Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 10

"What can you tell me about him?" Jason asked Victor.

"He was the target for an assassination job we had," he answered.  "He's the inheritor of a rare eye magic called the Lunar Eclipse Eyes.  It's a highly recessive gene exclusive to the Doomkaiser family line.  It allows the user to manipulate negative emotions in the victim creating feelings of fear or even insanity.  The Doomkaiser's used to use this magic to dominate people by installing fear into them, but after years of marrying outside the family the magic sorta died out."

"A magic exclusive to a family line," responded Jason. "I've never heard of that before."

"Looks like you were right," said Mephiles. "he is powerful," said Mephiles.

Jason pondered this for a moment.  "Fetch him for me."  Victor did as instructed.  "Have you ever run into any Doomkaisers before?"

"Yeah," answered Mephiles. "It was about 250 years ago.  They wanted to control the Etherious, but we weren't affected by their magic.  Mard Geer killed their current leader and they never bothered us again."

"I'm surprised you didn't decide to kill the whole group."

"They fled rather fast after we killed the strongest among them."

Victor walked in with Alexander.  He was wearing sunglasses now.

"Leave us," said Jason.

"Hi dude," said Alexander sitting in a chair across from Jason.  "So what do you want?"

Jason noticed his new guild mark on the back of his hand.  "Are you aware of your heritage."


"And are you aware of the weaknesses of your magic."

"I've had it since the day I was born, I think I know how it works."

"List them."

"First I need to make direct eye contact for it to work, tinted lenses will block me out.  Second it doesn't work on Etherious, a lesson my family learned the hard way.  Now are you actually gonna tell me why I'm here or not?"

"I'm going to train you," said Jason.


"Couldn't we have discussed this first?" asked Mephiles.

"Why do you want to train me?" asked Alexander.

"Simple," began Jason "I want our guild to be the strongest there is.  And in order to do that every member must be at the pinnacle of their strength."

"Do you train any other members of the guild?" asked Alexander.

"No, you'd be the first."

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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