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Tattoo Magic



Lindsay Cameron

Tattoo Magic (...) is a Caster Magic and subspecies of Pict Magic based off the use of paints and inks to create tattoos that come to life.


When creating a tattoo, the tool used in creation -usually a tattoo gun, though some use the old method of a needle dipped in ink and poked into the skin- must be imbedded with a lacrima of the desired magic to apply the magical abilities to the tattoo. Users can create permanent or temporary tattoos on their own bodies or someone else's. They are able to change ink color through Chromokinesis which is the ability to manipulate colors.

If the tattoo is damaged it will still work, but many still look to get it repaired for appearances. Although most artists prefer not to correct another's work, exceptions like the death of the original artist are made. Temporary tattoos have a maximum of three uses while permanent tattoos only disappear when removed in a magical process that draws out the ink from the skin.


Lindsay's Creations

Winged Allure (...) Lindsay has tattooed Nova Akira and himself with a pair of angelic wings over their backs. When activated the tattoos can be used as actual wings for flight. Different wings allow for different abilities like an owl's for stealth, an eagle's for power, or a hawk's for speed. A specific species will allow for varying abilities. To activate the abilities, the tattoo must be embedded with Flight Magic.

Flora (...) Various plants that Lind tattoos have a range of abilities. Flowers let off their scent, certain ones maybe able to create nausea. When tattooed with a kudzu vine, the recipient is able to make it animate and spread as it does in nature. These tattoos can only be activated when embedded with Plant Magic or Perfume Magic. Kudzu however is activated when paired with Lengthening Magic.

Sun (...) When tattooed with a sun, the artist must embed it with Light Magic to allow the spell to activate. This tattoo lets off a burst of light magic that is especially useful in distractions, blinding, and creating a temporary veil for making an escape. In a steady use this tattoo has the ability to work as a candle or flashlight.

Eye of Providence (...) When tattooed with an eye, the artist must embed it with ____ magic to activate the spell. This tattoo _______.

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