Heritage of Evil Demons Arc
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"Malek, you sure you don't want to do this mission? I mean, I thank you for giving it to me, but this is more your style." Kiyoko asks her brother.

"I'm sure. You and Rika just go. Don't worry about me, although I am not one to deny you the ability to do so." Malek says as he reassures Kiyoko and a silent Rika.

"Very well. We will be back in two days or so." Rika says as she and Kiyoko head off together.

Heading upstairs to the top floor of the Fairy Tail Guild, Malek ignores the voice of the S-Class Mages Erza, Mirajane and Laxus, including Master Makarov. Slamming the door, Malek takes a letter out of his pocket and begins to read it.

"Why would you send me this letter? Why would you send me this, knowing I can read this Yakunan? What are your intentions, and what are you planning?" Malek says as he passes his hand through his hair.

"So what's with the letter?" Eugene asked appearing out of nowhere to Malek's shock. "What's Yakunan up to?" This signified that Eugene could indeed hear what Malek was saying just a moment earlier.

"Look for yourself Eugene. It's in an ancient language, one which I can both speak and understand. However, my sisters don't, but they are worried as it is." Malek says as he hands Eugene the letter.

Eugene took the letter and began looking over it. Originally, he wasn't able to figure out what it said but due to a translating system that was in a special contact lens he was already wearing, the words were clear to him. "So that's what's going on." He said after reading it and giving it back to Malek.

"Yes, exactly. But that phrase he wrote around mid-paragraph, The Blood of a Rival, that is the name of an old book written by a mysterious wizard. The book reflected on a dream he had for several years, which was based on the rivalry he had with his brother for almost twenty years. Yakunan's letter mostly focuses on the final chapters, from his own point of view, and it is that what worries me the most." Malek says as he stands up and begins to leave the room.

"So where are you going?" Eugene asked Malek as he followed after him. He already had some idea as to what he was up to but just wanted to confirm.

"We've only known each other for a few months Eugene, and yet, you know me well enough. You should be able to answer that for yourself. Now if you'll excuse me, I have places to be." Malek says as he walks away and disappears in a mist of cold air and ice, flowing away in the wind.

"Ren, you got his coordinates locked on right?" Eugene said in his communication device after he was sure that Malek was gone.

"I got it." The scientist with a lab coat replied from the other side of the communication line. "Now we just need to decide our next course of action. This Yakunan guy is powerful. Fighting normally, even Ryuunosuke would have trouble with him."

"For now, focus on researching that Blood of a Rival book and the person who wrote it as well as the background info we need." Eugene said in a serious tone. "I'll do what I can do." He then also left the guild hall.

"So, it looks like Malek got my message. This will be fun. Angelus your coming with me. Your opposing element should be more than a match for Malek." Yakunan says as he walks towards Devil's Abode doors.

"Yes Master."Angelus says as he exits the dark guild.

From a kilometer away, there was a person looking at the actions of the dark mages through the scope of a sniper rifle. "They're leaving their guild, they're on the move." She said into a communication device.

"Understood, release the probe and then pull back from now." Another person said from the other side of the communication line. The girl with the sniper rifle nodded and released a small object which hovered high in the sky far away from the dark mages.


"What in the?" a dark mage screams just as he is punched away viciously by an enraged Malek.

"Tell me, what business do you have with Devil's Abode?" Malek asks several dark mages as they surround him.

"We are the Crimson Knights, and what we have with Devil's Abode is none of your business Fairy Tail trash." The Guild Master says as he points his men into surrounding Malek.

"I don't have time for this." Malek says as he punches his fist to the ground generating a large wave of ice, which freezes every mage by their feet in place, along with the guild master. Walking to the guild master, Malek asks the dark guild master for an answer, and in fear, the guild master tells him that they have an alliance and would soon attack Fairy Tail.

"That will never happen." Malek concludes as he walks out, only for the Magic Council to arrive and arrest the dark mages for their recent crimes.

"Soon, Yakunan, soon it will end, but it's too soon." Malek thinks to himself as he begins to walk away again.

"You gotta relax a little you know." Eugene said with a somewhat carefree tone as he appeared out of nowhere next to Malek. "Don't let your negative feelings control you. If you do, it's not going to be a pretty sight."

"Then I guess Kiyoko and Rika never told you huh? I've been letting my negative emotions get the best of me for a long time Eugene, but it's never been through my own will." Malek tells Eugene, not surprised by his sudden appearance.

"Anyways, have you and your friends found anything?" Malek asks Eugene as they begin walking.

"We've already found out that Yakunan is on the move." Eugene replied. "Angelus is with him, a person with a magic that counters yours. They're headed south."

"What did you say? Did you say Angelus?" Malek asks seemingly shocked.

"Indeed I did." Eugene replied. "With him along, I don't think you can do this alone. Maybe I should ask him to come and help."

"I can deal with Angelus alone Eugene. It doesn't matter if he's a Third Generation Fire Dragon Slayer, the opposing element won't always win. But, I don't mind if you decide to bring someone else. The fact is, I won't be able to deal with Angelus and Yakunan at the same time." Malek says as he takes out a lacrima crystal.

"Very well." Eugene said in response as he took out a communication device. "Just to warn you though, in some ways, he's an even bigger monster than Yakunan." He then activated the device. "Hey Ren, we're done with the reconnaissance work, it's time to send in our leader."

"WHAT!?!" Ren exclaimed, his voice loud enough to be heard by Malek. "That's basically telling me to commit suicide! He's taking a nap!"

"You'll be fine once you tell him that he'll be facing Yakunan." Eugene replied. "He's been wanting to fight him ever since we started research on Devil's Abode."

"Fine, I'll have him meet you guys at the rendezvous point." Ren said with resignation in his voice before cutting communications.

"Now then, shall we get going?" Eugene said as he began activating a Dokodemo Door to the coordinates set to be nearby Yakunan.

"So you know Eugene, I have dealt with Angelus before. But if the situation calls for it, I'll let you know. Ok?" Malek tells Eugene shortly before walking through the door.

"Got it." Eugene said with a grin as he followed after Malek. "For once, I'll just sit and watch the fight." At the other end of the door, a person with a black coat was already there looking towards the distance in a certain direction, most likely where Yakunan and Angelus were. The man didn't seem to be all that fearsome looking as one would expect from the reactions of the earlier conversation between Eugene and Ren but even Malek could feel a certain type of chill run down his spine from the man's presence. "You already got here huh Ryuunosuke?"

"I can't simply ignore an opponent who I've been wanting to take down for a long time." Ryuunosuke replied, his cold expression staying the same if not becoming colder. "Let's get moving, the plan will go into motion soon." He then set off towards the direction he was looking at. Eugene and Malek followed after him.

"He may seem like this but he wants to take down Yakunan because he severely injured one of our members during the beginning of our investigation on Yakunan and Devil's Abode." Eugene said to Malek in a whisper as they continued on. "So for us, it's personal."

"Well then, do with Yakunan as you please. Remember, it's been personal between me and Yakunan for more than ten years. However, don't just assume that Yakunan will be as easy as you think. I really don't care for any other reasons, still, I consider them acceptable. However, heed this warning, never let Yakunan use his Dark Wave." Malek says as he turns his head to Angelus and stares at him with blood-lust colored eyes, as the Fire Dragon Slayer returns the same stare.

"It's been a while Malek. This time I will win." Angelus says as he cracks his neck.

"There's never been a match where either one of us have won. They have all ended in a draw. You should know that better than anyone."

"True. But enough talking." Angelus says as he charges on Malek with his body engulfed in flames. Malek responds by engulfing his body in a icy cold wind, also charging on Angelus as the two opposing dragon slayers fists collide, each matching each other on even ground.

"I'll bite you to death Herbivore." Ryuunosuke said in a menacing tone towards Yakunan as he pulled out his tonfas. Immediately, he released a magic pressure so strong, the emotion of anger and killing intent could clearly be felt by everyone in the area, sending shivers down everyone's spines.

"My, my isn't that terrifying?" Yakunan laughs, mocking Ryuunosuke. You got a long ways to catch up to me, but, you never well you trash." Yakunan continues as he prepares his Dark Wave technique.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Angelus shouts.

"Ice Dragon's Roar!" Malek shouts as the two roars collide, causing an explosion of fire and ice.

"Zero Magic!" Ryuunosuke exclaimed, instantly dispelling Yakunan's spell. "Restriction Magic!" With that, Yakunan's ability to use magic was blocked off. "Fortification Magic!" That spell both glued Yakunan's feet to the floor and strengthened Ryuunosuke's own body and tonfas. "You underestimate me do you? I'll show you what a mistake that was." Immediately after saying that, he moved at a speed much faster than the human eye could track as he kept barraging Yakunan's body with attacks which with the help of Fortification Magic and the speed of his attacks were at least as powerful as cannons. After about five seconds of attack, Ryuunosuke jumped back.

"That's pretty decent for you, 127 hits in 5 seconds." Eugene said from the tree stump he was sitting on. "I could barely see any of them though since I'm not using Ghost Road."

"That's pretty effective mage, but not enough to defeat me. I'll have fun killing you and Malek later on." Yakunan laughs as he tries to move.

"I'll show you true hell Malek." Angelus shouts. "Fire Dragon's Exploding Flame!" Angelus shouts again as his attack impacts Malek, creating a large explosion.

"That wasn't all to the attack." Ryuunosuke said before snapping his fingers. It was then Yakunan noticed that at each of the areas that he was hit, a mark was there, one similar to those found with sealing magic. The marks exploded with great force barraging Yakunan all over again. If Ryuunosuke's earlier attacks had the power of cannons, these explosions each had the power of a tank. After the explosions subsided, Ryuunosuke walked closer to him. "If you haven't noticed, there is still one more of those seals on the right side of your chest. That seal is different from the explosion ones I activated earlier. The magic inside is from Mune Kazeto, a member of ours that was injured by you. He asked me to land a hit on you from him. Here's his magic, Temperature Magic: 1000 degrees Celsius." He then snapped, activating the seal and releasing it's magic on the area.

"You think I care for his name. If I had the chance, I would've killed him and destroyed his body." Yakunan says seemingly weakened.

"As the dust clears from the explosion, Malek is seen to remain unfazed by the explosion, having suffered no burns from the explosion, as he just stares back at Angelus with blood-red eyes.

"You said you'd show me hell, and you have not shown me anything. You are something, but are far from reaching my level. Now, let me be the one to show you that hell you promised me." Malek says as he activates Ice Flame Dragon Mode, completely shocking the Fire Dragon Slayer.

"What in the world is that?" Angelus says as he walks two steps back.

"And now I have the same chance to do that to you." Ryuunosuke replied to Yakunan in a menacing tone.

"You now have at least 30 broken bones, 5 of them being some of your ribs, many other bone are fractured, you have several burns on your body, the most serious one being the one on your chest from Mune's magic attack." A woman with pink hair said having seemingly come out of nowhere. In front of her was something similar to a holographic screen which appeared to show Yakunan's statistics.

"Ice Flame Dragon's Roar!" Malek shouts as his directs his attack to Angelus, who flies back towards Yakunan's and Ryuunosuke's direction.

"Where do you think you're going?" Eugene said with a smile from his trunk as he used one of his plants to hit Angelus back to Malek.

Aaaaaah!" Angelus screams as the dual element roar hits him, pushing him straight back to Yakunan, as the roar's power cuts through the ground.

"Damn it!" Angelus angrily shouts as he struggles to get up after suffering the impact from the Ice Flame Dragon Roar and crashing into Yakunan. "Time to show the full power of a Dragon Slayer Malek." Angelus says as he activates Dragon Force. It was then the Dragon Force was forcibly deactivated by Ryuunosuke's Zero Magic.

"It'll be a pain if you activate that now so I won't let you." He stated flatly. "I'll let you beat him up Ice Boy."

Malek stares at Eugene intensely shortly before jumping up in the air. "Time to leave. Ice Flame Dragon's Bomb!" Malek shouts as he engulfs his hands in ice and flame, followed by a hand dive, generating a massive explosion, engulfing the two Dragon Slayers and Yakunan.

"That looks painful." Eugene grimaced from the tree stump having been raised and widened so that it could get everyone else out of the blast range. "But I doubt it finished them."

"As the smoke and dust clears, a exhausted Malek is seen catching his breath, as Angelus lays on the floor in defeat, whilst Yakunan is seen held up by his sword, and instantly begins talking to Malek in an unknown language to which Malek responds in the same language.

"Ren, translate it!" Eugene exclaimed though the communication device to the lab coat wearing scientist who immediately activated the translating program on the ear pieces of the communication devices so they could listen in on what was being said.

Malek and Yakunan continue talking to each other in the unknown language, however, the serious menacing and cold-blooded tones in their voices made it crystal clear as to what they were saying.

Fortunately, the translating program was able to kick in in time so the Unchained Soul Mages were able to catch what was being said. "If needed, prepare to use sleeping gas from your plants, we don't want this to explode much farther." Ryuunosuke said to Eugene who nodded.

As the translation picks up, Eugene and Ryuunosuke listen intently.

"You know as well as I do Malek. In the end only one of us will live and the other dies, but that day is closer than you expect. Yakunan says through the translating device.

"Maybe, maybe not. However, I can assure you that it won't be me who dies Yaku--" Malek says as the translating device picks up on his voice, as he is interrupted.

"What in the world?" Maleks says as he sees a dagger in his abdomen. "Curse you Yakunan!" Malek says as he collapses to his knees. "Poison huh?" Malek laughs.

"That won't work." Eugene said out loud somehow getting next to the two without them knowing. "I already injected an antidote into him. You on the other hand will be paralyzed for a bit sorry." He said as he pulled a needle out of Yakunan's neck which he stuck in him again without anyone noticing.

"How does he do that?" Sakura thought out loud in bewilderment.

"Did you honestly think it be that easy to inject me with poison Yakunan. Your mind is easy to read, so Eugene thought ahead, which I expect from him. Thinking ahead also put me in an advantage, because remember, you used this similar technique on Rika." Malek says as he pulls out the dagger.

"Impossible! Once again I lose in a battle of wits against Eugene and Malek? There's no way you both could have expected me to that." Yakunan continues.

"Now Yakunan. You and Angelus shall be heading to prison, and sooner or later you can say farewell to Devil's Abode."Malek says as he hoists Yakunan up by the neck.

"Actually, Ryu-chan and some of the others already beat up all of the other members and are now in the custody of the Rune Knights." Sakura said with a smile on her face which made Eugene sigh a little.

"Who fought in it?" Eugene asked.

"Ryu-chan, Shana-chan, and Kurogane-kun." Sakura replied.

"I don't think beat up is the right term for it, I call it overkill." Eugene said in response. "Well, the enemy definitely isn't going to be doing much now and I'm not talking about the fact they've been captured, they must have injuries they will either never recover from or it will take a long time."

In that moment, Malek releases a a blood-hungry aura that emits negative energy around the entire area, as he drops an unconscious Yakunan and turns to only look at Eugene intensely.

"We have to hurry Rika. Malek's in trouble, regardless of the fact Eugene gave him the antidote. The antidote may remove the poisonous effects, but the secondary effect worries me." Kiyoko says as she runs with Rika.

"I know. Do you think Eugene is aware?" Rika asks as she and Kiyoko speed across running endlessly.

"I-I-I-I don't know. But let's hope he does." Kiyoko says in a worried tone.

"Well, this is new." Eugene said not expecting that sort of effect from a dagger. However, due to his training, he regained his composure quickly and was ready to possibly fight his friend if necessary. "Oy, Malek, you okay over there?" Eugene asked his own body tensing due to the possibility of combat. He then activated his eyes, something that would give him the upper hand in figuring out what Malek would do if he attacked suddenly.

"Eugene, whatever you do, don't provoke Malek in that state. It's not safe." Kiyoko shouts franctically as she and Rika arrive on the scene.

"She's right. This isn't the first time this has happened. That secondary effects conducts a dangerous hallucination, making one thing seem like the other. I don't doubt your abilities Eugene, much to the fact you can match my brother in several areas, however, right now don't do anything that provokes him." Rika says.

"Understood." Eugene said in response as he began to activate his magic. Soon after, a few pink flowers began to surround Malek, releasing a type of pollen which began to make Malek drowsy. "This flower releases a pollen that causes its targets to relax their bodies and minds as well as fall unconscious. With that, Malek won't be too much of a problem until the effects of that dagger wear off. However, I'm going to have to take note of this dagger's effects for the future."

"Pathetic!" Malek says as he release a cold wind around his body, freezing the flowers. Malek redirects his stare at his sisters, giving a blank stare as he pulls out his sword.

"Impossible. We haven't even moved."Rika and Kiyoko say together.

"That's cause this is a stronger dose." Yakunan laughs as Malek charges forward and kicks him in the face, knocking him out.

"Well that takes care of the Yakunan problem at least." Eugene commented seeing the enemy they've been fighting knocked out cold. "Ryuunosuke, restrain him and Sakura, use your Limit Magic on him."

"I don't need you telling me what to do herbivore." Ryuunosuke said coldly before activating the same magic he used on Yakunan earlier to make sure he couldn't use magic or move too much. Sakura followed suit and used her limit magic to make sure that Malek could only use 1 percent of his physical strength.

"Now what should we do with you?" Eugene said his thoughts out loud as Malek continued to struggle with the things restraining him. "Got any ideas? As much as I'd love to just leave him here like this, we gotta find a way to turn him back to normal."

"You'd leave my brother in this condition?" Kiyoko asks Eugene as she takes out her spear in case someone from Devil's Abode attacked.

"If we left him like this, who knows what would happen. Malek himself is extremely dangerous in this state." Rika continues as she approaches Malek who still struggles.

"Too easy." Maleks laughs as he snaps his fingers causing several ice bombs to suddenly explode.

"Of course I wouldn't leave him like that, I was being sarcastic." Eugene said in response knowing full well Malek still wouldn't be able to move from his spot due to the magic Ryuunosuke cast on him even with the ice bombs. "Looks like I'm going to have to do this." He then turned his right pointer finger into a needle shape and stuck it in Malek's arm. "I just injected a type of herbal drug into him which will cause his body's muscles to relax and render him unconscious. Will he go back to normal by the time he wakes up?"

"Hopefully. Last time it took five days to put Malek back to his senses." But considering your type of spells, hopefully he wakes up normally." Kiyoko says as she walks to her brother's unconscious body.

"I hope so too." Eugene said in response as he picked up Malek's unconscious body.

"If needed, we can keep him inside one of our isolated chambers until he returns back to normal." Sakura offered.

"It's the same thing I put Hatsumi in a while back." Eugene whispered to Kiyoko and Rika to clarify.

"Maybe, but how will we know if he wakes up?" Rika asks. "And what do you mean it's the same thing you did to Hatsumi?" Rika asks, picking up on her sentence.

"We can monitor him from our headquarters." Sakura replied to the first question.

"Um, a while back, me and Kiyoko fought Hatsumi and knocked her unconscious in about a minute. Seeing that she'd be a pain in the butt if we let her be able to follow after us later, I just threw her in there until a later time when Malek said to let her out." Eugene said replying to the second question.

"Yeah, and you have to pay for your insolence Fairy Tail and Unchained Soul trash, but most notably, you Kriyans." Hatsumi says as she appears from dirt and rocks.

"Hatsumi!" Kiyoko says as she turns to look at her rival with hateful eyes. Hatsumi returns the stare.

"Damn it! We don't have time for this now."Rika says as she keeps her guard out for Akuma who is nowhere in sight.

"I don't think she realizes there's a tripwire at her feet." Eugene whispered to everyone else. Indeed, the girl was not able to see the thin string of wire at her feet which she triggered soon after Eugene said that. Upon tripping the wire, an explosion of slime covered Hatsumi. Almost immediately after contact with the slime, Hatsumi began to feel numb and she fell over soon after. "Geez, I was saving that for any reinforcements that might have come but it looks like it got wasted on one person." Eugene said with a bit of a sigh as he walked over to the girl. He then used his magic to form a plant that connected into the water in the ground and washed the slime off of Hatsumi. "This slime is the same thing I injected into Malek. However, if enough gets on your skin, it can at the very least temporarily cause you to not be able to move." After confirming that he washed off all of the slime so he wouldn't be affected by the same thing, Eugene picked up Hatsumi much to her displeasure. "Unfortunately, the princess here is still conscious."

"True enough." Malek coughs as he wakens.

"Malek, you okay? Or should I use that slime on you again?" Eugene asked curiously. Because he was carrying Hatsumi already, he wouldn't be able to really do much if Malek was still not in that state.

"I'm fine." Malek coughs. The Magic Council is arriving soon, and unless you want to be detained by them, I suggest we get out of here and let them arrest these guys. We've done all we can." Malek continues.

"Okay then, I'll set the coordinates to Fairy Tail." Sakura said as she was doing just that. "Dokodemo Door open!" At her command, a door appeared and on the other side was an alleyway very close to the guild hall.

"What do we do about her then?" Eugene said motioning to the girl he was carrying. "To my knowledge, despite the fact she's a little psychotic, she hasn't really done much to warrant arrest. Maybe we should put her in that chamber again?"

"It doesn't matter Eugene. She will be held responsible for her crimes in the past. I really don't care what happens to her." Kiyoko says as the mages walk away.

"Okay then." Eugene said in response as he set Hatsumi on the ground, she not being able to move because of the slime. "See you Hime, let's have a sword showdown someday." He said to Hatsumi, teasing her with the nickname. At the same time, he really was curious about her skill with the sword since the other times he's encountered her, there was no time. He then followed after everyone else through the door and closed it behind him.

Shortly before the door closed, Malek generated a sword of ice and threw at an incoming Dark Mage, killing him instantly. The guild mark showed that he was from Devil's Abode.

"Looks like you went too easy on them Ryu-chan." Sakura said to Ryuunosuke after seeing the Devil's Abode member appear when they were all supposed to be detained.

"It seems that that person wasn't there when we were." Ryuunosuke said in response.

"Well, that just shows that there are more spread out all over the place." Ren said through the communication device. "I'll use the scanner to find the remaining ones and we can take them down one by one."

"Don't even try. It matters not if you can track them. Devil's Abode will do the same thing they always do. Disappear and then reemerge." Malek says with a demonic tone in his voice, something he himself was not aware of.

"Brother, are you ok? Your voice sounded different." Kiyoko says shivering.

"I've never heard you speak like that, even when you threaten Yakunan, Hatsumi or even Akuma." Rika says in a worried tone.

Ryuunosuke narrowed his eyes at this and thought to himself to keep an eye on the boy but he didn't say anything, deciding to tell Sakura and Ren later.

"Geez, you don't have to be so pessimistic." Eugene said in response. "We'll be able to do it, just you wait and see."

"Saying it and doing it are two completely different things. By now Yakunan is probably fully healed, and even with the majority of his guild arrested, Akuma remains free. One thing is that they tend to fight alone. But tell me something Ryuunosuke, do you think you made a difference on Yakunan, because he wasn't even trying against you. As for your friend, I am sorry for what happened to him, but I must say this again, if you plan on investigating him, do not confront him. He, for some reason attacks only when provoked the majority of the time. I understand your reasons to revenge, but it made no difference at all." Malek says as they arrive at the guild.

"Ryu-chan wasn't trying too much either." Sakura said with a smile. "At most, I calculate that he went around 5%."

"Also, the more you tell him something like that, the more he will want to beat Yakunan into the ground because of his pride." Eugene added showing Malek that his words didn't really affect the Unchained Soul members at all. "Ryuunosuke will definitely completely defeat him next time. I'm confident that he's at least 10 times stronger than Yakunan. We even got a secret weapon up our sleeve for the next time." Eugene said this with a grin. "Look forward to it!"

"Don't be stupid, or better yet, don't say something that sounds utterly ridiculous." Kiyoko coldly tells Eugene. "I don't give a damn about the pride Unchained Soul's member have for one another, but don't even say you are confident enough that your little angry buddy here is ten times stronger than Yakunan. You say Ryuunosuke was only using 5% Sakura, but do you honestly believe that sounds accurate enough to say how much power Yakunan really has. Every blow Ryuu deliver to Yakunan was impacts Yakunan dealt to himself. Although Ryuu's magic does impress me, do you really think acting in such a way is proper. It may not be in my best place to say this, but it's your friend's fault Yakunan almost killed. And you wanting to beat Yakunan, believing it's just as easy is just a lost dream Ryuu. Revenge is one thing, but killing one for such cause is another." Kiyoko continues, as Rika picks up on what she says.

"It's true. Whether or not you even care what we say, it matters little to me. It won't even matter if me and my siblings have known him longer, Yakunan has yet to reveal his true self. Regardless, if I were Ryuu, I would tone your attitude and behavior on Yakunan down a bit, it does nothing." Rika says.

"Leave them. It's their own choice whether they want to listen. We have our own reasons to fight Devil's Abode and they have their own." Malek says with dissatisfaction in his voice upon what Eugene said. "But tell me something Eugene, what's more important, pride, revenge or the will to survive the nightmare that haunts you?" Malek asks Eugene as he and his sisters walk away, leaving the Unchained Soul members.

"Who said we would kill?" Eugene said in response, wanting to clear some misunderstandings. "We just-" Eugene was then interrupted by Ryuunosuke.

"No wonder you haven't been able to defeat Yakunan yet. You're so weak." Ryuunosuke said returning the cold tone, stopping the siblings in their tracks. "We're not idiots. We're well aware that Yakunan won't be easy to defeat. Even I acknowledge he is a formidable foe. However, despite what you may say, you three fear him to a point that you believe that he can't be beaten or it is almost impossible. Such a half baked resolve won't get you very far. Shall I have to teach you that through experience?" As he said this, a strong aura flowed out from him, one that felt overwhelming yet at the same time, it was like he was drawing them in.

"You see that's the problem Ryuu. You assume to much. I don't think it's impossible to defeat him, nor do I fear him about that. We fear him for another reason. And here's one thing, I never said i was strong, but you saying I'm weak shows one thing, your also weak, but pathetic as well. I have no intention to fight you right now, nor is there any point. Now if you'll excuse me I have some business to attend do." Malek says clearly not fazing at Ryuu's release of magic energy.

"Nah. Your boring Ryuu and your sense of battle will get you killed. If you will excuse, mother needs my help at Cursed Flames." Kiyoko says as she goes in the opposite direction.

"No, I don't want to fight a child." Rika says as she walks back into Fairy Tail.

"Fear of a name only increases fear for the name itself." the three siblings say at once as each go their own way.

"But Ryuu, I'll tell you this. The fact that you were able to successfully damage Yakunan's ribs and magic energy is something that exceeded my expectations. Be wary, Yakunan will be back to full health soon. And by then who knows what will happen.Eugene, for now cease surveillance on the remaining members of Devil's Abode. They will be gone for a time." Malek says in a surprising much more relaxed tone.

"Wait, when did he ever talk about being scared of the name?" Eugene asked with a confused tone as Ryuunosuke appeared to be annoyed by what the siblings said. And I find it sort of creepy how they all said that at the same time. He thought to himself afterwards before hearing what Malek said. "Got it, we'll stop with the surveillance for now. We can use the time to focus on that trick up our sleeve. We still have some kinks to work out to make sure it doesn't hurt anyone besides the hit person."

"I'm already well aware that Yakunan will be back to full health soon." Ryuunosuke said in response, partially ignoring Eugene's little ramble about the secret weapon. "It'll take a while to get rid of the seal I placed on him that seals his magic but since it wasn't the permanent one, he'll be able to remove it at some point. At that time, we'll be ready by then."

"Who knows Ryuu, Yakunan is a man of many talents, one who can do many things that even we may not be aware of, but let's ignore that of now." Kiyoko says as she walks back to the mebers of Unchained Soul.

"Indeed." Rika follows up.

"Anyways, pardon our coldness, being on the run from three psychotic killing obsessed mages and bad relations with others does that you." Malek says. "I look forward to working with you again." Malek says to Ryuunosuke. At that moment Malek suddenly grasps his chest, beginning to breath heavily.

"What the?" I that that....."Malek says as tries to keep himself standing. At that moment, Tsukiko arrives who was bringing news to Fairy Tail from her guild.

"Oy, Malek, you okay?" Eugene asked as he caught the said person with his plants. "He must be exhausted from earlier. Either that or that slime is still affecting him. Either way, we need to get him to a bed or something."

"No, not that. Damn you Yakunan, first my father, then my mother, then my sisters, now me. This is getting old." Malek says as he collapses to the floor, but uses his sword to keep himself hoisted. "Eugene, tell me, did you catalog both effects from Yakunan's dagger?"

"I've got them recorded into the data base." Eugene said in response as he helped Malek up with his plants. "What about it? Don't tell me there's a third effect."

"I don't know, this has never happened before. But all I can say is that it doesn't feel good."Malek tells Eugene.

"Ryuu, when you restricted Yakunan from moving, did that prevent him from using spells?" Malek asks Ryuunosuke as he struggles to maintain his body.

"I was able to prevent him from moving with my Fortification Magic and I used my Restriction Magic to prevent from using magic." Ryuunosuke replied.

"Then if it wasn't Yakunan, who struck me with the Internal Spell?" Malek asks himself.

"What's going on here?" Tsukiko asks as she arrives on the scene.

"Looks I arrived here on time." Naomi says as she looks at her son in concern.

"Well, someone apparently cast an internal class spell." Sakura said in response to Tsukiko's question. "Ryu-chan already made sure that Yakunan couldn't use any magic so it's someone else. For now, we have to figure out what it is exactly. Even if its something that can be healed through Eugene's plants or normal healing magic, we must first find out what it is first."

"Wait a minute. Only one person uses an internal spell like that. Fang, from The Trinity. But they haven't been active in almost ten years. Why would he target you Malek. You've never met him, aside from Lapis Azul." Tsukiko says.

"Damn it. Mother gather everyone from Cursed Flames. Tsukiko, you already know what to do. Eugene, make sure your friends keep surveillance on The Trinity. With what just happened, Devil's Abode won't take action. Right now Fairy Tail needs to be wary. This dark guild is a ticking bomb." Malek says as he stands up.

"Reconnaissance has already been set up." Ren said from the communication device. "We'll be on high alert."

"So what happened to Malek?" Eugene asked wondering what's going on with him.

"He'll be fine. Internal Spell, well that's how, or is the name given to it, is a weird spell. The effects are that of what you saw. It weakens the body severely, allowing the mage who used it to do whatever they want to the victim. I'm sure you can guess what that is. But, this use made no sense." Tsukiko says.

"Well, first off we should get him back to normal." Eugene said as he began analyzing the situation.

"Sakura, help tend to the ice boy." Ryuunosuke said.

"Got it Ryu-chan!" Sakura said with a smile on her face before she began activating her Data Scan Magic on Malek, opening up holographic screens which showed stuff like his stats, the affected area on the body from the spell, etc. "We can use this information to help with treatment." She said as she began to manipulate several screens at once.

"I'll be setting up precautions then." Ryuunosuke said before activating another Dokodemo Door. "Ren, get your lab set up and ready for work." He said before he closed the door behind him leaving the scene.

"Very well. Eugene, can you set up a door for me to these coordinates?" Malek says handing a paper to Eugene written with coordinates.

"What are these for?" Eugene asked as he began inputting the coordinates into a small device. Before long, another Dokodemo Door had been activated and appeared in front of him.

"Don't worry about it." Malek says as he walks through the door.

"Oy, should he really be moving? He still has that spell on him doesn't he?" Eugene said to the others as Malek walked through the door. "Where do those coordinates lead to anyway?"

"I don't know. I've only known him for a few months, and he's a very mysterious man. However, let Malek do his business and he should be fine. Internal Spell's side effects have faded. I'll head back to Cursed Flames. Meanwhile, my children, Eugene, Tsukiko, all of you be careful." Naomi says as she leaves the scene.

"I'll keep an eye on him then." Eugene said as he walked towards the door he had kept open. "So what are the rest of you doing?"

"I'll be heading back to headquarters then." Sakura said in response. "Ren and Ryu-chan are going to need help with our "trick up our sleeve."

"Very well. Keep us posted then." Kiyoko says.

"Be careful." Rika says as she enters Fairy Tail to rest.

A week after Malek arrived at his location, he began sensing four familiar presences coming from several locations. Turning around he notices a familiar face.

"You!" Malek says as the figure reveals himself to be Fang.

"Looks like we got more trouble." Eugene said to himself as he stayed hidden from the two.

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