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Team Coyote Sand


Professional Status

FirstBurning Catarina

Base of Operations

Burning Catarina Guild



Professional Status

Zara Zeller

Team Coyote Sand (チームコヨーテサンド Chīmu Koyōte Sando) is a team within the Burning Catarina Guild and is composed of Raran; Ryubara and Zara Zeller.

Creation of Team

Little is known about the initial creation of the team. It is known that it originally began as a duo composed of both Ryubara and the Magical Wolf Raran. Following the mission involving saving Zara Zeller from the Minotaur; Zara accepted the invitation to join the team and is now a permanent member.



Defeating The Minotaur


Raran and Ryubara accept the job.

Ryubara and Raran accept a request titled Defeat the Minotaur posted to the guild by a man named Deniro. This job involved defeating a Minotaur who was terrorising Kanetsu Ridge and rescuing Zara Zeller: their guild mate and the guild's waitress, who had been kidnapped by the beast.


The trio defeat the Minotaur.

The pair travelled to the sky island and met with Deniro, acquiring the details necessary in order to complete their job. The two wandered through the desert and came upon a small oasis and found Zara in chains. Upon releasing her the ground began to shake and the Minotaur appeared following a Kraken attacking Zara and Ryubara. Before Ryubara could act, the minotaur devoured the Kraken and Zara revealed that the minotaur had captured her and planned to eat the trio.


The team following Zara joining.

A combined effort from Ryubara and Raran's Guns Magic and Light Magic (augmented by Zara's Lunar Magic) the pair defeated the minotaur, resulting in it falling off of a cliff. The two then invited Zara to become a permanent member of Coyote Sand, to which she instantly accepted.


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