Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 47

Alex sat at the top of the volcano with Luke, Hayley, Thomas, and Cane.

"Don't worry Alex," said Luke.  "He'll be fine."

"If anybody can beat that Surtr guy it's our guild ace," said Thomas.

"Well I'm glad you think so too," Jason walked out of the volcano, greatly injured, but alive.  He was holding Surtr's giant zanbato sword.

"Jason!" Alex ran over to him and embraced his master.

"That Surtr guy won't be bothering us again," he said patting his protege's head.  "So can all of you make the walk back?"

"Except for Hayley we're all beaten up pretty bad," said Luke, "but we should manage."

"Great, when we get back I have a few calls I want to make."

The remaining members of the Muspelheim guild returned.

"What happened here?" they asked.  They wandered around their guild hall, finding the bodies of Valerie, Angelo, and Dead Skull.  Even the bodies of the Fire Giants, Nether and Watcher, and their master Surtr.  "Our top mages have all been slaughtered!"

"Captain Odin we have the whole complex surrounded," said a Rune Knight with short black hair and light skin.

"Excellent," said the captain.  "Begin bombardment of the Muspelheim guild hall, anyone that escapes the initial attack, kill them as the exit the rubble.  We're ending this guild once and for all.  I should remember to thank Black Void for that tip they gave us.

"A toast!" called Jason, "to the return of our most beloved comrade!"

The Black Void members called out in joy.  Luke had cooked a delicious banquet to celebrate this event.

"Our guild's name once represented a black hole, an infinite void of darkness that devours all light.  But since Alex joined us, now it represents the pure energy that expelled from the black hole.  Black Hole is the guild of redemption!"

The guild hall roared in excitement.

"Are you going to tell the yet?" asked Mephiles.

"Not quite," answered Jason. "We'll need more power first.  We can't let them know of the power resting in Alex's eyes."

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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