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"Your presence disturbs me. "
— Kiba's usual demeanor.

Takeuchi Hazama
Name Takeuchi Hazama
Kanji 竹内ハザマ
Rōmaji Takeuchi Hazama
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 158 lbs
Eyes Black
Hair White
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Always carrying chopsticks.
Professional Status
Affiliation PISymbolPhantom Invader
Previous Affiliation Himself
Occupation Dark Mage

Phantom Invader member #5

Previous Occupation Independent Mage
Team Phantom Invader
Partner Phantom Invader members
Base of Operations God's Den
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alias Kiba

Chopsticks Boy

Magic Orient Solid Script

Illusion Magic

Takeuchi Hazama, codenamed Kiba, is a member of the infamous thief troupe, Phantom Invader. At some point, he defeated member #5 of the Phantom Invader, replacing the latter as a member in the Dark Guild. He currently has an unknown amount of bounty placed upon his head.


Kiba has white hair, pale skin, and a pair of round glasses. He typically dons a plain green kimono.


Kiba is an extremely observant and calm man, as he prefers to write down his sentence in the form of Orient Solid Script using his chopsticks instead of saying it through verbal means. However, every time he verbally says something, he is missing a word. Despite his innocent appearance, Kiba is extremely ruthless and brutal, preferring to utilize twisted techniques even for the most bizzarre individuals.

He is shown to be very perceptive and manipulative, preferring to use his attacks from a safe distance. He is often valued in the thief troupe for his genius intellect, and his extreme proficiency in assassination techniques.




Natural Abilities

Magical Abilities

Orient Solid Script

It is a Magic very similar to Solid Script, in the sense that it allows the caster to create words midair and use them for various effects. However, instead of English words Orient Solid Script creates words written in Japanese kanji. Spells of this particular Magic can also be performed with either hand movements or an object, specifically a sword.

The kanji summoned has effects relating to its meaning; for example, kanji written that would translate to Defend can have shield-like properties. The effects of certain kanji summoned with Orient Solid Script can be cancelled out with specific Solid Script spells. Kiba uses a variation of this Magic, preferring to use it in conjuction with his chopsticks.

Kiba casting Ren.


  • Ren()Kiba uses his chopsticks to encrypt the kanji word "人" in mid-air, creating a fake presence of anyone or anything he desires. 
  • Sakujo(削除)Kiba uses his chopsticks to encrypt the kanji word "削除" in mid-air, removing the presence of anyone or anything he desires.

Illusion Magic

A form of Magic that revolves around the use of illusions, allowing the caster to create illusions that deceive even respectable Mages of the Ten Wizard Saints and Magic Council Captains. The user can also determine who sees and hears the illusions and who doesn't.



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