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Ten Wizard Saints



Seiten Daimadou



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Earth Land

Note: This is a fan-made version of the Ten Wizard Saints used in the author's own storylines
The Ten Wizard Saints (聖十大魔導 Seiten Daimadou) is the title given to the ten most skilled, and thus often the most powerful mages in Earth Land, chosen by the Chairman of the Magic Council


They were created in some point of the past 500 years before X892. Actually, they are personally handpicked by the Chairman of the Magic Council and chosen to be a part of the group


The strength of the Ten Wizard Saints is well-renowned throughout the continent. They are exceptionally strong, able to take on scores of average mages with ease and defeat more powerful mages without as much effort

Furthermore, their strength is as such that if two members fought each other it could cause a "cataclysm". However, this does not mean all the members are on the same level of power

Additionally, the four strongest members have been described as being so powerful that they shouldn't even be considered human and are famously referred to as the Four Gods of Ishgal


Name Rank Affiliation Position Status
Alexia Strasza2ndMagic CouncilHead of the 1st Custody Enforcement UnitActive
Celia Lurline6thFairy TailGuild MasterActive
Alabaster Morrigan7thNephtis CityCity GovernorActive
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