Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 9


Jason was walking through the forest.  He wasn't really sure which one or where exactly he was, but he didn't care.  It had been seven years since he had left Grimoire Heart, he was still searching for his perfect comrades.

"Jason," said a voice from behind him.

He quickly turned around.

"Must be hallucinating," he said.

He continued to walk when he heard it again.


Jason turned around again.

"Who's there?"

"Jason," said the voice.  It was behind him again.

"Who are you?" A feeling began to well up inside him he's never felt before: fear.

"My name is Mephiles," said the voice.  It's voice sounded like it was coming from every direction.

"What do you want?"

"Isn't it obvious Jason," said the voice, now sounding like it was behind him again.  Jason turned around one more time to see a creature.  It was completely black, featureless, seemed to be made of some kind of mist.  "I want you."

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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