Forest Village

The Tesla Gale Guild


The guild hall was originally built in the East Forest (東の森 Higashi no Mori), the mossy terrain near Magnolia town. Porlyusica lives not too far off, but has no acquaintance with the guild.


Once a rubble and desolate place, the Tesla Gale Guild was a miracle in upbringing. It was founded by Tetra in the year X784, right after the R-System was destroyed. The founder wasn't a part of the Tower of Heaven, but after the news got out about it falling, she found the inspiration to become stronger, thus bringing forth the idea of learning magic. The building was constucted out of wood and leaves; dirt and clay. Four stories high, the Guiild can hold a good 2,000 people at maximum capacity. At the top of the building, there resides a balcony, which allows the sight of the forests' canopy. Unlike all other guilds, this guild does not have a pool, nor showering system at all. The lake west of the building is set for such.

Guild Mark


The mark was inspired by the findings of random bugs around the guild hall. Tetra travelled around a lot, and Mantis' were her favorite insect.




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