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Tenpo Ability
Heaven Step




Parent Magic


Tenpo (天歩, Heaven Step Lit; Heaven Walk) is an advance, uncategorized technique utilized by many mages. A simply to perform technique once mastered is also an incredibly effective and very handy technique to have in one's arsenal.


A technique that requires an incredible amount of magical control of one's own magic, once mastered it is an extremely powerful and effective tool that the user can perform almost instantly. The mechanics behind this ability is simple; the user gathers and concentrates their magical power into their feet while in the air, whether this is achieved by the user jumping or falling, the user then exerts their magic from their feet and shapes it into a platform that that can then stand upon and use as a jumping point allowing them to reach greater heights within the air. Certain user of this technique who have immense reserves of magical power can create and then maintain the mid-air platforms that they stand upon, allowing for a form of pseudo-flight, but at the cost of constant, prolonged magical drain. Certain master of this technique can perform it by gathering their magical power in their hands allowing them to create a small grab point while in an uncontrolled fall, allowing them to break said fall. Either way this technique is an extremely powerful one for any wizard and is considered to be an extremely effective tool in anyone's arsenal of tricks and abilities.


  • This ability is based off of the Quincy ability to create platforms in mid-air from their spiritual power in the anime/manga franchise Bleach by Tite Kubo.
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