Toten Messer

Töten Messer is the commander of the 8th Division of Death scycle.


Töten is a cold person, executing his assignments with cold efficiency. He has no regard for human life enjoying his kills. Töten also values power above all else and believes those that are weak are unworthy of their lives.

Magic and Abilities

Knife Body: Töten’s magic allows him to change parts of his body into a blade. While his body is not manipulated into a blade it retains a blade’s toughness, i.e. Töten’s body is as hard as steel.

Finger Knives: Töten turns his fingers into blades that he uses to slash his opponents. Töten’s strength is so great that he can easily slice through stone.
Sessakukashi: Töten turns the soles of his feet into blades greatly strengthening his kicks.
Tetsukujaku: Töten delivers several high speed Supakyaku kicks greatly damaging his opponent
Saiga Giri: Töten turns his forearms into blades and delivers a powerful slash to his opponent.