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The sun sunk low over the water of the sea as Erin looked out into the sunset above the shining sea. It was a beautiful sunset filled with vibrant red and oranges that reminded him of dancing flames. He enjoyed this new place he resided and was content with the joyous nature of the Island. As he stared into the shining light he heard an explosion echo in the distance. "What the heck?" He stammered as he turned to see shadowy explosions filling the air. Must be dark mages. He thought to himself as he waved his hand and morphed into runes that sped towards the explosions origin. As he reformed he found himself face to face with three shadowy figures.

The first one turned towards him and extended a hand that released a typhoon-like blast of darkness. Erin jumped to the side, barely doing it and retaliated by sending a wave of spices at the three. They all jumped over it and placed their hands together charging a gigantic ball of darkness in their hands. "Shadow Reaping." The three spoke in unison as thousands of shadows shot towards the man. With all his might Erin conjured a mountain of food before him but the magic cut through it like a knife through butter. Erin jumped backwards once again as many of the shadows crashed through the ground before him however he was up against a wall now with the remanning shadows bearing down on him. This is really bad. He thought to himself as he looked at his impending doom.

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