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Takashi Dragonway (Dragons and Knights)
Name Takashi Dragonway
Alias Rooster (by Khal)
Son of Raugmar
Race Dragon/Human Hybrid
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Eye Color Hazel (normal)
Gold (Dragon Force)
Hair Color Black (normal)
Dark Silver (Dragon Force)
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Independent Mage
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Reika Dragonway (Mother; Deceased)
Raugmar (Father; Unknown)<br
Lorelai (Daughter; Alive)
Edric Dragonway(Son, Alive)
Magic Darkness Flame Dragon Slayer Magic
Dragon Force


A lean young man of tall height with fair skin, naturally messy black hair and hazel narrowed eyes with lizard-like pupils that tends to unintentionally make him appear intimidating, Takashi is noted by Erza to be "very handsome" and he has gained the attention of several other woman both inside and outside the guild. His hair spikes upward though its most noticeable trait is the fringe that extends downwards to cover his forehead and partially his right eye. His fitness level is considered to be "impressive" as a result of his training as a child with a muscular build, broad shoulders and well-built arms. After his training with ****, it is noted by **** that his body has become more toned as a result. Following his battle with ****, Takashi has gained a cross--shaped scar on the lower part of his abdomen from where he was impaled by one of **** light cross. As a member of Fairy Tail, Takashi has a black-blue stamp of the guild place on the left side of his chest directly over his heart.


In most situations, Takashi generally comes off as being carefree and somewhat laidback as he has the tendency of casually addressing those in a leadership position. By his own admittance, he is a bit lazy where he sometimes ends up falling asleep in certain situations. Despite this,

calm and confident in both himself and his abilities as a Magic Knight while lacking any of the arrogance that other Nobles often display though this doesn't prevent him from feeling a certain level of pride and smugness when his abilities are noticed and complimented by others.

Abilities and Magic

Physical Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Takashi has displayed numerous time to possess immense levels of physical strength and has proven capable of contending with the toughest of opponents with raw strength alone.
  • Immense Endurance:
  • Immense Durability: Takashi has a level of durability that greatly surpasses common sense which has allowed him to simply shrug off injuries and taking attacks that would disable or outright kill many others, such as being impaled through the chest. Due to to his magic, he has a natural resistance to different types of poisons as a result of his high body temperature with his body burning through them so quickly.
  • Immense Speed: Takashi is incredibly fast and able to move at blindingly fast speeds; being able to create afterimages and appear behind opponents without them noticing as if he was teleporting. He is fast enough to easily keep up with a Flight Armor-clad Erza during a sparring match and was able to match **** in speed though this was while he was in his darkness form. He is extremely agile as well; able to jump to great heights or even balance himself on a flying projectile as well as run up vertical objects. His reflexes are similar enhanced. In addition, his agility allows him to perform amazing feats of acrobatics that easily surpass even the finest human acrobat.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Due to the training he received in his younger years, Takashi already possessed a high amount of stamina; able to fight for longer periods of time.
  • Enhanced Senses: Like all Dragon Slayers, Takashi has an extremely sharp sense of smell as he is able to identify and track a person through scent alone while going as far as to claim that he "never forgets a scent". He is also seemingly able to 'sense' when he is within close proximity to another dragon slayer and/or dragon.
  • Immense Reflexes:

Fighting Styles

  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Like most other Dragon Slayer's, Takashi mainly relies on unarmed combat as his main method of fighting in conjunction with his Dragon Slayer Magic to further strengthen his attacks and is incredibly proficient in employing it to the point that **** regarded him as one of the best fighters **** had seen. His fighting style consists of quick and powerful punches/jabs and kicks while retaining a degree of mobility that allows him to move around the area to avoid attacks.

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Cooking: While he generally prefers leaving the cooking to others, he has taken up the job several times and has shown exceptional skill with his food earning praise from others.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Magic Power: As the son of Raugmar, one of the Five God Dragons, Takashi naturally possesses vast reserves of magic power and has proven multiple times to be one of the most powerful mages alive. As a child, he was able to use spells
  • This was evident even at a young age as he was able to use multiple spells in quick succession without loss in magic power. It has been described on multiple occasions to being "strong and powerful yet warm". When exerted, Takashi's Magic Power typically has the appearance of a fiery dark blue and jet black aura though he is capable of also exerting it in the form of his magics elements.


  • Darkness Flame Dragon Slayer Magic : A unique form of Dragon Slayer Magic dubbed as Darkness Flame Dragon Slayer Magic, this magic used by Takashi is a unintentional result of his mothers Darkness Devil Slayer Magic and his fathers Blue Flame Dragon Slayer Magic being combined into a singular magic. Due to this,
    • Darkness Flame Dragon's Roar: Takashi's signature spell, he inhales while simultaneously gathering a combination of darkness and flames in his mouth that continues to build up before expelling the elements in the form of a large burst. The size and intensity varies from **** to being large enough to engulf a wide area. He is also able to release the attack in the form of a large beam that possesses the same destructive power though it is more precise with more penetration power. A drawback to this is that he must first condense the two elements together which causes it to be slower in terms of preparation. Due to this, Takashi finds the attack more suited to attacking a single opponent and usually as a last resort
    • Darkness Flame Dragon's Strike: Engulfing his fists in darkness and flames, Takashi punches his opponent that, aside from sheer blunt damage, both burns and cuts the target.
    • Darkness Flame Dragon's Roaring Wave: Due the offensive-based spells Takashi's magic tends to focus on, he created this spell with the intention of being for defense. He gathers a certain amount of darkness and flames in his palm before slamming his palm into the ground and sending both elements in all directions in a motion similar to that of an actual wave. This spell is rather versatile as not only can it take out multiple opponents at once but it also acts a shield, protecting himself and/or others from physical attacks as well as harmful spells provided they lack the power to pierce the spell.
  • Unison Raid: An ability that lets two mages fuse their magic together to form a new and stronger attack, Takashi has performed this with Erza on several occasions
    • Unknown Spell:

Advanced Spells

  • Dragon Slayers Secret Art:
    • Swirling Vortex:


  • Dragon Force: The most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can enter that grants them power and destructive capabilities comparable to that of an actual Dragon, Takashi first attained this form
  • Like all of the First Generation Dragon Slayers, Takashi is able to enter Dragon Force by consuming external sources of powerful magic though there are certain moments where he has done so at will. While in this state, Takashi gains gold eyes with his hair losing it's initial hairstyle as it is brushed down and changes from it's normal color to a dark silver with black streaks that blends in. His body becomes covered in jet black scales with a dark blue hue that appear around his face such as underneath and around his eyes before extending down the sides of his neck towards the rest of his body including his shoulders, back, sides and the top half of his arms.
    • Enhanced Strength:
    • Enhanced Durability:
    • Enhanced Speed:
    • Enhanced Magic Power: When in Dragon Force, his magic power is increased further
  • Shape-shifting: Takashi, presumably due to being half dragon, is able to transform into a large dragon in a similar fashion to Acnologia. However, he is unable to transform freely as it typically happens as a result of intense negative emotions and he has barely any control over himself while in this form. One such instance is


  • Miniature Communication Lacrima (小型通信 Kogata Tsūshin Rakurima):
  • Earring Communications Lacrima:
  • Movie Lacrima (映画 Eiga Rakurima):


  • (To about Erza) "I made a promise to someone close to me that I was going to."
  • "You invaded my home, attacked my friends ."
  • (To Raugmar) "I don't care what you say. Fairy Tail is my home and I will defend it even from you."
  • (About his unborn child) "


Takashi's surname is that of his mothers and means "Path of the Dragon", an reference towards both him and his mother being dragon slayers. His first name means "fierce warrior" and was picked out by his father as the latter often referred to his son as such due to Takashi being much fiercer as a kid as well as always looking for a fight.


  • Takashi's appearance is based on Tetsuro Kuroo from Haikyuu!!
  • His favorite food is Sushi and Dango as he would often eat the two on a daily basis
  • Due to being half dragon, he doesn't suffer from the same intense motion sickness as other dragon slayers
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