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Surface Gravity
Surface: Gravity Spot




Parent Magic

Surface Effect


Tobias Grove

Surface: Gravity Spot(表面・重力所, Jūryokusho): Is a spell used in Surface Effect.


Is a spell said to be similar to that of Terrain Effect: Gravity Zone, but instead of changing the entire area to be able to manipulate the gravity, the spell instead focuses on being able to control the surface of an area depending on where they are. To use the spell, the user must be standing in a specific area with a flat surface, which acts as a conduit for the spells effect, and be focused with Eternano that spreads throughout the singular flat surface. Once it is fully added in, the user augments the wavelength of the Eternano, changing it from a positive and negative form that is manipulable by the user making the area near zero gravity to allow any person to float in mid-air depending on how much of the space the surface covers, making them float even higher if the user makes the gravity lighter as well. The secondary effect with this spell is that if the user controls the surface that can make it without gravity, then it is shown to also be able to make it twice as heavy, it is said that the most the user can make the gravity is around 20,000 meters below sea level, making it almost impossible for anyone to stand up without feeling as if they are wearing extremely heavy weights on their backs. However, despite the effects that can be used in this spell, it also has a downside to it as well. When the user changes the gravity, they must focus a specific amount of energy that counters the wavelength of the spell, allowing them to be unaffected by it, which takes incredible focus and concentration, and doesn't allow them to move from that spot, making them open to attacks from people that aren't on the same surface as the user. It is also seen that adding two surfaces with this spell makes it twice as hard to focus on keeping themselves in check so they aren't affected by the user's spell, making them unable to use any other forms of magic as well as leaving them wide open to attacks.

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