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Talon Lucial is a member of the Masquerade Guild.


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Talon is a tall and thin man with short, blonde hair and exhausted, brown eyes. He always wears a black jacket and a colored, unbuttoned shirt with a colored tie. He wears black pants, black shoes, and carries a pack a cigarettes and matches in his left pocket.


Talon has a very laid back personality. His habbits and mannerisms, like his smoking, were all influenced by Lexodus Maverick. He has a slight admiration towards Akira Kazema's unwavering persona. A distinct feature about him is that he can be very inspirational and persuasive at times, as seen when he convinces Emilly to join Masquerade.


Destiny's Silk

Magic and Abilities

Amateur Close Combatatant: Talon has little to no skill in close combat. Although he is semi-agile and acrobatic, his cardio is average and is usually one of the first to get winded in fast paced battles. This is probably due to his smoking habbits. Large Magical Reserves: To make up for his minor physical skills, he trains his magical power intensely. As such, he has gained magic power that is on par with many S-Class level mages; resulting with a powerful spiritual connection to magic and rarely getting exhausted over continuous spell casting.

Summoning Magic

Talon took up elemental summoning as his primary form of magic after witnessing Lex's summonings. However, Talon's summonings are much smaller and weaker, though, he makes up for it with their versatility and his ability to bring out multiple summonings at once.

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