After the events concerning the second round of Shattered Dusk, Aiden was eager to try something out. Aiden had been intrigued by Osias Eckhart's magic. The power of invisibility. Aiden had never heard of that magic before and thought that it would be interesting to learn and expand upon what that magic can do.

During Aiden's practice sessions of usual workouts, including working on his strength and pre-known magics, Aiden decided to slip something into his training. Something that would surprise the other guild mates as they wouldn't know about it. Aiden began to practice the Invisibility Magic. The only problem was that he didn't know where to start.

Aiden first tried focusing on making the smallest parts of his body invisible and then working on it from there. But yet he still did not know how to begin using the magic. Aiden was constantly meditating in order to focus his energy into a body part but then he had to get the feeling right in order to act upon it and make himself invisible. Aiden would accidentally use some other magics such as fire and ice magic but he was not interested in those so he did not expand upon it. Aiden then tried believing that he was invisible, that even he couldn't see himself. Aiden surprised himself when he looked down and saw that his pinky finger was completely gone. So surprised in fact that he scared himself out of fear that he had unknowingly lost a finger.

Aiden's daily workout would always end with improving this magic. Little by little Aiden was able to make more of his body disappear but was unable to make his clothes invisible as well. So Aiden would practice naked in order to fully observe his progress. Within a month, Aiden was able to make the lower half of his body invisible with quite a bit of fuzziness surrounding them.

It took a full year for Aiden to master the art of completely making his body invisible, yet he was still unable to make his clothes disappear along with him. In order to prove to himself that he had made himself invisible enough to fool others, Aiden would walk around the guild hall naked. Luckily, Aiden was never found out or at least never exposed as he went in without making a single noise.

Within another year, after properly training his Crash Magic, thinking of many new spells for Crash and Disassembly magic, and physically training himself to be much stronger, Aiden was able to fully make his clothes disappear along side his body.

Aiden continues to train this magic alongside his Crash and Disassembly magic in order to master it.

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