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Terrestrial Spirit Magic

ていれすとりゃる すぴりと まじく


Te-resutoriaru Supirito Majiku


Holder Magic

 Terrestrial Spirit Magic (ていれすとりゃる すぴりと まじく) is a type Holder Magic similar to Celestial Spirit Magic in which the user uses keys to open gates and summon spirits of nature.


Just like Celestial Spirit Magic in which you use keys to open gates and summon spirits. There are 2 types of keys the Guardian Keys which are green and the Nature Keys which are brown. The Guardian Keys summon the 12 Guardians of Nature, while the Nature Keys summon minor spirits of nature. Just like Celestial Spirits you must form a contract with Terrestrial Spirits before you can summon them.


Guardian Keys

  • Guardian of the Forest,
  • Guardian of the Sky,
  • Guardian of the Mountain,
  • Guardian of the Volcano,
  • Guardian of the Desert,
  • Guardian of the Storm,
  • Guardian of the Sun,
  • Guardian of the Moon,
  • Guardian of the Tides, Susanoo
  • Guardian of the Caverns,
  • Guardian of the Fields,
  • Guardian of the Snow,


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