Team Warren
Professional Status
Name Team Warren
Leader Warren Rocko
Members Max Alors
Vijeetor Ecor
Nab Lasaro

Team Warren is a team of Fairy Tail who forms for missions and the Fairy Fights.


Warren Rocko: the leader of the team who specializes in telepathy magic and is the leader due to him being the strongest of the four.

Max Alors: A sand Magic user and hosts all of the social events in Fairy Tail except Meredy and Ultear's fight with Romeo and Freed as he was unwell.

Vijeetor Ecor: A lesser known guild mage who specializes in a support type magic called dancer. He is usually paired with the other members to participate in the Fairy Fights and jobs.

Nab Lasaro: A Seith Mage specializing in animal spirits. He is also constantly standing around the job request board and is yelled at by Erza several times for it.

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