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The Dark Mantle



Yami Ōi

Parent Magic

Darkness Magic


Richard Buchanan

The Dark Mantle (闇覆い Yami Ōi) is a Darkness Magic spell created and utilised by Richard Buchanan


The Dark Mantle is a simple spell in which Richard, through manifesting Darkness by using his own magical power as a catalyst, can channel this said manifested power into an inanimate object of his liking. This spell combines the physical properties of darkness that can be obtained through it's manifestation and combines it to enhance an item's overall strength to explosive levels. Richard uses this on his blade more times than not, and as such, has grown adept at using this spell, being able to instantaneously use it, sometimes without his own knowledge. When used on an item such as a sword, the darkness shrouds the entirety of the blade, and seemingly coats in a substance that primary looks like liquid. However, on more inspection, it is rather solid, and functions as a reinforced blade which can be manipulated by Richard easily, changing the distance and power of the blade to fit his requirement. As shown in his battle with Megan, it is fit to cut through Magical Blasts with ease.[1]


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