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Ancient Soul

古代の魂 (エンシェント・ソウル)


Enshento Sōru


Caster Magic
Take Over


Maximilian R. Windsor

Ancient Soul (古代の魂 (エンシェント・ソウル), Enshento Sōru) is a Caster Magic and a form of Take Over Magic that involves the usage of the Souls of the extinct dinosaurs.


Ancient Soul allows the user to apply the Take Over process to the remaining Eternano that lurks on the very bones of long-extinct creatures known as dinosaurs, animals similar to dragons. However, as the Take Over process can only be performed on living creatures, it requires some sort of other magic in order to fulfil such a condition.

For Maximilian, he uses Organic Link Magic, alongside elemental lacrima to give the dinosaur a new body. By linking the lacrima to the DNA left in the bones, the elemental power will construct a new body for the creature. There are two major side effects to this method: 1) the creature gains the ability to wield their element instinctively and 2) the creature loses all coherent thought, and becomes afflicted by incredible and incessant physical pain. This causes the poor beasts to go on pain-fuelled rampages and attack everything in sight - combined with their new element manipulating abilities, this can cause large amounts of destruction, making it a necessity that Maximilian puts them down quickly before they draw attention to him.


  • Tyrant King: A T. Rex with access to light magic
  • Three-Horn: a Titanoceratops with the ability to use ice magic
  • Titanic Thunderer: am Argentinosaurus with lightning magic
  • Savage Killer: an Utahraptor equipped with ice magic
  • Armour Knight: an anklyosaurus that can use smoke magic
  • Winged Hunter: a Quetzalcoatlus with the capacity to use fire magic


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