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Tempest Skin





Caster Magic


Ikari Ryōko

Tempest Skin (荒れ肌, Arehada) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to unleash powerful blazes and is a Subspecies Magic of Fire Magic


Tempest Skin allows the user to manifest extremely strong fires that wrap around their body and limbs. This provides a powerful "armour" of sorts; taking upon a vibrating form, causing the flames to surround the user's body in a continually rippling manner, whirling around their body all the while. This essentially creates an extremely sturdy defensive armour around the user's body that allows them to not only increase their defensive power, but also their physical power as the flames are constantly surrounding their body and flowing in and out as well as spinning around them. The user's usage of this technique is shown through the increase in density of their magical energy. When alight, the user's arms and legs deal twice the damage they would normally output; they can also unleash waves of fire up to and including fireballs that cause a large amount of damage from their hands and feet on a whim at a rapid pace, allowing them to constantly bombard their foe with a seemingly never-ending shower of flames. The flames normally take upon the form of tornadoes of fire; extending to the skies and expanding widely. This magic can also be used to provide transportation, enveloping the desired body components in significantly rapid flames capable of wrecking anything within its range, and granting unto the user increased speed and defensive properties.

Behind The Scenes

  • The image for Tempest Skin was colored by Cayo of Deviantart.
  • This Magic was created by User:Perchan
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