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Another day in Fiore. A quiet town, a calm sea, all was quiet. Wall, Faust and Lina are on the edge of the sea with their Guild's new building.


"I could hire some Mages to redesign this building." Faust said, "Today is the day. Isn't it?" "Ah, yes but we still need one more member." Wall said with a worried look. "What are you talking about, boy? Me, you and your sister!" Faust exclaimed. "No," Wall replied, "My sister is not a Magician!"

"Calm down, calm down. The Council shall understand." an unsure Faust said. "Okay." Wall said. After the discussion, Wall, Faust and Lina return to the Magic Council Board and told the whole story. "Hm, I see. Okay, boy. You got a building and two more members." a Board member said. "Yeah," Wall said, "He joined, and also my sister!"

"Okay, start to fill-up the form." a Board member ordered. Wall quickly grabbed a quill and started:

Name Giant Wings
Guild Master Wall Graner
End of Form

"This name is interesting, young man. What's behind it?" a Board member asked. "Giant Wings represents the freedom of the Guild's members." "You seem to have a lot of responsibility for a small kid." said the Members of the Council.

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