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タブー (魔法禁名)


Holder Magic



Taboo (タブー (魔法禁名), Tabū (Mahōkinmyō), Kanji translated as "Magical Prohibition of Name") is a particular form for Magic which has not been observed in practice for a long period of time. If what historians and linguists have been able to translate from the annals referring to Taboo are correct, then it is an extraordinarily potent Magic which allows the caster to curse certain words.


While the details of how Taboo works remain unknown, it is theorized by historians that, if the sources are correct, that this particular Magic allows the caster to affect any words of their choosing. What happens to said word, however, is quite disputed. Some Esoterologists claim that the word the caster has picked will become a trigger for a magical reaction. Based on what eyewitnesses described in the history books, the people who uttered the banned word would have their Eternano drained dry and be incapable of using Magic. Others claim that those who break the Taboo will be affected by misfortune. Other less plausible theories exist - such as the victims' tongues being bound or people dying because of it.

The details of using it are, as mentioned, currently unknown. However, various employees of the Magic Council are searching for a specific, but unnamed grimoire mentioned by historians which they believe contains information on how to learn Taboo. Modern Esoterologists theorize that the book's name eludes them because Taboo has been used to give it properties which makes it impossible to write down its given name.

Due to the sheer lack of concrete information about the book's location and the exact effects of Taboo, Esoterologists are unfortunately forced to hypothesize about its properties of this Magic.


  • Due to the fact that the information about Taboo is written in a grimoire and that said grimoire contains instructions on how to use it, it is currently classified as Holder Magic.
  • The concept of this Magic is derived from two sources. The first is the taboo spell utilized by Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which allowed him to keep track of anyone who used his name. The second is the real-life punishment associated with uttering certain words considered taboo, where sanctions will be applied.
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