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Supreme Spell: God of Mischief

スプレム スペル ゴッド オフ ミスキエフ


Supuremu Superu Goddo ofu Misukiefu


Supreme Spell: God of Mischief (スプレム スペル ゴッド オフ ミスキエフ, Supuremu Superu Goddo ofu Misukiefu), is the strongest magic of the Pantheon guild.


The Lacrima used to seal a god was created many centuries if not millennium ago. It was enchanted to hold a godly entity. This was done by absorbed the god into the Lacrima. The Lacrima was then spelled to hold any amount of Magic Power to hold the god inside of it. However this made a secondary or by product. A skilled mage could absorb the collective Magic Power in the seal. The Lacrima was destroyed by Samarra Inari.


Admin Perchan approved this Magic Item.

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