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Ten Wizard Saints



Seiten Daimadō

Professional Status

MCS Magic Council

Base of Operations

Ishgar (Earth Land)



Professional Status

Models for other mages

The Ten Wizard Saints (聖十大魔導 Seiten Daimadō) are the ten most skilled and powerful mages in the continent of Ishgar. They are recruited by the council for a variety of purposes, such as serving as mage models and even helping on the Council's matters.



The concept of the supposed Ten most skilled mages around was possibly created back with the Council's around X560.[1] Although it is uncertain, some mages once said they got Ancestors who had the Wizard Saint title. It was decided only S-Class Mages like Guild Aces or even Guild Masters were more likely to take the titles, although independent mages were also seen being invited by Council Members. To this day, the Wizard Saint concept still exists.


In order to become one of the Ten Wizard Saints, a mage must be personally appointed by the Council's Chairman, who sends either a letter or a lesser councilor. As explained many times through history, a variety of mages can take up the title however it should be noted that S-Class mages and above are more likely to be invited depending on their social status and power. Indeed, there are members of the Saints who aren't part of a Guild and simply are Council members.

According to many Councilors, there is a variety of criteria which must be met by the Mage, in the eyes of the Chairman so that the former can be availed. No one in history has ever been called before hitting the criteria. Once being hit, either the Chairman or another Counselor will organize a meeting with the mage.


Being the Ten most skilled mages of the continent of Ishgar, as appointed by the Council, the members are immensely powerful on their own right. One single Saint is capable of taking head on numerous standard mages at once. It was speculated that should two members clash, they would cause a catastrophe. Despite this claim, it is shown that not every member is equal in strength, however, most of them are on similar levels. Once seen with Makarov Dreyar and Jose Porla, as the former at full power defeated the latter with relative ease. Jura Neekis before the timeskip suggested he ranked as the 10th Member, although he quickly rose to the 5th rank.

Despite that, the difference in between the ranks is not that big, with 10th Rank to 6th Rank all said to be somewhat equal. While the 5th Rank is said to be one little step ahead, and the other upper ranks being all equal and one step ahead of the previous one.

It was revealed that the four most powerful members of the Wizard Saints are known as the Four Gods of Ishgar (大陸(イシュガル)の四天王 Ishugaru no Shitennō, lit. Ishgar's Four Heavenly Kings). They are so powerful that the others don't consider them human anymore. They are said to be on par with Alvarez's Shields.


Ten Wizard Saints
120px-NoPicAvailable MerlinMug ReiseiMug TerryMug1 AlmazMug1
??? Merlin Igraine Reisei Senshi Terry IV Almaz
First Second Third Fourth Fifth
EvelynMug WS0 PercivalMug 120px-NoPicAvailable NewtonMug1
Evelyn Adams Martah Schwarze Percival Pentoad ??? Newton
Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth
ST 5 ShanProf SiegrainMug2
God Serena Shan D. Draco Siegrain
First Fifth Sixth


  • ??? ()
  • Merlin Igraine (マーリン・イグレイン Mārin Igurein) —
  • Reisei Senshi (リーシー・センシ(冷静戦士) Reisei Senshi) —
  • Terry IV (テリー・四 Terī Fōsu) —
  • Almaz (アルマース Arumāsu) —
  • Evelyn Adams (エヴリン・アダムス Eburin Adamusu) —
  • Martah Schwarze (マーサ・シュワルツ Māsa Shuwarutsu) —
  • Percival Pentoad (パーシバル・ペントッド Pāshibaru Pentoddo) —
  • ??? ()
  • Newton (ニュートン Nyūton) —


Former Members

A much detailed list of the mages who were either stripped or retired from their Saint title, for a variety of reasons.

Name Rank Affiliation Status
God Serena1stAlvarez EmpireRetired
Draculos Hyberion2ndMagic Council (Former)Retired
Wolfheim3rdMagic Council (Former)Retired
Warrod Sequen4thMagic Council (Former)Retired
Shan D. Draco5thGecko's IslandRetired
Jose Porla8thPhantom Lord (Former)Revoked
Siegrain (Jellal Fernandes)6thMagic Council (Former)Revoked

Potential Candidates

These are the mages that the Council keeps an eye on, mostly because of their sheer potential as mages, recognized by them and some others as potential Saints. They are shown to have the necessary prowess but either aren't interested or aren't affiliated with the Council as a whole. Each candidate was invited at one certain year.


  • It is noted that the Chairman may take interest in someone who defeated a current Wizard Saint, going as far as possibly calling said mage for a meeting.
  • As noticed, even mages of different intelligent species can be invited to be Wizard Saints.
  • The Council's Chairman once said that should Jellal go back to the Saints currently, he'd be one of the Ishgar Gods.
  • It should be noted that some canon individuals weren't given Ranks in the Saints. However, the author had given them fanon-only ranks.


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