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Unofficial team leader, Alian, has the S-Class skills level. He is in Top 15 strongest Hydra Head members. Alian is a weapon master. He uses mani weapons in battle, from swords to maces. His mastery is so big, that he have a mind control over his weapons. He also posses very rare Ancient Magic, Memory-Make. This magic have hightly destructive spells, with different effects. He also have great mastery in Fire and Plant Magic, which he uses in many forms, both attack and support. With this abilities, Alian is master of melee and ranged battle. Alian can use strong Telepathy, in radius of two miles, and teleport himsef and others. Alian also have a high-level intelligence, great tactical skills and big knowledge about magic.His last ability is vast amount of magical power.

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Akira Kamikenshiro is mage. He is captain of guild's ship and tactical and strategist expert. Also, he is good psychologist and manipulator. He has extensive experience behind them. For his strength, he earned the nickname The Deadly Werewolf (致死的な狼 Chishi-tekina ōkami). In battle, he uses Kidotsurugi, a powerful sword which cuts souls like bodies. He can use Requip, to summon non-living objects to himself. He conect High Speed with his iado and kenjutsu. He is very talented in Rainbow Fire, a variation of Fire Magic. He can use six different variations of flame in form of beams, blasts, vortexes and streams. The another destructive ability is Air Magic. Akira has total control over the air. He use this magic in form of compressed air, to create a destructive beams, bullets and shockwawes. He also manipulate mist, to create a zone of mist, or transform his body into mist to be invulnerable to physical attacks. Akira can produce illusions into enemy mind, of on big area. His style of battle focuses on the use of the sword. He employs Kenjutsu (剣術 Sword Technique), dangerols Werewolf Claw (狼の爪), which requires the user to a sincere desire to kill and destroy and very rare, difficult and powerful Style of the Undrawn Long Sword (抜かぬ太刀の型 Nukanu Tachi no Kata)

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Kagura Kamikenshiro is Akira's wife. But when they need to do important decisions, they both always objective and not to interfere their family business in the working process. Kagura is a "help" for the main attacking force through, her magical abilities, she can help in everything from simple support fire, to severe surgical operations. Kagura is master of Hair Magic, and Fire Magic. Also, she is employer of Transformation and Telekinesis. Like her husband, she use powerful Illusion Magic. Kagura use naginata in battle, like her primary weapon. She is poison expert. Kagura knows many different ripes of poison, and smears it on weapons: senbons, knifes and blades. Sometimes, she use poison on her hair. Kagura is the second medical advisor in team, under Jacobelle Esqulape.

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