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Name Ten
Kanji 天与
Manufacturer One's Soul
User(s) Weapons of the Hitorigami

Tenyo (天与, Literally meaning: "Heaven's Blessing") are the weapons used by wizards long ago, and have since then become overshadowed by the rapid production of new magic being invented. These are the main weapons of the extinct Hitorigami race.


The Tenyo were created by Father, with the soul intention of creating a weapon the Hitorigami could use which would allow them to even fight on par with those that utilized magic. Father created a seal which would course through the veins of every member of the Hitorigami. This seal contains Seith Magic, which allows a Hitorigami to create a Tenyo. The Seith Magic within a Hitorigami would seal a piece of their soul into a tool known as the Kongen (根本, Base). By using your own seal to seal into the Kongen, it ensures that the resulting Tenyo is specific only to that of the sealed soul. Each soul is different in their own way, making each created Tenyo different from the last. The soul also has it's own magical powers that resonant within the weapon giving it abilities of its own. Anyone is capable of creating a Tenyo so long as they attain a Kongen.

Known Tenyo


  • Tenyo were inspired by the Zanpakutō of the Bleach universe.
  • This concept was originally thought of by User:Ash9876.
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