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Tempar Knights
Name Tempar Knights
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Symbol N/A
Master Rayven
S-Class Mages Nobo Raiseso,Nixos Kurawama,Andrew,Mina
Type Legal guild
Location Fiore

Tempar Knights

Tempar Knights is a legal guild located in the city of Fiore . It is a relatively old guild being over 10 years old now.


The Tempar Knights is a old legal guild in Fiore. They have been the long sworn enemy of the Gods Wrath dark guild. After one of their members defected to the guild things only got more violent. Another reason is that the guild master of Gods wrath Kira is the enemy of Nobo Raiseso.


The guild is located on the outskirts of Fiore. The building is a castle-like structure. The second floor is reserved for the S-Class mages. On the first floor there is a bar that is located right next to the job board. The outside has four large towers where a few magic cannons stand. The entire building is constructed out of the hardest stone.

The bottom floor contains a large concert area where concerts and stratergy meetings are constantly held. outside of the bottom floor is a large pool area. This is used constantly for enjoyment. The second floor contains the S-Class Job board and is restricted to those who can handle them. The second floor also contains a small bar that a few waitresses that work there. It has a few tables and seats because of its small size.


The guild was founded 10 years ago by Rayven,Mina and Andrew who were great friends. A few years later many other members would join the guild. During this time the guild would become much more famous after the master single-handedly defeated three members of the gods wrath guild. Later Nobo Raiseso would come to join making them a lot more popular.

As time passed the guild would then come to gain many of the members that currently reside today. One of these members is Ray. Ray became a student and good friend to Nobo. However Kira would encourage him to join the gods wrath guild. Although there have been many attempts to recruit him back it always failed. Nobo and the rest of the guild would soon come to get over it and mark him as a enemy.


The guild is known as one of the strongest guilds in all of Fiore. Most of the S-Class mages posses powerful magic like the five seals of Yasaku. This guild has been able to exterminate many dark guilds by them selves. Many have tried to challenge the guild but have been defeated in a few seconds. It is said that most of the normal members are S-Class in strength.


Names Rank Magic Status
Rayven Guild Master Explosion Magic Active
Nobo Raiseso Ace Five seals of yasaku Active
Nixos S-Class Ice magic Active
Mina S-Class Blue Flare Active
Andrew S-Class Sword Magic Active
Chrono Member Light magic Active
Viper Member Poison Magic Active
Yama Member Power Magic Active
Ray Member Yin-Yang Left
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