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644px-The Wizard Saint Mark
Ten Wizard Saints

聖十 大魔導


Seiten Daimadou



Located In

Earth Land

The Ten Wizard Saints (聖十大魔導 Seiten Daimadō) is the title given to the ten most skilled, and thus often most powerful, mages in the entire world, chosen by the Chairman of the Magic Council. They are ten extremely skilled and powerful mages, that the council will call for the specific purpose of having the core military power available to fight Dark Guilds or any other world class dangers.


To become a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, a Mage must be granted this title by the Chairman of the Magic Council. The only way for a Chairman to choose a mage to becme one of the ten wizards saints they have to show potential or powerful and heroics acts along with being powerful wizards. There are different types of Mages who hold this prestigious title, though a few are known to be S-Class Mages of their respective guilds some are even Guild Masters while in fact some of them do not even belong to a guild and can even become part of the Magic Council themselves.


Work in progess


Name Rank Affiliation Status
Draxus Colt1stRoyal KnightsActive
Sabine Umber2ndMagic CouncilActive
Wallace Tybolt3rdMagic CouncilActive
Newton Rikers4thMagic CouncilActive
Fabian Vincent5thMagic CouncilActive
Edward Legolant6thHeart TowerActive
Henrietta7thRoyal KnightsActive
Kelly Colt8thMagic CouncilActive
Quentin Pike9thMagic CouncilActive
Joseph Goodson10thHellish WheelsActive
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