Kevins' second strongest Take Over spell known to his former guild mates. Being as such he only used this form once and defeted his old Guild Master with only three spells.


In this form he his body gets darker and his muscules come out more. Two pairs of bat-like wings come out the back. His right eye gets a scare like lighning bolt above hi eyebrows.

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Take Over: Soul of the Lightning Demon:



Take Over


Kevin Drake

Magic and Abilities

Flight: In this form, Kevin is capable of sprouting a pair of wings from his back at whim, which allow his to fly. Such wings are reminiscent of a bat’s, and come with small spike-like protrusions on their upper edges. Enhanced Durability: This form increases Kevin's natural durability, allowing him to take multiple powerful explosions of wind from his old Guild Master in consecutive reprises, emerging almost unscathed and remaining active to continue the battle. More then his Take Over: Soul of the Water Demon. Enhanced Speed: While in this form, Kevin's speed increases to the point where, after sprouting his wings wings, she could easily deliver a powerful punch to old Guild Master, even with the help of his own Fight and a large distance between them, before he could react. During his fight with former Guild Master, he could similarly deliver a powerful kick into his stomach before he had the chance to react. Enhanced Strength: When employing his demonic powers, Kevin's strength is increased to the point where he can easily break through solid rock with just his kick at half strength. Lightning Magic: (雷系各種魔法Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō) is an Elemental Caster Type Magic that utilizes the element of lightning.

Lightning Fist: The user covers his fist in lightning to increase his puching power.

Thunder Bullets: User creates a sphere of lightning around his fist, from which a number of small, yet destructive lightning orbs are fired towards the target at high speed.

Lightning Eruption: A magic spell where there user makes a lightning bolt appear from the ground to attack the target.

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