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Swan Hymn

スワン ヒム


Suwan Himu


Nolan Houdini


Legal Guild (Former)
Independent Guild

Swan Hymn (スワン ヒム, Suwan Himu) is a former Legal Guild-turned-Independent Guild founded by Wizard Saint Nolan Houdini. It was once a place that focused on the neutralization of Dark Mages and Demons across Ishgar.

Following the Master's self-imposed exile, it has taken up a new responsibility. As opposed to try and subdue threats on its own, it instead promotes the growth of those who seek to prosper as Mages. It functions as an institution of education, enabling prospective Mages to understand how the world of Magic functions and making their own decisions on their future careers. Those who wish to remain affiliated with Swan Hymn are generally promoted as Mages who go on non-standard Jobs assigned to Swan Hymn directly, or teachers of other prospective Mages.




S-Class Mage Promotion Trial

X795 S-Class Mage Promotion Trial



Name Rank Status
Nolan Houdini Guild Master Active
Trey Dravolos Guild Ace Active
Artura Pendragon Mage Active
Ayase D. Draco Mage Active
Selene Ashcroft Mage Active
Alvise Livyatan Mage Active
Kaido Mage Active
Himiko Mage Active
Cole Ramman Mage Excommunicated


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