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Ten Norvian Ring Magic
Ten Rings of Norvino



Nobino no Jūwa


Holder Magic
Ring Magic


Twelve Royal Knights of Norvino

Ten Rings of Norvino(ノービノの十輪, Nobino no Jūwa): Is an ancient Holder Magic known only to those of the Norvino Kingdom and used by the royal family as well as their Twelve Royal Knights. All that is known about this magic is that each ring possesses a powerful ability. Only the royal family has the ability to grant people the ability to use them.


Originally used by the first founder of the Norvino Kingdom, each ring was crafted by a powerful blacksmith who was said to be the best of his era during the time of the wars between humans and magical beasts. Each ring is activated in their own way, some must channel their own Eternano into the ring in order to give it a charge and to activate their abilities, or some might just have to use mental focus and generate the actual magic or spell that is inside of the ring. However, the real secret behind the Ten Rings of Norvino lies not within the individual rings, but when all ten are put together on the hands of a royal descendant from the original wielder, their own power increases greatly, allowing the user to have all ten of the abilities at their disposal, making them one of the toughest mages to ever wield ten multiple magics and abilities without even feeling any form of fatigue.

However, like with many magic's, there comes a dangerous risk that goes with the person using all ten of the rings at the same time. Due to the multiple amounts of magic each ring can use, there is a risk of severe magic draining whenever more than one of the ten magics is used, which can often occur when the user thinks of adding combinations with each spell. In addition, the rings are part of an even larger set of powerful magic artifacts, meaning that their own use is cut in half. 

Ring Owners

Each Ring User is endowed with a special mark on their bodies that allow them to be able to use a ring only meant for the royal family. Only ten are in existence. 

Name Ring Ability Status
Sir Drake Ring of Osiris (Left Pinky Finger) Darkness Active
Mukuro no Enko Rainbow of Inari (Left Ring Finger) Spell Absorption Active
Azamuku Takaramono Ring of Reverb (Left Middle Finger) Sound Modulation Active
Maya Braig Freedom of Hecate (Left Index Finger) Spatial Control Active
Raniya Ring of Draupnir(Left Thumb) Replication Active
Arthur de Forest Ring of Beasts(Right Thumb) Pulse Control Active
Meira Carriage of Indra (Right Index Finger) Lightning Manipulation Active
Shiro Kurono Wave Ring(Right Middle Finger) Wave Production Active
Yvana Crogan Band of Arduinna(Right Ring Finger) Precognition Active
Tatsuya Merquise Guardian Ring(Right Pinky Finger) Eternano Barrier Active


  • The magic is based off of the ten Makulan Rings from Marvel's The Mandarin
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