Name Talos
Race Magic-Powered Automaton
Birthday Unknown
Age None
Gender None (technically Male)
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes Black
Hair None
Blood Type None
Unusual Features Magically-Powered Automaton
Professional Status
Affiliation Revolution Spire
Occupation Dark Mage
Team Five Pillars of Revolution Spire
Base of Operations Mobile
Personal Status
Relatives Evlite Dullahan (creator)
Magic Automaton Programming
Talos is mechanical being that is powered by magic. He was created by Evlite Dullahan for his Dark Guild Revolution Spire. He is classified as an S-Rank mage.


Talos was created by Evilte after he founded Revolution Spire to be a weapon for his guild. Talos initally showed little emotion, but after witnessing humans Talos began to develop emotions of his own. Evlite seeking to use this to his advantage promised Talos that he would make his greatest dream come true: to become human. Ever since then Talos has worked with unshaking loyalty towards Evlite.


When first created Talos didn't understand human emotion and apparently showed very little. After a while it seems that Talos developed his own feelings and emotions. Talos is inherently kind at heart, and does not like to fight, however he will do anything to acomplish his dream of being human, even if that means killing someone.

Magic and Abilities

Talos' basic programmes involve several elemental spells. Talos is able to use these spells in rapid succession:

  • Program 1: Fire: Talos creates a magic seal either in front of him or around his opponent which fire then comes out of.
  • Program 2: Lightning: Talos creates a magic seal either in front of him or around his opponent which lightning then comes out of.
  • Program 3: Water: Talos creates a magic seal either in front of him or around his opponent which water then comes out of.
  • Program 4: Wind: Talos creates a magic seal either in front of him or around his opponent which a tornado then comes out of.

Talos is also equipped with more advanced systems:

  • Repair: Talos draws nearby metal towards him and then magically molds it to repair his damaged parts.
  • Cyclone Slash: Talos's fingers become bladed claws and then he uses his wind magic to spin at high speeds allowing him to slice his opponents.
  • Dragon Flame: Talos creates a serpentine dragon out of fire that he can control and guide towards his opponent. The dragon can also draw in other flames to increase its destructive power.
  • Break Knuckle: Talos delivers a powerful punch at the ground releasing a powerful earthquake.
  • Daedalus Cannon: Talos shoots the sphere that allows him to move at high speeds at his opponent. Each time it hits something it absorbs kinetic energy from a ricochet and quickly becomes more and more destructive. Despite its immense power the Daedalus Cannon leaves Talos without the ability to move. This can be counteracted by using his Wind Program as a form of propulsion although he is unable to move quite as well.
  • Communcation and Surveillance Hacking: Talos is also equipped with the ability to fully access any communication or surveillance lacrima network.