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"If I ever were to disappear, please remember to properly tend to the throne, Maricia. You need to master your temper, ease your sadistic tendencies and not to mention rid yourself of your childish mannerisms... Those are not fit for an empress. If you again fail, then we have to rely on Invertia... I do not particularly fancy that idea. But do remember. As long as I walk this earth, I will be the empress. And I will enforce absolute control. Disobey me, and you shall fall as if you were an enemy of this great kingdom. I built this throne on bloodshed and I shall maintain it with bloodshed, if so is necessary."
— Tenebrasia speaking to her younger sisters.

"Coiling around one's neck like a despicable wreath of suzuran."
Dreams of Serenity
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Tenebrasia Profile





Stellar Witch Empress of the Blood-Colored Night (血染夜の星魔后, Chizomeya no Seimago)




Female Female




196 cm (6'5" feet)


52 kg (115 lbs)


December 27

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

Ouroboros Faux Babylon


Dark Mage

Previous Occupation

Ruler of Withered Eden

Base of Operations


Personal Status



Maricia (younger sister)
Invertia (younger sister)


Ritual of Worship


Crescent Oppression Rod

Tenebrasia (テネブラシア, Teneburashia) is a female Demon hailing from a period long lost in time, much like her younger sisters Maricia and Invertia. Hailing from the Book of Zeref, she was created as one of his very first demons at least 400 years ago, although it is hinted that she is older than that. Like her sisters, Tenebrasia was sealed several centuries ago due to the imminent threat she posed to the kingdom of Fiore. Having built her own kingdom from scratch, lesser demons server her and her sisters. In addition, she used her powerful spell, Ritual of Worship on the humans who were captured by her soldiers and turned them into her own slaves. Known as The Rule of Faux Babylon, the three of them rested in Withered Eden while their minions did all the dirty work. However, due to her sisters' unserious personalities, it was pretty much just Tenebrasia tending to the daily routines of the kingdom. Concerned with the future of the demons, many of her initial soldiers had been killed in combat and replaced by brainwashed humans instead. Gradually, as time passed, only the three of them seemingly remained. In order to put a stop to the reign of terror for good, the King dispatched a secret squad which managed to locate Withered Eden and sneak into the construct. Activating a powerful sealing Magic when near Tenebrasia, her fear was realized. However, before they could permanently seal her away, she activated the Magic of Withered Eden and this caused the castle to start levitating in the sky. Seemingly gone for good, the empress of demons was sealed on her throne in Faux Babylon while her sisters fled. This incident marked the end of the Demons' reign and after her sisters were sealed shortly afterward, few demons could be found in this world. Now that Maricia has been unsealed, she aims to bring both of her sisters back to life and rebuild the empire of demons. But she is unaware about how she can possibly unseal her elder sister and therefore needs to free Invertia, who is believed to possess the knowledge of unsealing her sister, first. As the eldest of the three siblings, Tenebrasia is the most powerful among them and therefore the primary threat to the safety of Fiore.


Tenebrasia Appearance

Tenebrasia's full appearance while wearing her regal clothing.





Powers & Abilities



Behind the Scenes

Tenebrasia's name can be separated into two parts: Tenebra and the suffix -sia. The Tenebra-part is derived from the Latin word "tenebrae", which can be translated into "darkness", while the suffix -sia exists to make the name feminine. Like her sisters, her suffix ends with -ia, thus signifying a family-related theme.

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