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"We couldn't be any more different. Yui is a sweet person with a kindred heart and even has a little dragon for a pet. Meanwhile, I'm a demon working towards a goal that could put thousands, millions of lives at risk. And yet...we're a team."
— Tsukisasu thinking about his team

The Blue Dragons


Professional Status

Fairy Tail Guild

Base of Operations

Fairy Tail Guildhall
Secluded base



Professional Status



Yui Sakai
Kira Sakai

The Blue Dragons are one of the strongest teams in the Fairy Tail guild, having completed many dangerous missions together. In just one year, they have completed over 100 missions since the original formation of the team. They have worked together on a rather dangerous quest with Team Natsu a few months ago, helping them defeat a Monster Tamer and a very powerful Dark Mage and his army.

Creation of Team

The original founders met when Tsukisasu was on his way to a town during a job request, and Yui happened to fall from the sky and land right on him. The demon and the mage took to each other quite quickly, and eventually managed to defeat the Wyverns attacking the town on Tsukisasu's job, albeit rather destructively. It was this mission that led them to get the idea of becoming a team. One year later, they are one of Fairy Tail's top teams, rivalling the strength of even Team Natsu and the Thunder God Tribe.


Tsukisasu (突き刺す, lit. Impale): A former Dark Mage-turned-Demon infiltrating the Fairy Tail guild under the guise of a Legal Mage by command of his Tartaros Guild Master, and mistress: Sayla. He has, however, began have doubts about his mission, having taking to the various members like family, especially Mirajane Strauss and his most recent friend, Yui Sakai. Specialises in various forms of Magic, namely Sword Magic and Territory.

Yui Sakai (ユイ 堺, Yui Sakai): A young Familiar Spirit Mage who is part of the Fairy Tail guild after she bumped into Tsukisasu and became friends. Keeping her company is her playful Familiar Spirit, the little dragon known to Yui as Kira as well as Tsukisasu. Yui also specialises in Transformation, and wields Light Magic in battle.

Kira Sakai (キラ 堺, Kira Sakai): The little blue dragon, and the mascot of the team. She is the Familiar Spirit of Yui Sakai, and is capable of both Wind Magic and Healing Magic. She can fly at high speeds, but cannot carry people with her due to a lack of appropriate strength.


  • Successfully defeated a flock of many Wyverns, clearing them out of a town in peril.
  • Reached the "100 missions together" milestone on their first year together
  • Worked together for over two years


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