Type 1 (2 3...?) somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Parameter overview
  • 1st field: The term in question, typically with bold marking.
  • 2nd field: The term in Japanese writing (Kanji, Kana etc where appropriate and applicable. Use the ruby marking where applicable).
  • 3rd field: The term in Romaji.
  • 4th field: Literal meanings if applicable.
  • yenpress: Translation of the term as used by Yen Press in the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series.
Empty output
Sample output

Results in...

Term (用語 Yōgo?)

For terms that with an alternate Yen Press translation
{{Nihongo1|'''Anglican Church'''|イギリス清教|Igirisu Seikyō|lit., "English Puritan Church"|yenpress='''English Puritan Church'''}}

Results in...

Anglican Church (イギリス清教 Igirisu Seikyō?, lit., "English Puritan Church", Yen Press: English Puritan Church)

If the term in the second field has more than one '=' in it, apply nowiki marking to the term, otherwise it will not display properly.
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