Frost Devil's Rage -(獄氷魔の激昂, Gokuhyōma no Gekikō)
  • Inferno Frost Devil's Malefic Shotgun
  • Inferno Frost Devil's Blizzard Holocaust- (獄氷魔の吹雪惨殺, Gokuhyōma no Fubuki Zansatsu)
  • Inferno Frost Devil's Blazing Arctic- (獄氷魔の烈北極, Gokuhyōma no Retsu Hokkyoku)

Cryomancer Evolution

Years of having power such as Devil Synchronization and Underworld Tyrant Mode granted him amazing power and abilities over the years. However he began to realize despite the great power each mode brought him, there was still power being wasted and exerted in maintaining the temporary modes, to support the transformations themselves power was wasted and consumed. So while his power it brought out from him did increase immensely, the power increase was a temporary solution that once used completely left him exhausted and weakened, wasted power just maintaining the forms as well as the fatigue that followed. An outcome Sub-Zero was not pleased with nor could afford. To combat this Sub-Zero solely worked on getting a sense on the depth of his magical orign, from his own power as a Human/demon hybrid, to the increase and addition of the Devil Slayer magic he wielded. Learning how deep his depth had to offer and focus on mastering the core ethics of Ice and Ice Devil Slayer magic and naturally working to harness that and work bring that potential to surface from within his body without wasting power on Modes, The Syncronization or other transformations. He could naturally use that power and no longer need to rely on temporary modes that would magnify his power for a short period of time and then once off leave him exhausted. Now that power was at his finger tips when he needed it effectively giving birth to The Apex Cryomancer.

Sub-Zero felt the same of techniques he had classified as secret arts that also required the triggered temporary transformations. Great increase in power hidden in his body but the modes heneeded to activate to use them added to the wasted power he feared, causing him to shift focus from the transformations themselves to finding the depth of his own magic and then making use of there secret arts with the need for transformation. There would be no need for the secret arts title as the spell would be cast naturally from the power he could bring forth. Since discovering and practicing the Cryomancer Evolution ideals, Sub-Zero power has stabilized to a point transformations and modes are no loner required, while he does has access to a true demon form, its and increase in power is strictly on a need to emergency basis. Thus eliminating the effects or need of Devil Sync or Underworld Tryant.

Tyrant Frost Demons

Tyrant Tribe Creatures

Super Archive- (超古文書, スーパーアーカイブ, Sūpā Ākaibu) is a Caster Magic that involves the use of Magic Databases. This Magic is a variation of Archive, allowing the user to convert information into Magical data, which can be stored, enabling the user to gain access to previously stored information, such as other types of Magic, but in a more powerful sense. It is mainly used by flat-screens which are projected into the air and contain information on them. Originally Raido was a user of Standard Archive magic, however after joining Tartaro's Raido learned of a way to upgrade the magic and expand his magical data banks beyond there former limitations. With this, he is capable of efficiently locating in real time everyone and even know their present conditions, quickly hi-jack information from sources. Up link to people to pass information and gather it. Raido retained all the abilities of his. These screens and interfaces appear as holographic peripherals and displays which Raido can interact with physically. He can expand the size of the screens and globe by simply interacting with it via touch and expanding, moving or taking apart the interface.

  • Real Time Link(リアルタイムリンク Riaru Taimu Rinku): Is a Super Archive Spell that allows user to create a giant globe filled with information used to search through all Mages in order to locate someone. This spell can also be used to up link with the searched individual to connect with them and reach out. Allowing him to connect long distances with teammates and use the telepathy spell. This spell has proven invaluable to lock onto mages, etherious and other targets of interest. However there are objects that can evade the real time scan.
  • Telepathy(念話 Terepashī): Using Archive magic as the premises the user is able to talk to other people through their thoughts and converse over long distances. This spell was a hold over form Raido's original Archive magic. It's current configuration is an upgrade to his original one, telepathically is always synced with his partner Naaza, allowing them to coordinate among each other mentally and protect form mental attacks.
  • Information Transfer: Raido transfers information into another person's mind. This is particularly useful in recon missions, since he can send information regarding miscellaneous data such as the nearby surroundings, for instance to his comrades, which they can perceive on a mental level as loading bars in buffering progress occurring within their mind that represents the images and symbols being downloaded into them in real time; with this, he can help his allies navigate where to go by transferring "maps" into their heads.
  • Decipher: A spell which allows Raido to decode and decrypt/encrypt various information such as books, ancient spells and decode them in a manner he never could with his own knowledge. This spell comes in handy when searching for the various lost books of Zeref and other ancient spells now lost to the world. The spell creates a large flat screen with an interface slot like field where the book can be inserted. From the there the scan can begin and the decryption process can begin. The time need to decode varies greatly on the condition of the book, if the book is damaged and in bad condition the scan will use estimation to complete the said text of the damaged pages. Naturally the average scan time is 3-5 minutes with a book in working condition. A damaged book could take up to 10 minutes. The accuracy of the scan is said to be about 93%. This can also be used directly on magic creating a screen that acts as a mit to catch magic and absorb it into the database and crack the secrets of the magic by processing its ethernano origins.
  • Hi-Jack Encryption Key: This spell allows for Raido to interact with any sort of magical database of control system and immediately perform a Hi-jack of the data within.The spell can also function as a firewall attacker should any security measures be added on to the magical databases. The hacking mechanism once successfully linked to the database begins to crack and extract all information using a percentage system t show the progress made in cracking the code. The spell is known to move relatively quick during it's scan mode but can be easily disrupted if left unattended. He can also upload viruses to the mainframe of a database via his own Magical Barrier Particles to disrupt opponents.
  • Digital Conversion:COMING SOON

Sealing Magic:This magic allows the caster the ability to seal objects and people. These spells can involve creating enchantments and formula which can have several effects such as stealing the target's magical energy or locking their magic for a period of time. Raido picked up this magic during the time Nemean Lion hi-jacked the Chaos Flux Airship. The instructions to learn the magic was hidden within the data banks of the ships hardware allowing Raido to study and learn it during his brief time on the ship. Raido manifest his sealing magic within his already powerful freezing capabilities. Creating various effects and functions as consequences for being trapped such as robbing them of their magi, sealing it, or robbing an opponent of mobile use of its body. The true sealing power Raido saved for the Devil Slayer Secret Arts. Believing death is a luxury and killing someone would end them of their sufferings and repentance for their crimes. Raido developed seals that act as prison sentences that will be carried out for a certain amount of time. Within this seal the opponents are subjected to brutal tortures that repeat stop and repeat for X amount of years until the seal's allotted time has ended.

Lamentation Series spells

Lamentation Series Encasement

  • Ice Devil Tryants Hibernation: Sixth Edict of Naraka (滅悪奥義・嘆き無, Metsuaku Ōgi: Nagekimu): SubZero mimics the stance of Zeref swiping both of his arms in a circular motion until the bottom of his hands meet. The hand on top has the index and middle fingers pointing upwards, while the other hand has the little and index fingers pointing downwards. During this casting phase his arms will charge and glow inhumanly blueish/purple color and quickly drop the temperature to below freezing levels. Once Raido has gathered what he feels is enough he flicks his hands apart in different directions which releases the sealing magic ice from his hands and freezes the opponent in a large misshapen Ice prison. Once the seal has been set it activates it's function and from within exposes the target to sub-zero temperatures so intense that their body from the inside out begins to crack open, lacerating the internal organs and flesh causing them to bleed out. This splitting process causes a excruciating amount of pain, causing many to lose consciousness under the stress from the intense pain that wrecks the body. Once the process has been completed the seal that is inside the body reconstructs the body and heals it completely only to restart the process and repeat over and over again. The length of time trapped within this spell is said to be the time it would take to empty a barrel of salt and count each grain once every ten years. Beyond the ice used to create the barrier the sealing magic itself is what makes the ice difficult to break. The seal can be undone by the user or when the time within sentencing seal used has come to pass.

Sub-Zero among all his skills has shown himself to be a deadly hand to hand combat fighter. A grandmaster of three styles, two of which he practiced under someone else, the final which is he the father of. Beyond the skills he wields he is a feared close combatant for his infamous freezing abilities. By a single touch he is able to flash-freeze and deep freeze opponents. Opponents would be deep frozen to the point of them becoming brittle enough to shatter into pieces making any and all physial contact with him virutally sucidial. Whether single body parts or entire bodies whatever he can freeze he could shatter and maim opponents.

  • Adept Weapon Specialist

On numerous occasions Raido has shown a adept understand of weapons and combat use. Being able to craft, generate and manipulate ice. Using Ice-Make Raido can craft any weapon he wishes and use it in various style of combat. Though Raido's combat reliance is usually capoeira, it's altered to best fit the weapon being used at the time. The range of his knowledge has shown to extend from bladed weapons such as swords and axes to blunt force weapons like brass knuckles and gauntlets to wide arcing weapons like lances and halberd's. Having studied Silek Sitaralak he has gained far more prowess with much shorthanded weapons like daggers, nightsticks and tonba's.

  • Keen Strategic Tactical Mind

Being that Raido enjoys approaching situations calmly he on many occasions been shown creating chaotic plans which to the enemy seems aimless but are carefully crafted using deception, diversions and deceit to mislead and create overconfidence within his enemies. Playing toward their egos and studying his opponents and allowing them to teach him their strengths and how they compensate for their weaknesses. Raido takes full advantage of the environment and atmosphere and has shown that he is very keen with situation awareness, improvising and adapting well on his feet. He often states that when pressured that's when he does his best work, stringing together chain attacks & plans to better accommodate himself. While Raido can come into a fight with a set game plan he works better when able to create on the fly, seeing his opponents first hand. Raido's vigilance allows to truly expand his problem solving skills and think smarter rather than harder. Keeping his options open and never underestimating his opponent Raido often enjoys the tactical aspects of tough challenges. His sharp and perceptive mind allows him to efficiently think of ways to best utilize his magic that comes more than just in the forms of weapons but in shapes of object he can use for offense and defense with on the fly. This keen mind and powerful applications he applies in his magic make him a dangerous and hardy opponent.

  • Colossal Durability & Endurance

As a capoeiraista Raido often opts for more fast paced combat relying on his speed and elusiveness granted by his capoeira to fight. Raido though does not shy from a slug fest and has shown to be a incredible pound for pound fighter. Possessing insane endurance and durability alongside a high tolerance to pain. Relying on both his natural gifts and magic to enhance his own defense to take on loads of damage and punishment and be able to dish it out. Raido has traded blows with by the likes of Crash Magic, Flame God Slayer, and Palm magic. Gone toe to with numerous demons and curses and fought bloodied but unbowed. His propensity for withstanding damage does not make him a glutton for one, if best avoided Raido will not engage in savage based battles. Another nod to his great endurance is practice of capoeira he has mastered over the years. Keeping his body in optimal shape and increasing his own endurance and stamina through both magically and physically. More interesting to note is that he is capable of altering his body to fit any nature of ice via cryokinesis and reform himself to avoid devastating attacks, using the cryogenic energy he creates in his body to literally just disperse and pull himself back together with his mind.

  • Advanced Physical Prowess
Nero Full DT 1

Demon Evolution

Raido's natural attributes are well above and beyond the natural human capacity. Being a Devil Slayer and renowned Exorcist mage he has constantly faced off against opponents naturally superior to humans. The sole reason for his constant increases in both his physical and magical attributes. Especially in terms of strength and raw power. Notable achievements of his increased strength included being able to lift steel beams with one hand and throw them with relative ease. Lifting an adult human off the ground with one hand effortlessly as well as various etherious, thrusting straight through the chest of a person with his fingertips, sending someone flying with a single strike as well. Learning how to capture the proper momentum and torque within his strikes to make each count and impact with decent precision. Studying under capoeira for as many years as he has Raido is in prime peak condition, having incredible amounts of stamina and endurance. Pacing the physical stamina he that allows him to obtain and continue to study the high-octane movements needed to fully utilize capoeira properly. He has alarming acrobatics for a man of his size and is deceptively quick. Far more agile and than his size relays which in large part comes from his capoeira training which focuses on quickness, stamina agility and above all constant fluidity and motion. Raido's quickness has caught a few of his opponents off guard especially in short distances, capable of moving faster than the human brain can process within a short distance. He possesses incredible leg strength and is capable of jumping and leaping to incredible heights and covering ground relatively quick in short periods of time. For more than just his looks, his methods of training have earned him the title of being a physical specimen. Raido has also shown to have an increased healing factor which spawns directly from his magic and cryokinesis. Being able to manipulate ice Raido has shown to be able to heal his wounds by repairing his body using the external ice as a covering to allow his flesh to consume and recover closing off wounds quickly. To invoke this ability Raido must simply cover himself within the ice, snow or any form and immerse himself to begin the healing. The process isn't instant, but within a matter of minutes Raido's wounds and injuries will be completely recovered.

  • Intensifying Cold Magic Power
Devil Slayer

Below Zero Aura

Raido's magic power level has shown to be extremely tricky to gauge. Part of Raido's fighting relies on purposely lowering his magic power to give his enemies an incorrect reading. Presenting himself as always being the lesser of the opponents to tempt their ego into overconfidence, waiting for the right moment to increase his power only at the point of attack. Due to this deceptive nature, Raido's magic power pressure has always been in question of just how powerful it truly is. Rather exerting his magic power where it's pressure can be sensed he does so with his aura which greatly reduces the temperature of his area. The sudden and constant decrease in temperature is how Raido often quietly releases his magic power, though done in a unconventional means, it serves it purpose in going widely unnoticed. A perfectly hot day of fair weather can gradually be turned into a day with sub-zero temperatures in a matter of moments. A direct play of his alias of Sub-Zero. While feeling the sudden decrease in temperature is simple, the knowledge that the lower the temperature decreases to the more magic power is being exerted, but the more powerful and deadly he becomes.A common known temperature associated with him is -53 degree, a stable temperature he commonly resorts too. A simple but extremely handy trick that has fooled friends, foes, associates on many occasions. Using his aura he has once before poisoned the atmosphere around him lacing it with not only his freezing aura but also the Pure MPB that resides within his magic, poisoning his enemies and watching them die during the duration of the fights.

  • Enhanced Senses

Using his mastery of Cryomancy Raido has learned and manifested a sixth sense. Due to the cold aura that is known to emit around off him naturally there is a felt absence of heat from his own body. When others are in his general area or proximity he can sense the natural body heat of others that would register as an anomaly among his senses. Naturally the average body heat of a person would be enough for him pick up and heat based mages even more so. With Fellow Ice mages this sensing can still be useful unless the mages are emitting a temperature lower than his. Some magics also emit sources of heat which Raido can also sense within his area. With his croymancy evoliving to such a level he can detect detect cold and ice based abilities in the body of others, feeling their "chill" within their magical origin.

  • Limited Immunity to Curses- Devil Slayers have the ability to manipulate their body to a certain degree, especially concerning the black marks that grow on their body the more they use the magic. These blacks marks can be manipulated once the Slayer learns to control them. Raido usually uses his black Marks as a Tattoo to form a tribal style that rest on his left side chest arms and back. When released in it's full form these marks cover nearly 87% of his body. Offering a great deal of resistence to the effect of curses. While the Marks protect him from the negative effects from curses it does not protect him to the strong blunt damage of them. Sub-Zero refers to his Cryomancer Evolution, for each curse he is expose to his immunity grows.
  • Decelerated Aging: Due to the Nature of his abilities and hybrid status as a cambion his aging process has gbeen greatly retarded. As his powers in Cryomancy have grown over the years from he has shown the ability to use his powers to affect more than the world around him, but also his own body. The process of slowing down the cels aging process via advanced Cryokinesis greatly attitributes to this.
  • Immunity to Toxins Due to the nature of cold his body exhibits toxins and poisons do not last long enough to be detrimental to him. The poisons once entered into his body and or bloodstream are instantly rendered harmless by the cold his body can harbor. because of the mgaically barrier particles within his body he has built a minor resistance to them, however powerful quanities and does can be lethal even for him


Magical Headphones Raido usually only wears his Magic Headphones when he is practicing his roda or is doing some form of capoeira, which allows him to store music in a Magic Database and listen to it as he wishes. The model he is most fond of is the Lacrima Model. This model is said to be capable of storing over 10,000 songs in its magic database and changing the Lacrima crystals on the ear-muffs can alter the effects of the music: the only known type of alternate Lacrima, so far, is the Sound Enhancement Lacrima. Which can increase the clarity of the music and is sold separately. These new wireless headphones allow for Raido to practice his roda and not have to worry about the headphones falling off during the constant movement. He has not been seen using the headphones again prior to his 2 year disappearance or recruitment into Tartaros.


Battles & Events

Battles Events


  • Shares the same name as my character on Naruto Fanon, Like his counter part Raido also shares in my current real measurements. The characters have few correlations between them but many that separate them. Both men have personality traits based off of the 48 laws of power.
  • His measurements such as his height and weight are based off that of my own, currently I am 6'5 255lbs.
  • Though one of the many long descendants of the Nakano Family, one of the three Great Demon Families. Sub-Zero among the family of few slayers is the first and only one to become a Devil Slayer.
  • On his IDSM page the trailer of freezing to death by Lost planet III is a shared example of all the wonderul things extreme cold can do.

Concepts & Influences

  • While the image and name were greatly influenced by my character on the NF site. I wanted to take Raido and re brand him, craft him in a different background and setting. Get inspiration from various sources to pay homage to my favorite series and franchises. Then immerse him within these ideas and see his development as a character over time.
  • The inspiration behind Raido's Cryokinesis powers and ability in ice comes from my love of characters who were profound ice wielders. Characters such as SubZero from Mortal Kombat, Iceman from X-man and Esdeath a later comer from the Akame Ga Kill Series. Which led to my interest in Ice Magic more notably Ice Devil Slayer magic and Ice Make. Pooling from each and creating combat concepts interesting ideas and various ways to implement them within Raido's personal fighting style of Capoeira. Cryomancer Silat is a product of harness cryogenic energy or cold energy and using it along side his Ice Devil Slayer to truly show his mastery over the cold. Cryokinesis offers a vast ground which enhanced by Ice Devil Slayer opens up endless possibilities.
  • His Super Archive magic and interactions with it are based loosely off Tony Stark from Marvel and his computer interface abilities. Interacting with the holographic symbols and databases via hand motions as he would on a computer to deal with duties that require databases and information.
  • The Inferno Frost Devil Slayer mode was actually inspired by the effects of icy hot, which is a form of treatment that uses both heat and cold to help the body heal and treat cramps and muscle bruises, however it does so at low temperature based settings, by increasing the effects of the amount of cold and heat used and released on the body the effects could easily be far more painful than helpful, which inspired my seeking of the use of the mode. It also is my characters way of warding off the allure of the Devil Sync mode for Devil Slayers, to break away from it's intoxicating hold.
  • The inspiration for Cryomancer Evolution came from Ultimate Gohan and his ability to rely on the power within oneself sleeping rather than a laundry list of tranformations and powerups that once prevailed Sub-Zero in his story. This not only allowed me to progress his character but cut down on needless spell namings and powerups.
  • As the Dark Cryomancer this version and phase of his life is based on one of my favorite video game characters The Doom Slayer as well as the quote at the beginning of the page

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