The Ichigomi Twins
Ichigomi Twins
[Ichi] We may not be able to see the light, [Gomi] or hear its secrets, [both] but we'll never lose it again.
Name The Ichigomi Twins
Kanji 位置 ゴミ
Rōmaji Ee-chi Ko-mi
Race Human
Birthday May 28
Age 12
Gender [Ichi] Male [Gomi] Female
Height [Ichi] 5'8 [Gomi] 5'6
Weight [Both] 80 lbs
Eyes [Ichi] Green [Gomi] Purple
Hair Blonde
Blood Type O+
Unusual Features [Gomi] Pure Purple eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Koma Inu
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Guild Mages
Previous Occupation Thieves
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Base of Operations Koma Inu Guild Hall
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alias Koi Shi
Magic Fire and Wind Illusion


Ichi: Blonde hair, green eyes, 5'8. Usually wears a purple scarf, gloves, a blue jacket with a sweater.

Gomi: Blonde hair partially dyed purple, purple eyes, 5'6. Usually wears a purple dress.


Ichi's Interests: Classical music, cold weather, long stories. He is very shy, smart, loves the outdoors, and over protective over his sister.

Gomi's Interests: Classic literature, art, warm temperatures, fashion. She is very shy, hates the outdoors, smart, and enjoys time alone.


The Ichigomi Twins, whose names are Ichi and Gomi, lived in poverty for most of their lives. Ichi was blind, and Gomi was deaf. Their father died when they were only three years old, and he was a wealthy business man. Their mother could not find a job and they eventually moved to the suburbs. At the age of eight, they lived alone. Their mother had died from illness and they couldn't afford much. They gained the habits of thieves and went into a life of crime. They weren't satisfied, though. They knew if their late parents saw what they had become, they would be ashamed of them. So, they taught themselves Magic from old books they had stolen. It was difficult, seeing how they didn't sully understand how to read, but they managed to learn. Ichi, the brother, learned wind magic that would affect one's way of hearing. Gomi, the sister, learned fire magic that would affect one's way of seeing.


Magic and Abilities

Together, they were able to cause illusions.

The Siren's Song- Ichi creates a series of musical pitches with his wind magic whilst Gomi sings along to it. Their opponent is soon lured to sleep by the music.

They are powerless without eachother. Gomi's flames trigger images and Ichi's wind triggers sound, so they cannot do any physical harm. They can, however, direct their enemy towards insanity and scare them to the point where they do not wish to fight the children.

Ichi's weaknesses: Having his sister get hurt, loud sounds, the smell of garlic, cats, being separate from his sister, trust issues.

Gomi's weaknesses: Having her brother get hurt, disturbing images, the smell of lilacs, dogs, being separate from her brother, trust issues.


Ichi and Gomi cannot work separately, since Ichi is blind and Gomi is deaf. Together they form a whole human.

I looked up the meaning of Ichi and Gomi on Google Translate and apparently it means Locate the Trash. But together, it meant Strawberry Flavor. Thanks Google.

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