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Take Over- Ghoul Soul
Take Over: Ghoul Soul



Ōbāteiku: Gūru tamashī o


Caster Magic
Take Over


Jonah Nightingale

Take Over: Ghoul Soul is a rare form of Take Over magic that turns the user into a hellish creature called a "ghoul".


This take over has 2 stages for the user to undergo. 1st stage involves the eyes turning black with red pigments and magical organs for attacking and defense come out of the user. These organs can grow to how long the user wants it to be but these organs are quite frail and can be easily cut. 2nd stage has the user's body taken over by completely, shaping his body in an animal most of the time, and I'm this for the organs gain armor and strength, speed, stamina, and regeneration are increased from the previous stage. This magic is a rare form of take over that cannot be controlled easily. Users can lose their minds to this magic so it takes incredible effort and skill to manage this magic. Another side effect of this magic is that the user has a cannibalistic appetite and can eat people if he/she needs to rejuvenate their magical power.


This magic is inspired by the anime and manga series Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida.

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