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Subspecies Magic (亜種魔法, Ashumahō): Subspecies Magic is a category of Magic which is somewhat less common than magic usually is, but based on how they are achieved, they are more powerful than common magic; essentially, Subspecies Magic is a more precise classification of magic.


A Subspecies Magic had been created by magicians with extreme talent in their specific magic, meaning that most of the time, it is completely unique to a user. Subspecies Magic is Magic that has taken on a unique characteristic because of the applications of the magician; taking common magic and practicing with it, or altering the eternano flow of the magic, until they are completely transformed into a new branch of magic that is vastly different than its originator, but it still retains the bare essentials of the magic. For example, Purple Flare is a subspecies of Fire Magic which has been altered in composition to produce purple flames that cannot be exhausted by wind or water, as well as possessing solid properties. While it is somewhat easy for high-level magicians to create subspecies of common magics, it has been shown that in the case of Lost Magic, it is near impossible to manifest a subspecies; however, there are some rare exceptions, such as the Dragon Stream forged by Ryuuko Tategami from Dragon Slayer Magic. The method to creating a sub-species Lost Magic is currently unknown, but it seems to involve the magician's personality, along with arduous training.


  • Subspecies Magic was created out of the need to classify things such as Purple Flare, and variants of magic.
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