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"We were nothing when we lost everything. Now that we have banded together, we will go beyond everyone else and always continue and never stop, no one will ever stop us from running forward."
— Clayton Shirogane,
The Infinity Three
Name The Infinity Three
Kanji ザインフィニティスリー
Rōmaji Za Infinitei Surii
Symbol Fate zero rider by tseon-d520zt3
Master Shiro Kirusaki
S-Class Mages Rin Irving
Trinity Whiteheart
Type Wandering Group
Location All aroung Fiore

The Infinity Three (ザインフィニティスリー, Za Infinitei Surii)  is a team that is composed of only three members. In addition, this group functions on its own, without any rules, and is led by none other than Shiro Kirusaki, said to be a very powerful mage and could be one of the Ten Wizard Saints as he continues to grow.


After Shiro Kirusaki left for country of Fiore to find his foster father, he went on a journey spree and enjoyed it as he sees new lands and features that he thought very existed. While on his journey, he meets Rin Irving in an alleyway in Fiore, near a guild called Fairy Tail. After exchanging names, Shiro asks why Rin is huddled up in this place, which she replied that she seemed to be a orphan and can't remember anything besides her name and burned down houses and destruction everywhere. Shiro, also remembering the same thing as Rin, decides to partner up with Rin as they go around Earthland, hoping to recover their missing memories.

After about a couple of months, the two goes to the country of Sin after hearing about activity from a dark guild. Upon arriving, Rin and Shiro sees a girl laying on the cold ground with a broken down guild building out to far away. Rin treats the girl's wounds and asks for her name, which she responds Trinity Whiteheart. Shiro asks what happened and Trinity says she doesn't remember much except for dead bodies everywhere with fire. Shiro then offers Trinity to join the team since she was the same as Rin and him. Trinity accepts and the team is completed.





Name Rank Magic Status
Shiro KirusakiTeam LeaderSnow Phoenix Slayer Magic
Ice Magic
Rune Magic
Rin IrvingMemeberSword Pressure
Summoning Magic
Trinity WhiteheartMemberFire Magic
Water Magic
Shadow Magic
Light Magic


  • Zero-to-Infinity's theme song is This Game and their battle theme is To Glory.
  • All of the members have red eyes, (except the Shiro, but he will after unlocking his Second Origin)
  • All of the members' names has some form of "White" in them
    • Whiteheart-White
    • Irving-Celtic for White
    • Shiro-Japanese for White
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