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Take Over: Spirit Soul

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Teiku Ōbā: Supiritto Sōru


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Take Over: Spirit Soul (接収・諸霊(テイク・オーバー・スピリット・ソウル), Teiku Ōbā: Supiritto Sōru lit. Confiscation: Various Spirits) is Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and of course, a subspecies of Take Over that deals with a peculiar category of absorbable targets, in this case, anything that can be defined as a "summon beast" (召喚獣, Shōkanjū) or for a more defined term, a spirit, an extremely powerful type of legendary creature that's classified non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body; this includes those brought into the physical realm through the power of other magicians such as Celestial Spirits, Familiar Spirits, Planetary Spirits, Elemenian Spirits, Virago Spirits, and possibly many more that can be categorized as belonging to the definition of Spirit Summoning Magic and are of an ethereal composition; essentially, as long as another magician can summon them, the user is capable of utilizing Take Over on them and taking their souls as well as their powers for their own usage – however, since the term "spirit" encompasses a wide variety of terms, Spirit Soul is also capable of affecting other phantasms, including ghosts and sprites. Since Take Over: Spirit Soul additionally encompasses the likes of ghosts, it can take over the phantasms of exceptionally powerful fighters whom are the embodiment of the concept of heroism and the traits of those whom came before in order to induce almost countless effects varying from user to user, a feat made possible by becoming the heroes who achieved great deeds in life, having become forces of nature and beings of worship in life and after death.

Interestingly, in addition to being classified as a form of Take Over, Take Over: Spirit Soul can be referred to as being not dissimilar to the likes of Human Subordination Magic's Huma Raise spell in that while the latter can take over the body of a spirit albeit irreversibly if performed wrong, Take Over: Spirit Soul does the exact same but at a vastly superior level. As one may have already guessed, Take Over: Spirit Soul is an Ancient Spell (古代魔法(エンシェント・スペル), Enshento Superu lit. Magic from Ancient Times), a power that has long been forgotten to the annals of time; the reason for which is because of the dangers of using the magic the way it is intended.

Take Over: Spirit Soul appears in Daybreak S1 and S3 under the command of infamous wanted criminal Altrouge; meanwhile, in Fairy Tail: Dawn, it is utilized by the enigmatic Kagemusha as his signature magic.


As mentioned above, Take Over: Spirit Soul grants the wielder of the magic the ability to assimilate anything that is capable of being categorized as a spirit and from there assume the form of the absorbed being in order to perfectly replicate their powers. Seemingly one of a kind, Take Over: Spirit Soul is a Take Over that attacks the incorporeal as well as the things which hail from alternate dimensions and/or are created/born differently than a vast majority of the other races which roam the mortal plane that's referred to as Earth Land. Indeed, elaborating a little bit more, Take Over: Spirit Soul is an oddity amongst its fellow Lost Magics – while it is indeed an ancient power that existed since what is referred to as the "beginning of magic", in contrast to almost every other form of Lost Magic, which were mostly wiped off the face of the earth and the knowledge of their existences scattered to the sands of time (with the exception of the darling Slayer Magic, of course), Take Over: Spirit Soul is still around even in the current day and age; in addition, because of its overwhelming power and sheer versatility, it was classified as a forbidden magic not quite on the level of the Black Arts, but most definitely on the way to the same level of notoriety. In any case, as usual, in order to initiate Take Over, the user must firstly defeat a living non-human existence which is part of the myriad of races that exist within this world of whimsy and wonder, either through pure combat or by some alternative method, sometimes simply through outsmarting the caster's target. Once the user's target is down for the count, the wielder of Take Over then approaches the downed enemy, before focusing intently as they intensify the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially, in the process of doing so, the caster makes physical contact with their target before they force their own Magical Aura to flare up as they surge the arcane energies within themselves into the creature, using their magical energies to force their way into the creature's own Magic Origin and overwhelm it through the method of quickly replacing the target's magical energy with their own, resulting in the loss of magical power causing the body to break down into eternano particles and becoming absorbed into the user's own Magic Origin, thereby storing their physical form and parameters within their arcane organ.

In this case, befitting of the name of the magic, Take Over: Spirit Soul only works on phantasmal creatures that can be defined as a spirit, an extremely powerful type of legendary creature that's classified non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body; this includes "summon beasts" (召喚獣, Shōkanjū) which are brought into the physical realm through the power of magic, such as Celestial Spirits and its accompanying magic, Elemenian Spirits, Virago Spirits, Shikigami and its accompanying magic, Lemegeton Spirits, Planetary Spirits, Familiars, embodiments of the four fundamental elements, spirits who dwell in the atmosphere, souls of the departed whether reanimated or not, sprites, and even some demons and countless others as the term "spirit" is known to encompass a wide variety of terms, only loosely categorized as "doesn't fit in other races but definitely isn't human, also ghost as fuck". Originally, Take Over: Spirit Soul's ghostly portion was not a magic by itself, but rather, the crystallization of those who became hailed as legends in their time and possessed a burning desire to continue to live on even in their last moments, afraid that if they perished, the people known throughout the world as "heroes", while they would leave behind countless tales of mysticism and wonder, would also leave those whom they defended unguarded and vulnerable to their enemies. As such, upon passing away, these brave men and women had their Magic Origin resonate to the fullest extent with their souls and emotions, resulting in these valiant fighters becoming something more than human – embodiments of what the heroes stood for in life and their incredible powers, referred to as Legendary Souls (伝説の魂, Densetsu no Damashī), and because of this, while normally, Take Over cannot affect fellow humans, but the warriors that the user of Spirit Soul can affect have become so famous and deadly that they have transcended humanity and become an existence akin to a force of nature, thus allowing the user of Take Over to interpret them as something other than human - or rather, after death, because of their fame and deeds, they become spirits. However, as these criteria would indicate, the warrior-turned-spirit is required to be extremely well-known, beyond any mortal comprehension to become a Legendary Soul, allowing Take Over to consider them non-human.

Because of this, the fact that the term "spirit" is open to a vast amount of interpretation, unlike most forms of Take Over and coincidentally similar to Spirit Slayer Magic, Spirit Soul could be considered a rare gem in that it can be categorized as an extremely rare and powerful type of subcategory of magic known as a Semantic-Type (意味型, Imi-gata), meaning that it is a supernatural power that can be defined solely by the caster's interpretation of what it governs over, all depending on their wording rather than anything logical—because of this, Take Over: Spirit Soul can theoretically affect anything that constitutes a "spirit", allowing for a great deal of stretching of what it is capable of. Known by many names, these spirits that the user can affect are powerful, and have offensive, curative or supportive powers as their personal magics more often than not. Not dissimilar to how demons in general as well as the artificially-created Etherious wield Curse Power, Spirits have their own exclusive form of supernatural energy which is known as spirit power (霊力, Reiryoku), which composes the bodies of all sorts of spirits and also encompasses a myriad of paranormal phenomena. However, unlike Curse Power, which is used to power, well, Curses, spirit power empowers all forms of supernatural combat such as ordinary Magic in addition to Curses. Speaking of which, within the supernatural power system which is known as Magic, several forms of the arcane arts are known to center around contacting and bargaining with spirits; one notable case being Spirit Summoning Magic; humans are also able to channel the powers of other spirits by forging a specific contract with the hopeful summoner, their souls working as a medium, which is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings; this allows them to not only talk to souls which wander around the world in a manner not dissimilar to Legend of City and gain their strength, but also, by voluntary choice, allow others to do so as well as long as the third party is in direct contact with them. Additionally, humans are capable of summoning various spirits to do their bidding, with their ethereal beings acting as spirit guides. The crux to Spirit Soul's effectiveness is that when the user absorbs the spirit in question, their contract with the owner is immediately broken even if the form of the contract the Spirit Summoning Magic possesses is theoretically unbreakable and any other magician cannot forge another contract with the spirit unless the user of Take Over: Spirit Soul relinquishes that power by some means; in other words, the user of Spirit Soul has trapped the summon beast within their Magic Origin, breaking the spirit's body into magical power to use their powers at any time, effectively killing the spirit in question and rendering their body simply a puppet that the user can harness whenever they wish.

Just like how each member of dragonkind possesses uniquely mutated Magic Origin referred to as the Factor of the Dragon that bestows a greater level of supernatural energy and superb control over said energies upon them, a Spirit's Magic Origin is dramatically different than most other races – no matter the form and powers a Spirit displays, each and every member of spiritkind possesses, a Spirit's Magic Origin can be semi-accurately described as a "pendulum", the caster's soul which produces energy serving as the weight while their thoughts and feelings fulfilling the purpose of a pivot. Referred to as the Pendulum of Souls (振子の魂, Furiko no Damashī), the Spirit's energy source produces both their signature spirit power as mentioned above in addition to ordinary magic power at immeasurable levels that transcend both high-tier magicians the likes of the Ten Wizard Saints and the Spriggan Twelve as well as enormously powerful members of demonkind. Indeed, the Pendulum of Souls, just like an actual pendulum when it's displaced sideways from its resting position is subject to a restoring force due to gravity that accelerates it back towards the resting position, seemingly bounds around the caster's body while dramatically enhancing their particle draw far beyond the likes of fellow legendary creatures, swinging back and forth, this results in a greater output of magical and spiritual energy at the wielder's beck and call, effectively enabling the Spirit to manifest a multitude of high-level spells and power-ups at once. Because their energy source is swinging back and forth like a pendulum, as all supernatural powers are fueled by the thoughts and feelings of the wielder, the Spirit is known to have their emotions affect their power on a much greater level and scope than ordinary forms of Magic and Curses, continuously surpassing itself as the user fights and progresses in power, adapting and evolving through a wielder's emotions, gaining certain abilities and qualities as the caster becomes stronger. Additionally, due to this Pendulum of Souls, a Spirit's biological processes enable it to continuously absorb countless forms of energy from nature itself, siphoning it from the physical realm, the terrain, and the atmosphere, drawing in various particles and characteristics of the natural world or their own domain and assimilating it into their frame, thus reinforcing their existence and increasing their own potential - when Take Over: Spirit Soul is engaged, the caster's Magic Origin is transmogrified into a pseudo-Pendulum of Souls which enables the magician's arcane organ to take upon the properties of a Spirit's.

Before anyone is able to induce the transformation into one of the Legendary Souls through Take Over: Spirit Soul, as mentioned briefly above, the user requires a special tool known as a Legacy Emblem (相当の証拠(レガシー・エンブレム), Regashī Enburemu lit. Proof of a Worthy Successor), which is a rather small jewel approximately the size of the palm of one's hand in the shape of an item most associated with the spirit in their lifetime, the colour of which depends on the spirit's soul sealed inside of it and the powers that they possess – it's more symbolic of the spirit than anything else. The Legacy Emblem actually holds the soul of the spirit inside and not in a metaphorical way, as the spirit's soul is sealed so that its power can be used by anyone wishing to fuse with it as long as the user possesses the qualities deemed as worthy to inherit their power. If a Legacy Emblem is broken, spirit's soul inside will be freed. Once a potential caster has obtained the Legacy Emblem, the traces of the soul sealed inside the jewel will link with the holder's Magic Origin, resonating harshly to the point that it begins to affect the wielder's mind, causing their own soul to partake in a journey inside of the Legacy Emblem in order to connect with the spirit within. Once within the Legacy Emblem, the hopeful caster will be transported into what can be referred to as a "soul room", an embodiment of the deeds that they had achieved in life, as well as their own personality – effectively, the Legacy Emblem on the inside had become a perfect representation of everything that is known about the spirit, both from secondary sources and the spirit themselves. Once they have passed a test that denotes strength of character, with the spirit commonly deciding that the user is a suitable recipient of their power, the user is able to do battle with the Legendary Soul who resides within the Legacy Emblem, and upon defeat, the Legendary Soul fades away, with the caster surging their Magical Aura into the Legendary Soul, using their magical energy to enter the crystallization's Magic Origin and overwhelm it, quickly replacing the target's magical energy with their own, resulting in the loss of magical power causing the remnants of the spirit's soul to break down into eternano particles and become absorbed into the user's own Magic Origin. In order to actually harness the powers of the Legendary Souls even before and/or after gaining acceptance of the spirit sealed within the Legacy Emblem, one must go through rigorous training or else their life will be in danger if they attempt Take Over: Spirit Soul.

As with most other forms of Take Over, Spirit Soul typically grants the user of the magic a truly enormous boost in speed, strength, and durability, as well as some other sort of abilities and the Magic that their target uses. However, in addition to this, as mentioned above, harnessing the power of Take Over: Spirit Soul typically has a much more powerful side-effect than what simply utilizing the magic of the assimilated being grants the user, which is certainly saying something – indeed, the ability to completely shut down any wielder of Spirit Summoning Magic no matter their power and use their spirits against them is utterly invaluable, as it is said that at least fifty Spirit Soul users could eliminate the entirety of the "summoning magician" subculture. Spirit Soul is strange in that most of the time, for more humanoid and goofy looking spirits, the user can choose not to take upon their full appearances, simply their powers and abilities, though it all depends on the user's personal preferences. In this case, Spirit Soul is also capable of generating any weaponry and most magics that the warriors had before they died and were assimilated by this magic. Unlike most other versions of Take Over, Spirit Soul can replicate most forms of Lost Magic, but it cannot flawlessly reproduce any form of Slayer Magic except the one mentioned below, partly due to the complexity of it as doing so would require a change in the user's biological structure and their Magic Origin must be modified to harness "that which kills" to its fullest extent – and Take Over does not change a Magic Origin during transformation, it simply serves as a storing point for the forms; but mainly, Spirit Soul cannot perfectly remake Slayer Magic because a user of Slayer Magic becoming renowned can be seen as "cheap fame". Because it can be considered a semi-permanent union of magician and spirit, Take Over: Spirit Soul can be considered to be a slightly different version of supernatural being-humanoid fusion-type spells such as Celestial Cross Fuse, Junction, and many more; albeit significantly more powerful in this case as the soul of the spirit is exterminated, thus granting the wielder of Spirit Soul the ability to command all powers free of charge.

However, aside from the basic augmentations in both physical and supernatural capabilities, Take Over: Spirit Soul has countless options that the wielder is capable of accessing there is no such thing as a Take Over Soul of this type that is exactly the same as the other, totally not an excuse to not put any more work in to the ability section; additionally, per the fact that in accordance to their summoner's thoughts and feelings, a spirit is able to invoke a peculiar form of transformation in order to alter their appearance to suit what the summoner wishes for, more often than not, two of the same Spirit Souls don't look identical. As a side note, just as how the utilization of Take Over: Wyrm Soul grants the one whom accesses its power the ability to harness the Slayer Magic which is known as Dragon Slayer Magic as long as they have become a dragon, Take Over: Spirit Slayer enables the caster to wield Spirit Slayer Magic, the corresponding Slayer Magic for spiritkind and perhaps the greatest of all Slayer Magics – unlike the former example in dragonkind, as Spirits are known to be much more variable in terms of what they can and cannot do due to being the progenitors of the supernatural, the probability of a Spirit using Spirit Slayer Magic is vastly slimmer than usual instead of being guaranteed by the nature of the Take Over. Additionally, the magician whom wields the power of Take Over: Spirit Soul utilizes Weapon Magic, which revolves around the creation of all forms of weapons, both short-range and long-range and armours in accordance to their imagination through the usage of eternano and magical energy as a fulcrum and hardening and forging it into any structure alloy-wise and form-wise, giving them almost unparalleled versatility in and out of combat, effectively generating tools out of thin air to use at any time as a "spell" of sorts as it is utilized to generate the weapon(s) of the spirit they have transformed into upon activating Take Over: Spirit Soul, which, when coupled with the magic's instant mastery and expertise of the spirit's weaponry and abilities, allows them to instantly go on the offensive, overwhelming the opponent before them completely and utterly without any remorse.

However, Spirit Soul is simultaneously the most and least variable of the Take Over forms- for the former, generally, the spirits assimilated by Spirit Soul all have wildly varying powers and abilities, and even personal skills, such as master swordsmanship, marksmanship, and magical prowess beyond compare, and for the latter, very few fighters in history can be considered truly legendary forces of nature, and even in the current day, many of them are deceased, simply existing as children's stories. Not only this, if somebody were to find a spirit of choice, by themselves, they would have an extremely slim chance of defeating them and assimilating their form; and this is before taking into account various measures that they could take against Take Over-type magics. Interestingly, alongside the user, the Legendary Soul will become stronger and stronger through every battle that they are equipped in, meaning that the caster and the aligned soul will continue to rise in power all across the board at the same time; after a certain amount of experience has been gained, a user of Take Over: Spirit Soul will be able to transform their Legendary Soul into an evolved state, bolstering its parameters significantly. However, the reason why Take Over: Spirit Soul is an Ancient Spell is that generally, the magic comes at a great cost, or rather, it poses a great risk to the user. Other than generally being more taxing upon the user's magical reserves when they struggle to take control of the summon beast's power and absorb them, due to breaking the contracts between the spirits and their owners, this, more often than not, alerts the head honcho of each band of spirits, meaning that if they do, the user will have to face down an astronomically powerful being in a fight that they probably won't be capable of winning by their lonesome, and even then, it can be considered an uphill battle. Because of this, despite its incredible power, Take Over: Spirit Soul was rarely used by magicians back when it was public knowledge, causing it to be designated as an Ancient Spell.

What defines a hero?

What is a hero?

That's a good question. Typically, a hero (英雄, Eiyū) is somebody who possesses great bravery and carries out extraordinary deeds, acting as a role model to others, whom often look at this exemplary person as an example of what to do in certain situations. It definitely goes without saying that anyone can be a hero, no matter their race, gender, or sexuality, nor their past deeds – as long as this person wishes to do the right thing and assist people in need, they can be considered a hero in their own right. Each Legendary Soul, and thus, a "hero", is a unique existence as just like humans which they once were, as the saying goes "there's only one of you in the world", meaning that even amongst their peers, the ones who became Legendary Souls became diamonds in the rough by performing deeds and possessing qualities that no other possessed, achieving unprecedented mastery in the battlefields of war in many cases. Because of the legends and tales spun around these existences, they became interwoven with the lore of the dimensions, effectively making each Legendary Soul immortal in a sense, with records of their deeds passed down through generations in order to keep their legends alive. A hero, no matter their type, displays astounding combat prowess which they put to good use in the fields of war, acting as somebody who brings destruction and salvation to their foes and allies respectively.

A hero can be considered similar to that of an elemental in that a recognized hero is granted form using the imagination of mankind as a catalyst, woven from the dreams and wishes of people all throughout the world – as long as a hero has touched the heart of even one person, then they will be immortalized as a divine existence, remembered by anyone that they come across. The overall strength of a Legendary Soul and thus the strength of the Take Over: Spirit Soul form that being accepted by the hero grants the caster is reflected by the power that they displayed in life and legacy that the hero left behind, as well as their overall popularity they attained after death and in life, meaning that while their powers and equipment will not change due to the legacy they left behind in death, their parameters – both physical and magic- will be modified, especially if a link between a magician and a Legendary Soul is forged several centuries after their death. Deriving their main powers from those who revered them as miracles, a hero gains more power with more people recognizing them, but if people begin to forget their existence, their power drops significantly, though in all cases every hero who has become a Legendary Soul will retain their core abilities. The transformation into a Legendary Soul applies to any human, animal, or machine that has left behind great enough achievements, but weapons becoming a hero from being worshipped as the "greatest weapon of that era" must harbor a soul to achieve such a status.

What defines a "hero" can be classified into a trio of primary categories, with each Spirit Soul having the titles mentioned below before the actual names of the Take Over form;

Pure Hero (勇聖人の模範(ピュア・HERO), Pyua Hīro lit. The Paragon Brave Saint): A Pure Hero is exactly as the title says on the tin; a Pure Hero is an existence who has become the crystallization referred to as a "hero" through, well, just being a good person and going around helping people whenever and however they possibly can. A Pure Hero encourages others to be more heroic just by their actions and words, and while helping people, a Pure Hero often shows others how to help themselves, and generally believes that each person must strive to goodness within their abilities, fully believing that one day, when the people need a hero, they can be the heroes themselves. A Pure Hero commonly adheres to a strict personal code of honour while oozing authority, however, in more tragic cases, a Pure Hero can act somewhat inflexible, never seeing the shades of gray in black and white while being annoyingly straightforward and selfless. But even so, there's no real better hero than a Pure Hero – for one, they fulfill the ancient definition of what it means to be hero.

Dark Hero (勇聖人の反英雄(ダーク・HERO), Dāku Hīro lit. The Antiheroic Brave Saint): A Dark Hero is a rather grim darkened reflection of the stereotypical squeaky-clean hero; indeed, they can be said to be "heroes who lack the traits of heroes", making them quite a paradox – but not as much of a paradox as the Evil Heroes. A Dark Hero is more than willing to go to extremes in order to complete their mission and achieve their goals, and may be bewildered, ineffectual, deluded, or merely apathetic, but commonly they're an amoral misfit. These people who fit into this categories can commonly be seen as more "heroic" than a traditional hero in that they won't let things such as morals get in the way of doing what they perceive to be the right thing – because of this, many people look up to a Dark Hero when being an amoral jackass definitely isn't something inspiring.

Evil Hero (勇聖人の外道(イービル・HERO), Ībiru Hīrō lit. The Heretical Brave Saint): An Evil Hero is, as the title would suggest, a normally villainous figure that is seen by various people as a hero, allowing them to become a Legendary Soul. The reason for these diabolic figures becoming Legendary Souls generally greatly vary, ranging from the villainous existence being recognized as heroic by the people whom worshipped them and saw them as being "in the right", or they were good at hiding their maliciousness behind an air of kindness. But in any case, this allowed them to pull a Houdini and get a second chance at life more or less, and despite their actions, whether due to ignorance on the part of those whom knew this devilish figure, or the fact that they simply didn't get caught yet, they still qualify as a "hero", effectively disgracing the name of the position they are in while being a living perversion of what it means to be a "hero".

Shared Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Enhanced Physical Attributes: As with all Take Overs, Take Over: Spirit Soul grants the caster the enhanced attributes and abilities of the Legendary Soul, who they have taken over; though in this case, Spirit Soul is also capable of generating any weaponry and most magics that the warriors had before they were assimilated by this magic. Spirit Soul cannot replicate any Lost Magic and Slayer Magic, due the complexity of said magics; in the latter case, in order to use Slayer Magic, the magician's Magic Origin must have been modified to use the magic- Take Over does not change a Magic Origin during transformation, it simply serves as a storing point for the forms. Generally, like every other Take Over, initiating Take Over: Spirit Soul and transforming results in a rather large boost in the user's physical parameters, such as speed, strength, and durability. In the case of Take Over: Spirit Soul, the caster's physical parameters are bolstered significantly to the point that they become as powerful as the Legendary Soul they have linked with- with a single downward chop, in this form, the user is capable of manifesting a violent tremor that obliterates the ground it comes into contact with and sends her enemies careening across the landscape- their attacks generally hit like an out-of-control dumptruck; smashing their opponents into teeny-tiny pieces like they were made out of some spectacularly shitty plasticine, blowing holes in their bodies through simply thrusting their hands in their direction- the sheer kinetic force released does the rest. In addition, the endurance displayed by the user with Take Over: Spirit Soul enables them to tank spells like those of Curses and Dragon Slayer Magic like it was nothing and ignore all senses of pain—though it should be noted that this varies on the factor of how powerful the blow is. The speed gained by Take Over: Spirit Soul allows them to discard the need for speed-enhancing magics such as High Speed and Slowing Magic, enabling the user to outstrip almost anyone in a contest of pure speed.

Instant Mastery and Expertise: As the user has transformed into a phantasmal being with battling and spiritual skills beyond compare, they will gain any and all knowledge of how to utilize their form's weaponry and abilities efficiently. This is due to the absorbed spirit's memories and senses flooding into the Take Over magician's body, allowing instant proficiency with the weapons used by the phantasmal warriors by inheriting all combat skills and techniques utilized by their linked spirit as they have inherited their will. In addition to this, to a lesser extent, the user also gains access to any and all magics that the form held in their previous life with the exception of Slayer Magic (though the below-mentioned Spirit Slayer Magic is an exception to this exception), and whatever abilities the user will get depends on the Legendary Soul they have merged with; for example, a spirit who was experienced with any type of Earth Magic will grant the user the ability to perform Earth Magic at their level of skill while fused, or if they already possess any type of earth-related magic, enhance their skills with the magic to match the spirit's potency with the element. Upon transforming into Spirit Soul, the caster gains the knowledge on how to cast associated with the various magics a Legendary Soul had as long as they have the corresponding magic.

Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power: Each Legendary Soul was known to be in possession of truly staggering amounts of magical energy, far beyond most magicians in the current day and age; indeed, when Take Over: Spirit Soul is activated, the caster of the spell has this energy superimposed over their own. Indeed, as something classified as a race of beings composed of pure energy and aspects of nature, it should come as very little surprise that spiritkind display absolute impeccable skill in regards to wielding all forms of supernatural energy, their own energy being incomparable to anything ever felt before, or rather, not felt before – as a comparison, a spirit's raw power output is truly immense, effortlessly surpassing even the likes of a tactical nuclear device - a magician harnessing Take Over: Spirit Soul is no exceptino. Indeed, as stated beforehand, no matter their classification, any sufficiently-skilled Spirit is an extremely powerful being that's capable of causing untold amounts of destruction, distorting the dimensions and everything within them through their very existence. Possessing a transcendent priority over any and every echelon of supernatural energy, a Spirit is known to be capable of taking opposing forms of supernatural energy from their holders in order to make these energies their own, their attacks displaying the ability to transcend normal area-of-effect of all combat strikes, as the Spirit's supernatural energy cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks, even other priority-oriented attacks of a similar nature, resulting in each and every one of supernaturally-inclined actions being successful without any chances of failure. Controlling supernatural energy as naturally as breathing, a Spirit can collect immeasurable quantities of energy at a level and velocity that surpass the particle draw of a magician with Magic Skill: Eternano Haste, amassing mountains upon mountains of supernatural energy with a single thought. As part and parcel of their biology, every spirit is said to be in-tune with the essence of the paranormal itself, through their eyes, the supernatural is simply an extension of their willpower. A Spirit's body stores energy actively within their soul as an energy pattern that is linked to their supernatural utilization, empowering most of the Spirit's supernatural abilities and granting them an enormous boost in their supernatural capacity over other "normal" sorcerers, something that is only enhanced by having full mastery over all supernatural styles, meaning that one could easily mistake any Spirit's sheer magical power for that of a never-ending amount. Their efficiency with their supernatural energy can be comparable to a car that can move across an entire state with only one liter of gasoline powering it. As a contrast to this truly immeasurable amount, the Spirit's supernatural energy is noted to be not detrimental to the environment or others; at least unless the Spirit wishes it to be in the case of the latter, as they usually keep their energy under control, but when sufficiently angered, they can release it to its full extent. If deemed necessary, a Spirit can use their control over all forms of supernatural energy in order to acquire a human form through invoking a process not dissimilar to the magic which is known as transformation; in the days of yore, spirits often hid their immaterial identities in order to enter the lands owned by humanity to commune with mortals. Their supernatural energy constantly interacts with the energy in the vicinity even when not in combat, changing their properties in a very minimal way; though their supernatural energy is invisible to the naked eye—any supernatural-inclined being is incapable of seeing it with their own two eyes unless the Spirit voluntarily shows them; such a phenomenon can be likened to "How an ant is incapable of doing anything about the human about to tread on them"; indeed, it's shown that a Spirit's supernatural power is only capable of being rendered visible by somebody on a similar level of power- indeed, the level of their supernatural power is said to be impossible to truly perceive, seemingly a bottomless well from which their energy springs- it never seems to run out, and theoretically, they could fight for extremely long periods of time without rest. Even when worn-out in battle, a Spirit can continue fighting effectively while still using their supernatural abilities to their fullest extent; being a race of paranormal juggernauts whom, most of the time, are unable to be impeded unless it is via the strongest opponents.

It's been spoken in myths that a Spirit King has the power to bring an entire portion of the world such as the likes of Ishgar or Alakitasia to ruin near-effortlessly, bringing down opposing forces such as the Alvarez Empire in the blink of an eye. For example, due to the Celestial Spirit King being the ruler of the Celestial Spirits, a group of spirits that represent various astronomical objects such as numerous constellations of the zodiac, the Celestial Spirit King possesses the ability to manipulate any celestial body through the use of his magic on a greater level than Heavenly Body Magic, enabling him to block out the sun by accelerating Earth Land's rotation and bring down countless meteors upon his opponent and summon various stars to batter his enemies – as Celestial Spirit Magic is said to be the most basic form of Spirit Summoning Magic, other Spirit Kings are known to be even stronger than these miraculous feats. Indeed, even a Spirit King whom was forced into a deteriorating physical form and had their connection to the world cut off from them was simply toying with the Ten Wizard Saints, making a point of casually absorbing Keine Tachibana's attacks with her overwhelmingly powerful form of Lightning Magic known as the Azurite Striker and returning them to sender with no undue stress on the spirit's part – no matter the supernatural ability they wield, a Spirit is able to bring out its full potential effortlessly, surpassing the likes of even dragonkind and Gods when it comes to supernatural energy manipulation and generation. Their Pendulum of Souls also enables a Spirit to tap into the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein), a virtually untapped, raw source of magical power that has filtered through the depths of the earth for years on end- they are alignments between places of magical power that normally only dragons and those whom harness the power of dragonkind, Dragon Slayers are capable of harnessing; however, because Spirits are known to be energy and countless aspects of the worlds made manifest with a level of control over the supernatural that surpasses any other race known to others, they are able to utilize the Ley lines as naturally as breathing, occasionally utilizing the Ley lines to rejuvenate from countless injuries of all kinds by absorbing the magical energy into their existence and converting it into spiritual energy. Once any form of energy is assimilated into their body, a Spirit is able to induce the process of producing certain changes within any system, without regard to limitations in transformation imposed, thus converting the natural energy into spiritual energy which they can wield as if it had belonged to them in the first place. This control over natural energy extends to the spirit possessing the ability to animate and wrap part of the environment "around" them. However, unlike Curse Power and Magic Power, which are incapable of being utilized together due to the corrosive properties of the former, by absorbing natural energy and converting it into spirit power, a Spirit is able to balance these energies within their existence in order to form a merger of the arcane and the spiritual that resembles a chemical bond, thus adding an extra dimension of might to their energies and creating the exclusive Spirit Techniques, the precursor to spellcasting classifications for Magic and the technique classes for Curses. Their supernatural power, at times, feels like a bottomless well; it is so great it can be felt from a great distance and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear, being regarded as immeasurable, that any individual that tries to sense the depths of their power will only find themselves lost in its vastness.

  • Hero's Pride (勇聖人起動・奮闘力解(ヒーローズ・プライド), Hīrōzu Puraido lit. Brave Saint Invocation: All-Out Power Released): Hero's Pride refers to the state in which a Legendary Soul that is linked with the caster who harnesses Take Over: Spirit Soul evolves into a more powerful form. As the user and their linked spirit defeat more and more opponents whom foolishly stand in their way, both user and chosen spirit gain more and more experience in return, and as such the Spirit Soul absorbs more and more magical energy into their Magic Origin, causing an evolution that results in the spirit's appearance and attributes changing, making them significantly stronger than they were before; essentially, it's an expansion of their original form. Despite the extreme modifications to the spirit's bodies, their consciousness remains unchanged. After undergoing Hero's Pride, the spirit gains various additions to their form, such as armour or weaponry- or their body may just change completely to the point of being unrecognizable. While initially, a user of Take Over: Spirit Soul can only stay in this Hero's Pride form until their energy is depleted, after several high-energy uses of the spell, these transformations become permanent, though the caster and their linked spirit are capable of switching between forms on a whim, interestingly enough. Additionally, all of the caster's physical attributes are bolstered enormously; far beyond their normal ones when Hero's Pride has activated; their speed has been increased tremendously, nearing five times the speed of sound, they can jump much higher than usual, and they have improved reflexes to match their improved movements. A spirit's physical strength is also increased vastly, allowing them to smash through large demons, break enormous metal restraints without effort, and even stun a dragon for the briefest of moments with a single punch. Activating Hero's Pride allows the spirit to release their full supernatural potential; and when using it, many of their physical and magical attributes are amplified, the spirit and their link has access to upgrades or even additions to their normal abilities like flying or hovering. Lastly, the Hero's Pride transformation enhances all of the regular spells and techniques of Take Over: Spirit Soul, greatly increasing their area-of-effect as well as improving their damage significantly. If a user and their spirit do not absorb enough magical energy needed to maintain the form, they will not be able to retain that form for long and revert to their previous form in a matter of time. In addition to the initial form that Hero's Pride provides, some spirits can undergo yet another transformation which further bolsters their power.

Take Over Abilities

Unlike most other forms of Take Over in general, more often than not, with only a few exceptions, the only way to activate Take Over: Spirit Soul is through Full Body Take Over (接収・全発現態(フル・ボディー・テイク・オーバー), Furu Bodī Teiku Ōbā lit. Confiscation: Complete Manifestation State), which is the second form of Take Over; as the name would suggest, it enables the user to take upon the full form of their "soul" that they have absorbed. This form is leaps and bounds above Partial Take Over, but it is sufficiently more draining upon a user's body, both physically and magically. However, in the case of Spirit Soul, Full Body Take Over only drains as much as Partial Take Over due to the fact that the Legendary Soul and the magician who uses Take Over: Spirit Soul are in a near-permanent state of perfect synchronicity until the Take Over form ends after the caster is drained completely from their magical energies as well as stamina; and the reason why only Full Body Take Over can be accessed instead of being capable of summoning select parts of a spirit as well as completely becoming them is because a Legendary Soul's power is so immense that even if the spirit allowed them to partially harness their power, the caster of this magic would be required to fully transform into the visage of the spirit in order to contain their might without being overloaded and perhaps dying from the immeasurable upsurge of power coursing throughout their frame as that power is released, quite possibly killing them from within. Because of Full Body Take Over, from the get-go, Take Over: Spirit Soul allows the user to harness the full scope of the Legendary Soul's power, resulting in the user becoming only slightly less powerful than the spiritual being - and certain measures can be taken in order to circumvent that little weakness, such as evolution and the like.

What makes Take Over: Spirit Soul so godly powerful isn't the fact that each form packs large amounts of strength, speed, durability, and magical expertise within the soul (which they do if one haven't been paying attention), but rather, the sheer adaptability of the Spirit Soul allows it to be customized for various specializations. However, like all top-tier Take Over forms, a user would have to go through the entire transformation process in order to see what can and cannot be changed in regards to getting the most of the transformation sequence in order to obtain a quicker or more powerful transformation. Since Take Over: Spirit Soul, unlike the million other Take Over: _ Soul versions, actually is exceedingly rare, especially in this day and age mostly due to very few people being able to contain the soul of a spirit, it is said that only one in a million magicians are capable of using it- and even then, they'd need to find a Legacy Emblem, slimming down the chances of activating it in their lifetime. However, for those who do manage to link with a Legendary Soul and gain access to Take Over: Spirit Soul, they will find that the world is effectively their oyster as it is capable of being modded as much as they deem it suitable.

Users of Take Over: Spirit Soul can also use Dualist Take Over (双子・接収(デュアルイスト・テイク・オーバー), Deyuaruisuto Teiku Ōbā lit. Twin Confiscation), a type of Take Over that allows two or more beings to merge into a single Take Over beast by two individual mages whose Magical Auras are perfectly in sync with each other focus their minds, flaring up their auras as to allow them to rise exponentially; as they rise into the skies, the two magicians combine their energies, "taking over" the power of two beasts that are memorized by the users, using causing an amazing fusion to allow them to fight better than before. However, where the form really shines is in the fact that Take Over: Spirit Soul works perfectly with the Take Over Finalizer known as Chimail Convergence (接収義・怪獣融合(キメイル・コンバージェンス), Kimeiru Konbājensu lit. Confiscation Art: Monster Fusion), a spell which allows the user to combine two or more of their Take Over forms to form a newer, more powerful existence - indeed, Chimail Convergence could be considered a spell made for Take Over: Spirit Soul, as many (if not almost all) Spirit Souls can be fused with one another, allowing for an enormous amount of flexibility, granting a caster almost infinite options in almost any situation. Since a caster is capable of holding more than one Spirit Soul at a time, this means that they are capable of fusing their souls and defusing them internally without any hassle, producing a variety of colourful effects to take their opponent by surprise time and time again.

Categories of Spirit Soul

  • Spirit Soul: Celestial Spirit (諸霊・星霊(スピリット・ソウル・セレスチアル・スピリット), Supiritto Sōru: Seresutiaru Supiritto lit. Various Spirits: Celestial Spirits): Spirit Soul: Celestial Spirit is a variation of Take Over: Spirit Soul that enables the user to 'take over' Celestial Spirits and the accompanying Celestial Spirit Magic, which are a group of seeming light-inclined spirits that embody numerous constellations of the zodiac, which is the circle of twelve thirty degree divisions of celestial longitude employed by western astrology, representing various astronomical constellations overall with holy, divine and sacred properties, commonly manifesting as pure magical energy or semi-divine energies that are not of this realm, and per the association of stars with light, the Celestial Spirits seem to take upon a form of hard light and have abilities not dissimilar to Light Magic. Celestial Spirits and their Magic Item that serves as a catalyst comes in two separate categories, the more common Silver Keys which represent many constellations and the extremely rare Gold Keys that embody the twelve signs of zodiac; these catalysts are counted in Units collectively without regard of Gold or Silver, and a Celestial Spirit Magician is noted by how many Units they have obtained; however, it should be noted that potentially many more types of keys and thus Celestial Spirits exist. Once Take Over: Spirit Soul has been invoked upon a Celestial Spirit, the caster will absorb them into their Magic Origin, allowing the user to harness their powers at any time they desire. This will immediately break the spirit in question's Celestial Spirit Gate Key, rending the holder of the key's contract null and void and further magicians are unable to contract with the Celestial Spirit until the spirit is freed from the Spirit Soul user's Magic Origin. Even so, it should be taken into consideration that the power of Spirit Soul: Celestial Spirit is one of the easiest form of Take Over: Spirit Soul to obtain, as out of the "spirit kings", the Celestial Spirit King is said to be the absolute weakest around, and despite the Celestial Spirits seemingly being afraid of him, Spirit Soul: Celestial Spirit is most definitely the most common form of Spirit Soul in this day and age.
  • Spirit Soul: Elemenian Spirit (諸霊・元素現幻獣(スピリット・ソウル・エレメンイアン・スピリット), Supiritto Sōru: Eremenian Supiritto lit. Various Spirits: Elemental Embodiment Phantom Beast): Spirit Soul: Elemenian Spirit is a variation of Take Over: Spirit Soul that enables the user to 'take over' Elemenian Spirits, a classification of a group of spirits whom are mainly associated with the classical elements, which are the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists and were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances - they are what happen when a massive amount of eternano; the fundamental particle in the universe, gather in one place, enough to gain an awareness using the death of a creature as a catalyst for their birth. They are, for the most part, invisible and intangible beings who share the worlds with humans; they each hold dominion over some aspect of the world- more specifically, the many elements that course throughout the universe, commonly embodying four fundamental states of matter, with fire representing plasma, water representing liquid, earth representing solid, and air representing gas, but of course, there can be more elements and thus more Elemenians. Some of the most powerful spiritual beings around, the Elemenian Spirits are on an entirely different level than Celestial Spirits and many more forms of Spirit Summoning Magic. Once Take Over: Spirit Soul has been invoked upon an Elemenian Spirit, the caster will absorb them into their Magic Origin, allowing the user to harness their powers at any time they desire. As Elemenians generally do not hold a contract for long periods of time due to their own desires, this is a violation of their very natures- though unlike the pathetic Celestial Spirits, with enough willpower, the Elemenians are capable of breaking away from the user of Spirit Soul.
  • Spirit Soul: Lemegeton Spirit (諸霊・七十二魔公(スピリット・ソウル・レンエゲトン・スピリット), Supiritto Sōru: Renegeton Supiritto lit. Various Spirits: Seventy-Two Demonic Dukes): Spirit Soul: Lemegeton Spirit is a variation of Take Over: Spirit Soul which grants the caster the ability to take over Different Dimension Demons, a series of seventy-two phenomenally powerful eldritch beings with power beyond all compare that possess control over natural phenomena and are stylized after the Great Old Ones and the creatures in the works of H.P Lovecraft in general in addition to the demons within the Ars Goetia - the Different Dimension Demons are said to be a perfect hybrid of spirits and demons as well as being stronger than most forms of spirits as well. The Different Dimension Demons' corresponding Spirit Summoning Magic is known as Lemegeton Spirit Magic. Once Take Over: Spirit Soul has been invoked upon a Different Dimension Demon, the caster will absorb them into their Magic Origin, allowing the user to harness their powers at any time they desire. Similar to Spirit Soul: Celestial Spirit as mentioned above, after a user of Take Over: Spirit Soul has assimilated the Different Dimension Demon, the Solomon's Key which functioned as the Magic Item for the wielder of Lemegeton Spirit Magic to summon them is irreversibly shattered, rending the holder of the key's contract null and void and further magicians are unable to contract with the Different Dimension Demon until the spirit is freed from the Spirit Soul user's Magic Origin. However, because the Different Dimension Demons are so focused upon corrupting humanoids through negative emotions and taking their souls for their own, the more that a wielder of Spirit Soul utilizes their Spirit Soul: Lemegeton Spirit, the more power the Different Dimension Demon will hold over them until they completely take possession of the caster's body.
  • Spirit Soul: Virago Spirit (諸霊・武女霊(スピリット・ソウル・ビラーゴ・スピリット), Supiritto Sōru: Birāgo Supiritto lit. Various Spirits: Warrior Maiden Spirit): Spirit Soul: Virago Spirit is a variation of Take Over: Spirit Soul that enables the user to 'take over' Virago Spirits, which are a classification of a group of spirits whom are a race of magical beings that were created centuries ago as beings of war in a manner not dissimilar to alchemy and tend to resemble women, additionally possessing a myriad of powers for a variety of purposes. Once Take Over: Spirit Soul has been invoked upon a Virago Spirit, the caster will absorb them into their Magic Origin, allowing the user to harness their powers at any time they desire. However, for Virago Spirits, even if taken over, they'd still be bound by the obligations of the spirits themselves, meaning if a Virago Spirit with a master is taken over, and the master gives the order to the taken over spirit to, for example, "kill yourself", they'd have to obey, it's how these spirits work, they still have to obey the orders of the spirit's master.
  • Seven Legendary Warriors (伝説の七闘士, Densetsu no Natoushi): The Seven Legendary Warriors were known as a group of magicians and fighters who banded together during the days of the Human-Dragon War in an attempt to kill the dragons that menaced humanity. The Seven Legendary Warriors possessed ultimate strength, as they fought to save the ancient world from the Black Dragon, and in their past crusade against it, only Valdios survived to the end to attempt to seal the dragon away; only for his victory to be taken from him by Elucifer Mercury, whom killed the Black Dragon himself. In truth, six of the Seven Legendary Warriors were absorbed by the ancient user of Take Over: Spirit Soul.


Spirit Soul: Celestial Spirit

Spirit Soul: Elemenian Spirit

Spirit Soul: Lemegeton Spirit

Spirit Soul: Virago Spirit

Seven Legendary Warriors



  • While using Take Over: Spirit Soul comes with some massive risks, it is rare, but entirely possible, to receive access to a Summoned Beast Soul without the head honcho of the spirit groups to go after the user. Alternatively, one could attempt to defeat the leader, though this is obviously, easier said than done.
  • This magic is limited to two-three users (not users as in people on the wiki, magicians).
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