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Sweet Magic



Mimiko Hanami

Sweet or Candy Magic allows the caster to utilize sweets for various purposes. These particular sweets have magical combat purposes.such as exploding bubblegum and marshmallow or even jelly shields etc. There is also a form of Re-Quip which utilizes this magic known as Re-Quip: Candy Armour which instead utilizes them as weapons.


Mimiko's Spells

  • Bubblegum Boom: Mimiko can blow a pink bubblegum with a black skull mark from her mouth. The bubblegum can blow up upon impact with an enemy, ending in a large explosion that can cause severe injuries to victim. She can attack multiple enemies by blowing a barrage of exploding bubblegums at one time.
  • Marshmallow Bombs: This spell allowed Mimiko to throw magical marshmallows that can explode when hit upon enemies. The explosion can cause horrible wounds to the victims, and can be even worse than done by the Bubblegum Boom.
  • Jelly Shield: Mimiko can create a huge pink jelly that acts as a shield that can block incoming spells from harming herself and her allies.

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