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Tanzou no Kami
Forging God



Tanzou no Kami

Parent Magic

Fire Magic
Sword Magic



Tanzou no Kami (鍛造の神 lit. Forging God, or God of the Forge) is a Fire Magic spell.


One of Hephaestus' simplest Fire spells that combines with it his use of Sword Magic. Generating a massive amount of fire, Hephaestus coats his blade in the element, enhancing it's cutting power drastically by giving it his flames ability to "burn" through anything, effectively creating a blade that cannot be blocked, much like blades of wind, however, this is even more formidable.


  • The name, 'Tazou no Kami, is a play on Hephaestus' own name, which comes from the Greek God Hephaestus, who forged weapons for the Gods.
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