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念話 (テレパシー)


Caster Magic
Spatial Magic


Abbas Kuroki
Adolf Caillou
Hibiki Lates
Warren Rocko
Sasha Qualtree

Telepathy (念話 Terepashī?) is a rather simple Caster Type magic, used to communicate with others mentally. The flexibilty of this magic is very high, as it has been shown that certain users can send or hear thoughts to various people, at various distances. It also happens to be a subspecies of Spatial Magic, because Telepathy manipulates the space around the caster so that thoughts and memories can be transferred from one wizards magical signature to anothers.


As mentioned before, Telepathy allows the user to manipulate the ethernano particles in a certain space, so that small wisps of magical energy are capable of leaving the caster, and being absorbed into a specific mage's magic core. These wisps of magical energy are actually thoughts or memories of the caster, that travel 332 metres per second to arrive at the directed target. If the user has a certain skill level in the magic, they are able to gradually contact a very high number of people, over extreme distances, even the span of the entire country of Fiore.

Telepathy is rather popular magic among military tacticians and the likes, as they are not only capable of talking to each individual member of their troops for various orders among long distances, but are also able to interrupt the signals sent out by other telepathics. Depending on the power of the two telepathics, one is usually capable of overpowering the other and swarming their signal so that the receiver will not be able to receive it. Another powerful ability of this magic is the ability to "eavesdrop" in on conversations, by connecting the magic to an unwilling subject, such as an enemy. Users of the magic can alter the signal so that any surrounding sound is able to be picked up, such as another person speaking. This tactic is very helpful for getting the upper hand inside of battle, so that the user will have time to strategize against the enemies technique.