Rage of the Red Dragon
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Temporal Eye
Parent Magic

Eye Magic


Peltin Geonova
Kenshin Hoori
M Haruka
Gundahar Phrixus Xenophon
Gregor Nemian

Temporal Eye is a Caster Type Magic that involves speeding up the perception of the user, allowing them to see objects in slow motion.


This Magic involves the eye's of the user. When invoked, the users eyes emit a light the same color as their eyes, and a red ring appears around the pupil. While in use, this magic allows the user to see everything in slow motion.

This works by speeding up their perception of the world around them, allowing them to react better and make more precise attacks. However, this magic does not affect the speed the user can move, only the rate at which they perceive things, so users can still be caught off guard by very fast attacks.

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