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Flame Gods Bellow!!

A large torrent of Black flames shot from one side of the building, and literally destroyed everything that found its way in front of the blast. From the origin of that blast stood a pair of red eyes within the smoke and dust. A large figure loomed with those eyes, as the halbred flames of god covered his body burning like a wildfire.

"Awww guys I just wanted to give you all a warm greeting ,and break the ice. No need to run, embrace it c'mon guys its all love here bring it in". Raido extended his hands out and jumped and literally wrecked havoc across the area, as black flames raged across the area destroying whatever its powerful embrace could reach. People ran both high and low to avoid the flames destructive nature some managing to escape other reduced to ash. They ran down what was left of the now destroyed building running thought the debris.

"You live up to you name God Slayer, you're quite the mess maker here, I mean look at this it's horrible". Crash Bonnet said as she stepped from the other side, blocking off the exit the group was trying to take. "SO you are all Gaelon Riott's subordinates huh" Crash said as she gave them a look over, but the debris was bothering her eyes. "My God Raido I can't take this, this placed need a woman's touch".

Crash balled her fist up and literally smashed the ground, and underneath the intense pressure of her Crash Magic, the ground broke instantly underneath the group as they were lifted high into the air, and trapped and crushed beneath rocks. This shock wave traveled a great distance and even began to affect other area around it, possibly endangering other innocent people.

"A woman's touch?? Raido said exclaiming surprise of the power behind the fist. "I thought a woman was suppose to possess a loving touch.From now on you keep that "woman's touch" to yourself" Raido said as he inspected the destruction. "Oh look a survivor," Raido ran up and grabbed him by the shirt collar and lifted him high in the air with one arm. This showcased his strength as he hoisted the man up with no issues.

"I know your probably thinking that you will die, but you won't. I like to think of myself as a fair man, one who looks at the coin from both sides, that being said I am giving you a chance to choose how this day ends for you. Now let me give you a rundown of the choices here. A- You tell me where we can this Gaelon Riott, and I drop you off here and leave and allow you to go about and enjoy this day. Or you can make this day harder for us, and well then I am left with having to turn you into a Rotisserie mage cooked medium rare" Raido said giving him options.

"What's that you want me to choose, well then the vulcans will be eating Rotisserie style mage cooked medium rare, for dinner tonight". Raido commented, as the hand he held the man in the air with began to erupt in black flames. The Bloodcurdling screams were slowly drowned out as he was reduced to ash moment by moment.

All of a sudden, the sound of a powerful eruption could be felt from beneth the feet of both Raido and Crash, suddenly out of nowhere, something hit the building hard, suddenly cooling it down as the sound of hissing steam could be heard. The water eventually dripped down inside the building, extinguishing the black flames as the entire building was now empty, filled only with rubble along with Crash and Raido.

"Now thats what I call fireworks ,Crash, and even a few stages effects" Raido said throwing what was left of the person to the ground, their ashes spreading in the wind. Crash was puzzeled all the flames were gone, both Raido's and the ones from the explosions from his, the steam was an even bigger problem. "Raido what happened to the flames?"

"Flames? Crash my magic is not standard fire, it does not burn and object like a steady flame. My flames destroy remember, my flames do not work like that" Raido reminded her the difference of his flames and the ones of the Fire Dragon Slayer she hunted months before they met. "It does raise a question though, what kind of water, could possible reduce the flames Ive created with my fire" Raido said as the emotion on his face never wavered nor changed "Whoever did this, will show themsevles sooner or later, and when they do you smash and I'll burn them to a crisp" Raido said as he pounded his fist along with Crash.

Right when the duo bumped fists, A powerful water blast broke down the door as the duo looked over to see who it was, a tall blond-haired guy was seen with a red jacket , jeans, and a bubble blown from bubble gum as he had a angry look on his face, "You two! Were you the ones who were making those stupid fire and explosions?!" He said bitting his bubble and popping it, glaring at them. 

"Oh you're looking for the ones who did all of this well so were we". Raido X said in his usual flippant manner. Raido was respectfully disrespectful. This went for pretty much anyone. "If your still looking for them then they went that way". Raido crossed his arms pointing in the two opposite directions. "Since you are here, let me ask you a question depending on how you answer I may or may not serve you cooked well done to the wyverns in the woods. Are you one of Gealon Riotts men. Yes or no. If you say no then I will glady let you walk free of charge and admission. If you say no... well.. I can't promise you that you will leave here.. in one piece". Raido said as halbred flames of God erupted on his fist. Raido was looking for a good time, at anyone expense, including this newcomer.

"I'm not part of these worthless people, I honestly don't care what you did to them, but your recklessness almost got an entire village killed, I don't care who you are or what you're reasons were, no one is harming innocent people" The man's magic began to increase as his Magical Aura began to emerge, making the area around him and the duo shake as if it was afraid of him.

Raido had goosebumps ride up and down his arm as the blood in his body ran hot with excitement. His lust for combat was to be fulfilled at the expense of this man.  "Techincally if you aren't one of them then I have nothing against you". Raido said holding back his excitment. "However, you clearly came here looking for a fight.... Raido whole body erupted with god flames in a violent explosion denting the ground causing a crater underneath..... "You came to the right one, but iof your gonna fight me, I just hope your ready to break a few bones". Raido said as plastered smile rode his face. his flames increasing in power based on his intensity.

"Crash, he's mine you keep searching for this Gaelon Riott , I'll entertain my new dance partner in the meantime. Raido said as he swayed left and right within his Capoeria form.

Interesting choice of fighting, I can smell that he's the producer of these flames Brooklyn thought in his mind as he took his fighting stance. Sensing the opportunity, Brooklyn went at Raido at high speed, attempting to land a punch on him.

Raido smiled gratefully, "This guy commited the greatest sin agasint a capoeira arts mestre". Attacking from the front, this allowed Raido to greatly string together nearly any combo he wanted. "He's got some speed, commendable, but Capoeira is all about speed and agility". Agility will always offset speed in one direction. Raido said moved like a blur, his speed in shot rang distances was first to many second to none almost. Raido performed a helicoptero getting low to the ground, and spinning his legs to effectively tip the man and remove his center of foundation from his fist and damage his legs. The lowering of Raido's center mass allowed for him to dodge the incoming fist and use brooklyns speed and incoming inertia against him. Brooklyns only saving grace would be if he could change directions near instantaneoulsy. Otherwise he would fall prey to not only Raido sweeping kicks, and due to the speed he approached would render is own counter attack useless.

Brooklyn saw the attempt the man was making, knowing that it was nearly impossible to try and change direction when he focused his speed in one direction. At that point, he decided to do what he did best, going with the flow as he got caught and swept off his feet. However, fluid motion was on Brooklyn's side as he refocused his center mid-air, and thrusted his knee towards Raido, hoping to try and catch him on the chest.

Raido watched the mans motion, it was like watching water flow in a natural creek. "Fluidtiy in motion nice, but oine problem" Raido said to himself. "Fluidity was not meant to dictate but rather follow, meaning this guy would create an offense based on my flows, taking elements of th style I use to create his own rhythm. Let me show him just how its done" Raido lefted allowing the knee to connect with his massive chest, this hit sent him backwards. Raido lifting with his alreayd augementted capabilities in conjucture witht he froce behind Brooklyns knee allowed for the perfect separation for the Au Batido kick to Brookylns head. Raido slammed his left hand on the ground, his mastery of capoeria coming full circle. By moving his core to that of a half cartwheel kick that applied enough pressure to attack, Capoeira called for the nothing short but perfect conditioning , for the body and muscles. This in mind and Raido's background of six years of this training, this move was easy to accomplish. Raido threw this kick toward brooklyns head. If he uses a true fluidity than this will be hard for him. "Of all the body parts that are a mobile the neck has the least amount of movement, with and arcing over head kick toward the crown on his head, mobility was next to zero. He would have to sacrifce either his poisition of being up close, to avoid this sweeping overheard assault, or get hit with the combined motion of my strength plus that of his own returned to the crown of his skull".  Raido thought to himself as he implemented this plan.

Crash watched in awe, and amazement of both fighters. Her mind Raido due to how he fought her was a brawler one to use a myriad of lariats, suplexs, and other various slams that represented one who fought with brtue power. However here he was moving as a dancer, graceful, precise, and aesthetically beautiful her mind. However it would come out differently when she voiced her opinion. "Are you two done dancing with each other, Raido I know you said dance partner, but come on stop playing around and finish this guy so he can lead us to Gaelon Riott". "Where is all the suplexes and slams and blunt trauma force you showed me huh. Show me some flames at least, I mean damn do something other than dance and fly around". Crash said as she was actually upset more at the fact, she felt she was being underestimated by Raido .. again.

Brooklyn saw that the man had anticipated his movement and analyzed his fighting techinique, not wanting to risk a serious blow to the head, he dashed back as Raido slammed his foot into the wall. "Not bad, I gotta admit you're the first person to have seen my fighting style and counter it. By the way girly, I'm not one of those stupid Gaelon Riott, I don't care that you destroyed their base, I only care that you recklessly put innocent people in danger, and that's something that I won't allow" He said with a serious tone as suddenly the aura of the man changed, causing the area to crack again, only this time, something leaked between them as water began dripping down everywhere.

"I know of your Flame God Slayer Magic, it is one powerful magic, but even the hottest flame can be cooled down" He said taking in a deep breath as suddenly the water began to become sucked by the vaccume of air as Brooklyn absorbed it into his body.

"Water Dragon's Roar!!!" A powerful blast of water was seen coming from Brooklyn's mouth as it went at high speeds right at Raido.

"You have a interesting description of the word innocent dragon slayer, no one is innocent of anything these days. Havent you ever heard of put nothing past anyone. I didn't intentionally attack these " innocent people" but they wanted to see the fight, its not my fault they were caught in the crossfire now is it". Raido honed his eyesight on the massive blast headed for him. Raido simply  placed his hands out toward the blast

Parabolic Recall!!

A huge mirror shaped like a paraboloid appeared in front of Raido's hands as the mirror absorbed the raging torrent of water, causing Raido's feet to slide back a few inches, as the water was absorbed into is surface. The pressure behind the blast was immense, seems like this guys knows his properties behind his element. Raido said to himself.  As the mirror disappeared when nhe placed his hands down. 

"If you truely wanted to save these people like you say, then fighting me is only going to make this worse, as a slayer your magic isn't exactly going to make repairs and build homes either. Even if your just a dragon slayer, your magic is destructive too.  If you really cared you would rather force me to fight you outside of this area to avoid other collateral damage to ensure nothing or noone else gets hurt, but instead you challenge in the heart of this city to protect them from me"? Raido questions Brooklyns idea of helping the people.

"The way I see it a fight between us will only put this area and its people in more danger,  and before you know it you will be doing the exact same thing you came here to stop me from doing. Common sense doesn't grow on tree's and cleary neither does logic, I understand your motives and wanting to be heroic, but you went about it all wrong". Raido said clearly demonstrating his sense of justice and morality. "Don't bother worrying about them now because they will pay for your brashness and negligence of the situation you walked into. You can't protect them, while trying to fight me and protect yourself as well, something will have to give and when you attack me it will be them".

Raido was a man of impeccable wordplay, and he showed just how vigliant his skills were in terms of observation. His deep voice only reverberating the truth of the situation of a fight between the two slayers. "That out the way my lesson for this class is over, now its time for you to sit in detention and think about what you started, I know you dragons slayers are just like us, just weaker. However you also cannot eat your own element and since I am in a good mood today I want to return something to you, the gift that keeps on giving". Raido clapped his hands together, and a another mirror appeared before him.

Correlative Dream!!!

This mirror produced an image of Brookyln which was near perfect, matching him in b oth size and appearance. Even his facial expression. it created the perfect twin of him. You know what they don't do to others what you don't want done to you. Raido smiled devilishly as the twin began to move. Mimic the last move that Raido's mirror absorbed

Water Dragons Roar!!!.  A massive torrent of water was blasted from the twin of Brooklyn, in the same manner as it recorded in his mirror and the blast traveled with serious intentions of either hitting brooklyn or the area near him.

"You're right about one thing" Brooklyn said looking at the blast with a guilty look, "This battle won't prove anything" At that moment, he simply extended his hand out and stopped the water in it's tracks as he condensed it into an orb. "I only came to stop this and make sure no more destruction would harm the village, seems my anger took control of me once again" He said with a guilty look as he walked away from them, but not before he threw a stick of gum at each of them and left to head back to the village.

Raido and Crash both snatched the piece of gun out of the air. "Glad you understand, but where are you going, no need to walk all off in shame. We all make mistakes, it's the beauty of life." Raido said as he began to chew on the gum. "Think of it like this, no one got hurt while you were here and since you got here right, so there's good news right there" Raido said playing to Brooklyn interest. "Besides, since you are here you might as well help us, then we can work on your anger issues. Ask her, she used to have anger issuse before, but now she is calm and fun". Raido said pointing at crash. 

"Since when do I have anger issue!!??. If anything, it's you and these annoying ass comebacks of yours that drive me crazy because you take everything I say into logic and try to make an asshole remark about it". Crash said angrily. She couldnt explain why but Raido could get under her skin like no one else could. Raido knew it to and worked hard to piss her off.

"Well Techincally, I can't drive you anywhere without some sort of vehicle, and we both dont have one so" -

Crash began to grit her teeth, "You know what I hat-

"Nope, I don't who that is but I bet your gonna tell me."Raido said with a dumb smile on his face,angering crash even more. as she started to shake and her fist glowed white. This was what she was talking about Raido was an asshole, but something about him drew her to him, even though originally she didn't like him.  As of late he was beginning to grow on her. She tried to stop this from happening but there was honestly nothing she could do about it anymore. However despite this she would never admit or allow herself to admit that, her priode was too strong to ever tell a man the she loved him, much less had feelings for him.

"I hate you". Crash said as she walked over to  a much bigger Raido, her face barly making it into his chest. She wanted to clobber him so bad, but she knew therew ould be a fight and that they would be back to square one again.

"Hate is only love shown differently, so if you love me, it's okay to be honest with me." Raido said teasing her, this proved to be the final straw as she swung for the fences aiming at Raido's head.

Her face was slightly red  "THAT'S IT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! ,RAIDO X YOU DIE TONIGHT!!!!!.. Crash began to chase Raido until Raido ran toward Brooklyn. Raido used him to hide behind his smaller but wider frame to box out Crash to keep her from getting to him. All the whle Raido was laughing enjoying the torment of Crash.

Brooklyn started laughing like crazy at the duo, he always managed to bounce back when someone was making him laugh, and in this case Raido and Crash were the comedy relief. "Alright you guys, come on, I know you two are in love with each other, but don't we have somewhere to be? like finding out where these guys you were chasing after are at?" He said with a grin on his face as he got another piece of gum.

Grash gave Brooklyn a wide eye glare.. her face red still "WH- I am NOT in love with him, tch I can 't stand men, you be nice to them and all of a sudden they think your in love". Crash said hiding her face. "As if I'd ever date a slayer." Crash turned her back. "Your right though we do need to find Gaelon Riott, I just dont know where to look. When I traded in Raido for the money he had his son Drahmin Riott meet with me instead. Had Raido just waited a bit longer we may have found him". Crash said looking at Raido.

"Lets not dwell on the past, let's look toward our future if we may". Raido said as a thought popped up into his mind.  "Brooklyn if my memory  serves me correctly, as a dragon slayer you have a keen sense of smell and hearing right. So if we give you the brief case of the money we may be able to find the scent and lead us to the guy. I'd do it but I think I left my good nose and ears back at home" Raido said kidding as usual. "What do you say you help us and the favor is returned huh. You seem to be a decisive man one of noblility, and honor. I saw that when you came running to save the save from us, that in mind I know a way we can out all that heroic energy to good use". Raido X said as he offered this option to Brooklyn.

Raido althought just as defensive was far cooler about it 

Brooklyn gave a bit of thought as he blew a bubble, then popped it and got it back in his mouth, chewing the gum again, "Well, I am a travelling mage, though I was never part of something like this during my travels, and something tells me travelling with the two of you will be more entertaining than by myself, so yeah I'm in" He said extending his hand to shake, "I'm Brooklyn Xavier, nice to meet you guys".

"Name's Raido X ." Raido said as he stopped teasing Crash for a second. "I'm Crash Bonnet" , Crash said realizing Raido wasn't paying atention and put him in the head lock momentarily.

"Well you somewhat saw what we can do back there, and if I find Gaelon Riott for that stunt he pulled, trust me what you saw today will be a peace treaty to what I plan to do to him." Crash said cracking her knuckles. Despite her outer beauty, she was a rough house wiliiing to mix up with up the bigdogs in even the most deadly of brawls.

"I was brought here against my will, and she won't let me go home". Raido said tapping his armored sleeve his trademark outfit and look.  "You would think after trying to kill me and capture me, then sell me off, she would leave me alone. No, she has to rub it in by dragging me along with her". Raido said pointing at the young women.

Crash eyes lowered focusing on Raido. "Don't lie and say you didn't enjoy my company these last two days I have seen the way  you look at me  and even if you wont admit it is written all over your face. You enjoy being around me, it makes you happy, the destruction, the fun, not to mention our other fight". Crash said as she just shut up all together.

"See she's a regular court jester I tell you, stick with us bro and kill some time. Trust me, in this world, it's better to have someone funny around you, that way you won't be bored to death in your travels". Raido said as he pointed in the direction they were going to walk. "Plus We can get a chance to better understand each other, to get past the fact we got off on the wrong foot in our last dance"

Brooklyn snickered at the way the duo were reacting to each other, deep down he knew that the two were madly in love with each other, but would never officially admit it due to their pig-headedness. "Alright, well if we're going go hunting for this guy, I'm gonna need a sample of his scent" Brooklyn said adding another piece of gum and blowing a larger bubble than he did before.

"Thank you Brooklyn" Crash said making sure Raido could hear it. "You see that he just got here and he's already doing more work than you are, you claim that God Slayers are stronger, but its seems dragon slayers are more useful". Crash said teasing Raidos claims.

"Speaking of smelling, you smell that?". Raido said outloud looking around confused. "Hey Crash maybe if you closed your mouth and passed Brooklyn the brief case we wouldn't have to smell that now would we". Raido teased back. It was indeed childish, but This is what Raido was good at, trash talk.

"Brooklyn won't be here forever, and he won't save you from me for long, I just don't want you bad enough yet. If you keep talking Raido, God Slayer or not I promise  to put the fear of God into you". Crash said at wits end with the flippant slayer. However she slightly enjoyed the jeering, as she went back to grab the brief case from the entrance and came back. Handing it to Brooklyn.

"Brooklyn I hope for your sake you treat women better than he does, I am two seconds from caving his chest in". C rash said in Brooklyns ear, as she handed him the brief case. "If your anything like him then , well this will be a short trip for both of you". Crash said abnormally calm. She was kidding, well for Brooklyn behalf anyway, with Raido she may have been serious.

"Yo Brooklyn, when it comes to women, be cool, mysterious funny, but most importantly if you don't do anything else. NEVER give them what they want, just make them work for it, and be a pain in the ass. Women love assholes". Raido said as he nodded on the other side of Brooklns ear in a comedice manner. The bidding war to win over Brooklyn on either Raido's or crash side had began.

Curse me and my good nature, I swear these two will be the death of me before we even find this stupid guy Brooklyn thought to himself as he took in a deep breath of the suit case, immediatly catching the scent of the person they were after. "Hmm, this scent is strong no doubt, but the thing is, the scent stretches, it's like I can small a path to where he went. So, before we begin, I need to grab my gear, let's meet back here tomorrow morning and we can go from there" Brooklyn said as he gave Crash the suitcase back.

Sounds like a plan. Raido said tomorrow we meet at this spot in the ruin of this very building Raido X said as he stoped a small crater into the ground as a landmark for the meeting. Well guess that wraps today up then Raido said as he saw the sunt slolwy set as afternoon gave way to the evening.

Crash took off running. "Race you back to your house, loser buys the other dinner and breakfast". Raido watched as she ran, he could have easily used his mirror magic to create the reflection of his home, and then merge with it to get there, but that took all the fun out it.

"Well Dragon Slayer, guess we will catch you tomorrow first thing at the crack of dawn". Raido erputed in god flames, as he shot off into the sky like a streaking like a black coment across the crimson sky. Back in the direction  toward Neo Arcadia, his home.

"Oh boy, those two are gonna be the death of me" Brooklyn said in an exahusted tone as he trudged his way back to town, "Though those two, I get the feeling that at the end, we'll be closer friends than anyone else" He said to himself with a smile as he entered the hotel and got ready for his journey to begin.

Beginning Travel

The morning sun had begun to rise up as everyone was still asleep, waiting to wake up for the new day, including Brooklyn who had gotten up early and was sleeping on the grass of the location where he told Raido and Crash to meet up. 

The sun greeted the morning sky with a supple kiss as it conutiuned to rise north in the sky. However this momentary peace that Brooklyn has wa sooned to be interrupted, as Raido was streaking back toeard the sky. As he directed his fall toward the ground right near the crater, he positioned himself to land gracefully. He landed whith such a thudd, on his feet that it caused another crater where he placed the old one, shaking the ground slightly, causing smoke to rise.

Raido turned and saw that Brooklyn and assumed he never went home and instead was sleep out here on the grass. "I see your out here hard at work already, it takes dedication to have that much focus Brookyln" Raido said as he looked at Brooklyn.  "Take your time, after all Crash well.. she has her hands full right now, so she will be enjoying this weather with us shortly". Raido said as he kicked back and laid on the grass.  Raido always one to joke 

Meanwhile back at Raido's House.... " SWEAR THAT SLAYER WILL DIE WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!!!!.  No thats to easy, to kill him. The pain would be quick, I want him to suffer for this. YOUR SOUL IS MINE RAIDO X!!!!". Crash hands were glued to her breast by Raido in her sleep, she awoke to find herself in a less than lady like presentation in Raido's bed.

"You do know that the moment you came on I woke up right?" Brooklyn said with his eyes still closed, "I swear, your scent of burning wood literally woke me up, speaking of which, I also smell glue on your hands, what did you do?" He asked opening one eye as he looked over to Raido.

"Glue?? Ah yes. I was giving Crash lessons of the importance of unity. You see, she has a hard time keeping something in particular together in one place. Me being the astute gentlemen I was taught to be, I pitched in to help, keep them in place. They just wouldnt sit still, so to circumvent this I got some glue and simply gave her proper incentive to keep them in place. Don't worry, at least now they won't go running wild all over the place, don't worry she will thank me later. Raido X said giving a vague but rather well explained account of why the glue smell. 

"Sometimes I wish I had a nose like that" Raido nodded as he laid back down. As his spine shivered the sense of death overwhelmed even him knowing once Crash got free he was dead, but Raido had a plan.

"Uh-huh, right. Believe me, having this nose can somtime be a pain in the butt, especially when you have to act like a dog sometimes, also if what you say is true, why is she's running towards us right now, muttering how she's going to dismember you" Brooklyn said using his strong hearing as hequickly getting up, moving out of the way when he suddenly saw a cloud of dirt coming at the, and in the middle of the dirt cloud, was Crash with a demonic face on her as she aimed right towards Raido.

"THOUGHT YOU COULD RUN FROM ME HUH!!!!"  Despite Rauido being much bigger Crash she grabbed him by his collar and attempted to life him up. "BEFORE I KILL YOU I WANT TO MAKE YOU SUFFER, SO WHAT WILL IT BE. A BROKEN SPLEEN, A RUPTURED DISK. BROKEN COLLARBONE. WHATS THAT, YOU WANT ME TO CHOOSE I CHOOSE ALL OF THEM". Crash yelled manically as she got her hands on Raido and death was to commence in the worst way.

"I will take my punishment for what we did, but please don't punish him". Raido said in a mockingly serious manner. This confused Crash as she heard we and was confused. 

"What do you mean we??" Crash said her eyes till glwoing red.

"Well, before you ran back to the house, I invited Brookyn over later on, and by the time he arrived you were sleep. So he and I got to talking and I discussed about pranking you. I was going to do something silly like just put ice down your shirt in your sleep" Raido said very convincingly. "So, He gave me the idea about the glue, saying he had a great idea and he wanted me to try it. So he helped me, Yes I put the glue on your breast but it was also him who helped, he gave me a stick of gum last night to which the chewed piece would act as a cohesive and help make the glue dry faster due to it properties. He even left the evidence which I had to clean up this morning" Raido dug in his pocket bring out the wrapper for the gum. 

This wrapper was from the gum he was given yesterday, but Crash saw  what Raido did with the gum , she remembered him throwing it out before they went to dinner. "I cleaned it up this morning because I knew you would kill us both if you found out we both had a hand in this wonderful prank. I decided to shoulder the blame since I know you wouldn't think it was him anyway, and with my recent days with you I have been pranking you. If I said it was him you would think I was lying". Raido said using reverse physcology on her. Raido knew Crash would not believe Raido if he just said it wasn't him, however by admiting that he did it and that he had help not to mention evidence meant he could prove Brooklyn was guilty as well. Then by saying something as he would take the blame since you would think Brooklyn wasn't capable opf such a prank it would force Crash to believe him since Raido pranks her all the time so she would accue him first.

Darkness appeared around Crash's head as her evil gaze found it's way over to Brooklyn. "SOOO you were like him after all, he got to you, he made you think that this was okay, and to mention there was chewed gum on me with the glue as well. Looks like I have another slayer on my menu tonight as well. Dragon Slayer". Crash said as her breathing deepened her anger had reached its breaking point, and she was ready to start breaking someone..

Behid Crash was a smiling Raido who gave him a devious smile, and a wink before his face turned back to its prior emotion of that flippant but serious smile.

Brooklyn gritted his teeth at Raido, hating every single moment that came with that prank he decided to pull on not only Crash, but on himself as well, knowing that he might not make it, he decided to do what he does best, say what he needed to say. "Listen Crash, we've only met yesterday, but you saw that it takes way more than smooth talking to make me do anything I wouldn't want to. I was nowhere near you last night, a full village of people can tell you that I was back in my hotel room. I did give him gum before he left yes, but that was all, I am not the kind of guy who would do that to anyone, and if you still feel that you have the urge to kill me, then fine with me" Brooklyn said with confidence in his voice, extending his arms out to give Crash a big opening and giving Raido a "I won't be played with" look.

Raido nodded agreeing with him, but Brooklyn is now playing a dangerous game with a man best known for his gift of bag and wordplay, but Raido would cease for now. "Crash look, we're both sorry and while we could not resist our temptation to resort to such shenanigans, it was a fleet of the moment joy. While I can't promise to never prank you again I think I speak for both me and Brooklyn when I say a joke of such magnitude will never be showcased again". Raido said trying to clear up this mess.

"It would behoove you to keep that anger however for when we do encounter the target Gaelon Riott. Think of the bigger picture, he sent you to kill me hoping I would kill you. He has aspirations for your death, and used me as the instrument to do it. Brooklyn and I only wanted to placate your nerves and relax you to have some fun, your temper has become rather detrimental to your fighting style and to circumevent this we wanted to cheer you up and bring that smile you try to hide so much". Raido said in a moment of honesty.

Crash was surprised the mouthy, flippant often sly God Slayer was now actually tyrying to help her. On one account she was not nearly dumb enough to believe him, but yet he did make a great point. Her anger has gotten the best of her lately, and she was off her game. "You know Raido that mouth of yours is dangerous, you have a way with words, don't think for a second that in all those nice words you threw together I will forget this. I'm letting you know now I won't. I will get you back, both of you just to be sure"

"However You both were right, I do need to smile more and perhaps take a different approach to this , my emotions are to heavy into it, and I want to hurt someone in the worst way. Sorry guys". Crash said holding her head." I plan to take all my anger out on Gaelon when I find him Crashg cracked her knuckles  walking up to Brooks.

"Lead the way". she said finding her conviction. Raido walked up behind her with a stupid smile on his face uttering three words. GIFT OF GAB. Raido said nodding his head in agreeance with his own claim.

Brooklyn had the look of irritation on his face, knowing that Raido had now smered his reputation, but knowing that there were more pressing matters at hand, he decided to just drop it and calmed down himself, focusing on the scent he had gotten as the trio grabbed their gear and followed Brooklyn on the long walk to where the Gaelon were at.

As the group began to walk and tread on the path, Raido decided to keep the group entertained with conversation along the way. Awkward silence is only awkward if you allow it and so Raido did just that to make sure there was one. "Sooo Brooks, Since you're a dragon slayer and all. That means your were raised by dragons right? unless your a G2 slayer. So which category do you fall in, and what's difference in the abilities of the generations". Raido X asked.

Brooklyn gave a quick glare back at him as he popped in a fresh stick of gum, but just sighed and decided he might as well just talk for now, "I'm a rare case, my Father was a 1st generation Dragon Slayer and I had met my grandmother before she passed away. There hasn't been any known category like me so I just been calling myself an X Generation Dragon Slayer" Brooklyn said blowing a large bubble before popping it and adding it back into his mouth. "As for terms of power, well since I was born from a 1st generation, my best strength is my affinity for my element, meaning I can use it better and it is much more powerful than any normal Water Dragon Slayer Magic".

"Hmmm, the guy I hunted a while back said we he was G2 slayer or something like that. I didn't know Slayers came in generations". Crash said surprised of this find. "How many generations are there in total" Crash asked finally calming down on her prior attitude 

"Hmm I don't know much about dragon slayers other than the basics," Raido X said as he swung his arms while he walked "So I'Il take your word for it. only knew of one, but it did always make me wonder about you all. I never got a chance to ask him, but I will ask you. Have you even actualy ever killed a Dragon or another dragon slayer?". Raido X asked about Brook past slightly.

"To answer your question Crash, so far I have only know of four generations of dragon slayer, and to answer your question Raido, no. I've never needed to deal any serious damage to anyone, unless there was no other choice" Brooklyn replied as he continued to follow the scent of the man they were looking for. 

"Four generations??!!! Sheesh, that's a lot of  generations, I wonder whats the difference between them" Crash said wondering about Dragon slayers now. "Raido, do God Slayers come in generations???"

Raido ignored the question and went forward with his question toward Brooks. "X generation, hey it's like my name. Raido X. anyway. So I guess you can use.. whats it called again Dragon Force am I right?" Raido X asked being curious as the group slolwy came upon the enterance to where Brooklyn was leading them, with eyes watching tham as a group of Mages appeared from the ground using a form of Earth Magic.

"This is as far you go." State you business here, and leave accordingly" the group of mages said in unison.

"Hold on, we're not enemies of your's" Brooklyn said with a confident tone, "We only seek passage through your village, we don't mean any harm" He said as the mages started to focus their magic, making Raido and Crash stand at the ready.

"WAIT!" A voice said as the mages saw a young thirteen year old girl stand in front of the group, "I know this man, they mean us no harm" She said as the mages bowed and opened the gates to allow them to pass.

"Thank you for the assistance Lena" Brooklyn said as the girl smiled and gave Brooklyn a big hug.

"Lucky for you guys" Raido said as he lowered his hand calling off the black flames. However one of the mages took notice of this and only saw the black hue, not the flames themselves. "Hey you big guy was that Death Magic you were wielding?! That big guy over there welds death magic, how can he wield such a dangerous magic, he must be one of them!" The mage shouted pointing at Raido.

The other men were to busy looking at Crash to notice what the mage was shouting at, and talking about. One of them mages even walked up to compliment her beauty, to which she replied. I'm cool I wouldnt say I'm beautiful thought, thats too much credit. Crash responded as she wanted to see if Raido was jealous, but he hads issue of his own.

"Death Magic??  nah sorry wrong guy, I am a God Slayer, I use God Slayer Magic" Raido said easing the difference and the calm hopefully. However it appeared the people were not accustom to such a magic becuase the loked at him confused. "I'm a Flame God Slayer" Raido said as he extended his hand out with the black fire raging to which the other flinched and drew their weapons. "I can see it's disturbing you all so I'll put this away"

"Go-God Slayer??, a magic capable of slaying Gods, that's not possible, is it? Brooklyn is he a slayer like you too, and whats why is flames black like death magic" The other mage asked.

"In a sense yes, we both use Slayer magic, though it hasn't beem determined if that power can really slay gods, it's only ever been called that" Brooklyn said as they started to calm down, "In any case, don't worry, I'll be sure to keep him in line before he tries anything" He said as the other mages nodded and went back to their posts.

"So how long will you be staying this time Brooklyn?" Lena said asking with a big smile on her face.

"Not long this time, we're only passing through the city, we have a job we need to do" He said as the young girl heard the news and sighed, losing her happy cheer.

"See guys nothing to worry about, theres really not much different in our magics. Cept mine is more powerful, and does whats it's suppose to do" Raido said tapping the shoulder of the shorter Brooklyn as a punch back to his keep him in line comment. After that he looked back to see Crash was already looking at him the meeting of the gaze caused both of them to look away. The pride of these two would be the death of them if nothing else.

"Well now that the confusion is cleared up, I think maybe now is a good time to ask if you all know about a man named Gaelon Riott" Raido X said.

"Well we did have a strange guest come to my father's house, but I don't know how he acted, maybe you three should talk with him, come on" Lena said with a smile as she grabbed Brooklyn's hand and led him passed the doors along with Crash and Raido following him. As they made their way to the mayor's office, Brooklyn could smell Gaelon's scent all around the area. "This guy is good, I'm overwhelemed by his scent, I can't tell which path of this town he took" Brooklyn replied as he offered Lena a stick of gum, which she took and began to chew.

"Wonderful, just wonderful" Crash said as she looked around looking all over the area. "I am the only one who knows what he looks like, and Brooklyn will know his scent when he find him so he and I will search. Raido could wait here by the door, and if you see anyone weaing a large red overcoat let us know and raise the alarm" Crash teamed up with Brooklyn for a variety of reasons.

"Carry on, I got this end, anyone unsual comes this way trust me you'll know". Raido X said as Black Flames engulfed both his hands. 

The trio nodded as Crash and Brooklyn continued making their way towards the mayor's house, while Lena was busy saying hi to the other people nearby, Brooklyn looked over to Crash, "So, what made you want to team up with me, especially considering I "have been corrupted by Raido" so why me?" He wondered giving her a piece of gum.

"Not so loud, now you're gonna tell me how a man's feelings work, I can't tell if he likes me or not, I have a strong... admiration of him and I was wondering if you knew anything of him liking me . Men that I have come across are weird, and so is he, but weirdly different . Since you are a man you are going to tell me if he likes me or not. If you do I'll forgive you for helping Raido prank me this morning" Crash said. She wasn't overrly concerned about this but when Crash and Raido met eyes early ont today, she felt a strong admiration for Raido. Her way of saying she was beginning to like him more and more.

"Hahaha, alright, well I've noticed the way you two have been acting with each other, and to be honest, yes he does have feelings for you and I can tell you do too. However" Brooklyn stops and turns to face Crash right in front of her before softly poking her forehead, "you two are bull-headed, you keep trying not to let your feelings, and you often express them through different means. Him through the dumb pranks he does, and you through the denial and constantly wanting to beat him up. To be perfectly honest, I've never seen two people more in love than with you two" He said with a smile before blowing a large bubble.

Crash was outwardly blushing but horrified low key. "No I can't love him, he's just a target to me, I admire the way he fights, and his magic. but I do NOT love him. I can't afford to be in love right now. I think I need to spend a few days away from him to get my mind and heart right, becuase the two are going in different direction". Crash said as she remained calm. Last time she loved it was taken from her within moments, she worked hard to stay on hunts to fulfill the void left in her heart, form family and past relationships. It appeard Raido was taking up that space, and she didnt want it that way. Yet it was happening.

"I'm falling in love with a slayer, a man known whose magic is the sole purpose of killing. I had hoped to fall for a decent man, but whatever thanks I just need time to get it all together". Crash said as she went back to the search. "What about you, anyone you hold to high regard?"

Brooklyn's gentle appearance became tense and rigid as she asked that question, all he could see were the faces of his loved ones, faces of those that cheered him on when he fought, but with the passage of time, they only became the memories he often thought up of when he slept under the stars. "They passed away sometime ago, there are those who cheer when I help them, but they never last. Truth be told, I've haven't had someone to hold high regards since I was a kid" He said before taking his gum out and wrapping it in an empty wrapper.

"Really, wow guess despite how my life is now I still have much to be thankful for" Crash said humbling herself. "Is that why you are a traveling mage, and you now just travel around? To be honest, you sound like a different version of me, I use to hunt and used that as an outlet for my emotions, I got pleasure form hunting others, for money" Crash admitted  of her past slightly. "Well till now, I guess in him I have something to to believe in again" she said as he peaked around the corners.  "You just need someone who will finally leave an impression on you".

"Well for now, I can take pride in knowing that people are safe because of what I do, I don't know when or if someone will come around, but I can't let it stop me from doing what I think is right" He said as they eventually arrived at the house of the mayor. Then as if right on cue, the mayor came out of his house with his uniform on, ready to start the day.

"Daddy, look who came back!" Lena said with a smile as Brooklyn waved at the mayor.

"Ah Brooklyn, it's so good to see you again" The mayor said with a smile as he shook Brooklyn's hand, "And who is your companion with you?".

"The Name is Crash, Crash Bonnet, and I am looking for a Gaelon Riott, we have intell saying that this was his last known location, myself and another friend are searching for him, we want to return something that belongs to him." Crash said folding her arms. "It was said he came through this area as well,  he is a tall wears a large red overcoat, with a green bandanna. Does this ring a bell to you at all. Crash said as she was so eager to thrash him goosebumps rode up and down her arm".

"Yes, a man by that name did come to see me, though it was only to ask some information on what some of the bounties are in this town, we told him we had none since you were here Brookly, and he left" The mayor said, making both of them groan in irritation.

"Well, his scent is still strong, we may be able to find him, but we need passage to the next city, will that be alright Mayor?" Brooklyn said as the mayor chuckled himself, nodding as the two smiled, but before they headed to the exit, Brooklyn looked down on Lema, smiling as he handed her a large pack of bubblegum, making her smile and hug Brooklyn as she went with her father to their destination.

"Well, looks like we got another travel day ahead of us, thank you for sharing your past with me" Brooklyn said looking over to Crash with a gentle smile.

"Guess we do, well let me go tell Raido, and I guess we can start the journey of another day findig this man". Crash said as she started to walk away. The words of Brook still rining fresh in her skull, she was going to try a new approach to Raido. She knew the two could talk, but much of him was still a mystery to her. As she was to him. Raido ability to use words often allowed him to evade her wuestion or get around the argument. If it was to be another days journey, she would make sure she would get Raido to talk. Crash thought to herself as she went to go get him. 

Brooklyn followed Crash as they grabbed Raido, checked into a hotel for the night, and slept to regain their strength for their travel to the next city. Tossing and turning, Brooklyn couldn't sleep as what Crash said was on his mind. He had longed for someone to be with, but every step of the way, he found himself losing more and more chances. However, after that moment, he decided to do better as he quickly took a drink of water and went to bed, waiting for day to come and his next travel to occur.

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